I’d like to provide you with some information on the causes of your slow hair growth so you may stop worrying so much.

Causes of Slow Hair Growth in Natural Hair

Are you perplexed as to why your natural hair is failing to grow? After all the effort you put into maintaining your natural hair, isn’t it frustrating? Your hair is growing, but you are losing length, I’ll tell you that much. In today’s post, I’d like to provide you with some information on the causes of your slow hair growth so you may stop worrying so much.

What’s Stopping Your Natural Hair From Growing?

Various factors might cause your hair to grow slowly or even stop:

Mistakes in Hair Care Routine

Do you recall how long and healthy your natural hair used to grow? When this occurred to me, I began to omit some processes, such as improperly moisturizing my hair. My hair was unable to grow as a result. It’s crucial to establish and maintain a good hair care regimen that works for you. Particularly if your hair was in terrific condition.

Mistakes in Hair Care Routine

Mistakes in Hair Care Routine

Thermal Injury

Blow dryer heat can severely harm your hair. Regularly using heat is a big contributor to dry hair. Additionally, your natural curl pattern can disappear. Additionally, it may result in the breakage of your natural hair. Put a stop to applying heat and allow your curls air dry. If you must use heat, be careful to coat your natural hair with a heat protectant beforehand.

Split Ends – Hair Not Trimmed

The tips of your hair are the oldest since they are the part that develops from the root. To prevent hair splitting, it’s crucial to have healthy hair ends. Dry hair causes the hair shaft to split. You cannot fix split ends once they have occurred. Trimming your hair is the only answer. When necessary, I frequently trim my hair. I let go of where the damage stops. Natural hair will get dry and thin if it is not cut. Make careful to hydrate the ends of your hair if you have a tendency toward split ends.

Extreme pressure or manipulation

How often do you alter your appearance? As excessive manipulation might result in hair loss. How occupied are you? You are too busy if you have so much on your plate that you find it difficult to relax when lying in bed. Your health is impacted by stress, and this may be shown in your hair, such as hair loss. Take some time to unwind by doing yoga or going for a stroll.

Extreme pressure or manipulation

Extreme pressure or manipulation

You Need Moisture for Your Hair

Be aware of your hair type. Do you have hair with high or low porosity? For each type of hair, there are distinct techniques and products. Make sure the moisture you added is locked in by checking the seals. The LOC or LCO technique is another excellent way to moisturize your natural curls. Have you tried it already? These techniques will assist you in moisturizing your strands.

Your hair is not washed correctly every day

It’s crucial to have a clean scalp and hair. However, daily hair washing will rob your hair of its natural oils. Try to use just water while washing your hair if you must do so every day. Once a week is all I wash my hair, and I am quite content with that.

Taking No Vitamins

You become what you consume. Your hair will grow long and healthy with the help of vitamins and a healthy diet. Give your follicles food!

Biotin, often known as vitamin B7 or a complex B vitamin, is regularly praised for its potential to encourage hair growth. And some of the hype could be true. Biotin is used in the production of red blood cells, which provide the scalp and hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients.

Taking No Vitamins

Taking No Vitamins

Inadequate Water Consumption

Drinking about 2 liters of water every day will help your hair grow long and strong. If you keep hydrated, you will see changes in just a few weeks. Certain juices can be advantageous for the condition of your hair and scalp. Include cucumber, kiwi, and aloe vera juice.

Using the incorrect hair care produces

Your natural hair may become coarse and more prone to breakage if you use harsh chemical products. Do your homework, study labels to find the components, and spend money on high-quality goods.

Lack of Nighttime Hair Protection

If you don’t take the time to properly feed and care for your hair at night, you’ll probably wake up with dry, lifeless hair. Additionally, it may harm your scalp and cause hair loss.


Pay attention to your nutrition, your way of life, and the hair products you use. Just give your hair a little less attention; it will become less healthy and stop growing.

Consuming insufficient calories and a few certain nutrients might have an impact on your hair since your body needs a large amount of energy to make hair grow. People who have hair loss are typically advised to use topical ointments, which may also promote hair growth.

Pay close attention to your priceless hair and improve Hair Growth.

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