Building a proper hair care routine is crucial, but it need not be difficult. You will see a change in thickness and length if you maintain a solid routine.

5 Simple Ways to Establish a Hair Care Routine

Do you still experiment with different hair care techniques? Or are you interested in going natural but unsure of where to begin? My personal credo is “less is more”. Building a proper hair care routine is crucial, but it need not be difficult. You will see a change in thickness and length if you maintain a solid routine. Here are 5 simple ways to establish a hair care routine.

Understand Your Hair Type

Do you have hair with low or high porosity? Before creating your hair care routines, I would start by testing this. You might take a test to find out your type if you are unsure. How? Gain access to a Free Ebook about “Hair Porosity Test” by subscribing to our newsletter.

Understand Your Hair Type

Understand Your Hair Type

Conditioning and Shampooing

Look for a shampoo that is silicone- and sulfate-free. Use your fingertips rather than your nails while shampooing your hair. While other people wash their hair every two weeks or once a month, I just wash my hair once a week.

Some individuals also co-wash. That implies that you solely use conditioner to wash your hair. I attempted this practice for two months, but it didn’t work for me since I always felt like my scalp needed to be cleaned.

I used to deep condition my hair once a week when I first started my hair journey. Regular deep conditioning aids in lowering breakage and dryness. Currently, I deep condition my hair just once or twice a month after a hair wash. I apply heat using a hooded dryer and a plastic lid.


It might take some time to learn how to hydrate your hair. Twice daily, I moisturize my hair. It feels good on my hair and keeps it moisturized all day. What I do is this:

  • In the evening, I spray distilled water with a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner to hydrate my texture.
  • I then apply a cream.
  • Raw shea butter is my sealant.
  • To lock in the moisture in the morning, I simply use my spritz mixture and a small amount of shea butter.
  • I use the LOC technique when my hair is just newly washed.

Hair Moisturizing

Hair Moisturizing

Untangle your hair

Detangling might take a while since certain hair prefers to tangle. Additionally, you must detangle your hair with extreme caution. It is not advisable to detangle your hair when it is too dry. Make it supple by adding moisture. I find that shea butter or olive oil helps to add a slide and soften my hair. Since my thin hair is so delicate and prone to breaking when it is quite wet, I don’t detangle it at that point. You can use your fingers or a comb with long teeth. Take your time and be patient. Work your way up to the roots from the end. My hair tends to tangle easily, so I untangle it once a week.

Hairstyle for Protection

There are several things you may do to safeguard your texture. For a while, you may wear bantu knots, flat twists, cornrows, twists, turbans, or braids without constantly adjusting your hair. Just make sure they are not too tight if you are wearing braids, for instance.

Hairstyle for Protection

Hairstyle for Protection


Here are 5 simple steps for creating a hair care routine. Every hair is different, therefore only you can determine what you like and dislike. But with some trial and error, you’ll discover what works best for you.

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