If you have a human hair wig, you can dye it yourself, just like you would dye your natural hair. It is easy to custom color human hair wigs, as it reacts just like your natural hair.

5 Steps To Custom Color Human Hair Wigs At Home

Vietnamese Wigs Factory
Vietnamese Wigs Factory

Choose The Right Color For Your Human Hair Wig

The first step you need to take before you start the process of custom coloring your human hair wig is to choose the color.

Decide if this will be your go-to wig or one that you will wear when you want to shake things up.

Choose a color that is going to compliment your skin tone. Even if you are going to do something dramatic with the wig color, you still want it to look good once the wig is dyed and you have it on.

You have probably had times when you have bought lipstick or a new sweater that looked great in the store, but when you got it home and put it on, it just didn’t look right.

That can have a lot to do with your skin tones. These are the natural colors underneath the surface of your skin.

Determine Your Skin Undertones – 5 Steps To Custom Color Human Hair Wigs At Home

There are three traditional undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

  • Warm undertones: range from peach to yellow to golden, olive, and green
  • Cool undertones: pink and bluish hues and red
  • Neutral undertone: a mix of cool and warm tones

One way to determine if you have a cool or warm skin tone is to look at the veins in your wrists.

If you see greenish color veins, you have more warm undertones. If you see blue or purplish veins, you have a cooler skin tone.

If you have a blue, green, and purple mix, you probably have neutral undertones.

Check out your eyes, too. If you see flecks of color that are more golden or haze, you probably have warm undertones.

Blue and gray means cool undertones. And, as with your veins, a combination means neutral.

Once you have determined your skin tone, you can consider the hair color that will look best with your skin.

The color’s depth should be at least two shades darker or two shades lighter than your skin. When you have a hair color that is too close to your skin color, you can look washed out.

Gather Tools To Color Human Hair Wig

Gather Tools To Color Human Hair Wig

Before you start to dye your human hair wig and gather all the items you will need to be ready.

  • Dye brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hair dye
  • Developer
  • Mixing bowl (do not use metal)
  • Plastic/Latex gloves
  • Large hair clips
  • T-pins
  • Wig head (a stand that you put the wig on)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Towel (one that can get stained)
  • Wig

Prepare the Wig:

Wash the wig beforehand. You will want to start with clean hair but use only shampoo that will not harm the human hair wig. Do not put on any conditioner or product.

Let the wig dry completely. It is best to wash the wig several days ahead of time. This gives it time to dry thoroughly. If you don’t have the luxury of time, use a blow dryer to dry the wig.

Get the wig head ready. To preserve the wig head and keep it from getting stained, and just so you can keep it looking nice, wrap the wig head with plastic wrap. This will protect the wig head.

Brush the wig. Put your wig on the wig head using T-pins to secure the wig. If your wig fits on the wig head tightly, you may not need to use T-pins.

Gently use the wide-tooth comb to comb through the wig and remove all tangles. The wig should be flat and free from knots before you start to dye.

Start The Dying Process:

Vietnamese Hair Wigs
Vietnamese Hair Wigs

Separate the hair into four quadrants. Do a center parting down the entire wig; make two sections in the back of the wig, and two sections in the front, as pictured below.

Mix the color. There will be a strong smell to the dye you mix, so have adequate ventilation when mixing.

According to the manufacturer’s directions, use the dye brush, mixing bowl, hair dye, and developer to mix the color. Make sure you follow the directions precisely and mix thoroughly.

Start in the first quadrant at the back of the wig. Start with the roots, and apply the hair dye to the wig working outward down through the strands of hair.

Use the dye brush’s pointed end to separate the hair and use the bristle end to apply the dye.

Do small sections at a time so that you make sure you are covering all of the hair. Put the dye on evenly and thoroughly throughout the hair.

If you have decided to dye just the roots, and have another color on the hair’s remainder, start with the roots. Dye those first.

Then add the secondary color to the remainder of the hair section and use your gloved fingers to “smudge” the two colors so that you have a gradual rather than abrupt color change.

Continue the drying process until the entire wig is covered. Leave the dye on the hair for the length of time recommended on the box directions.

Set a timer so that you do not stop the process too soon or leave the dye on too long.

Rinse the wig out in warm water. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear. If needed, rinse the wig several times to ensure you have gotten all of the dye out.

Apply conditioner. Follow directions according to the product, and put conditioner on the wig.

Towel dry the wig. Dry the wig by using a towel. Again, this should be a towel that you don’t mind having stained if not all of the dye got rinsed out.

Wrap the wig in the towel and gently squeeze to get the excess water out of the hair. Be gentle in this process.

Let the wig dry thoroughly. After you have cleaned any excess dye off of the wig head, put the wig back on for it to completely dry.

In Conclusion


Cyhair hair review
Cyhair hair review

Wearing wigs gives you such versatility. You can be subtle and reserved in the office or professional setting and then be bold in the evening at the club. All on the same day!

Being able to choose a human hair wig and then color it to your liking and design adds to the fun of switching up your look whenever you want.

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