Hair extension is the current beauty trend and is the most advanced service in hair salons, choosing a method of hair extension you need to go through some information. Hair extensions will make you look 5 years younger. According to observations and information gathered from hair extensions person, most are not very interested in effective hair extensions, but only follow the trend and the crowd.

What is Hair Extension?

What is Hair Extension?

Hair extension is a method of grafting wigs with real hair (or synthetic hair) onto the real hair of the hair extensions to get longer and thicker hair according to the wishes of them. After that you will have thicker hair and can choose the color you want.

With so many brands and methods of hair extension on the market, it is certain that the method and quality of hair extensions will be different, it is difficult for users to choose the best hair extension address and technique for themselves.

Hair extensions techniques are divided into 2 types and are divided according to how the hair is attached to your real hair:

1. Attach each strand of hair – Like a hair with a lead clip , connect it with a glue tube

2. Attached to the hair band – Like a hair clip, sticky hair

Below we will introduce you to 6 hair extension methods for you to choose from before joining.

1. Hair extension with a lead clip :

Hair extension with a lead clip

This hair extension is the starting method of hair extension technique. This is a method that appears right from the first time of the need for hair extensions, a fairly simple method for girls to change hairstyles. This type uses a lead clip to link the wig and real hair together, the wig and real hair are threaded through the lead clip and pressed together to connect.

This type is used a lot, but the feature is that the lead clip is quite heavy, so it is suitable for girls with strong hair or those who want to add highlight color.

Features of lead clip method:

• Time: 8-10 weeks to be replaced to avoid broken lead particles.

• Advantages: Flexible, no glue, heat or chemicals needed.

Tool set includes: lead clip, clip pliers, hair hook, lead clip threader.

2. Braided hair extensions (sew-in):

Braided hair extensions

The stylists braid your natural hair into small braids that are close to your scalp, and then braid sections of hair into braids with a needle and thread. This means that only some of your natural hair is woven into the fringe; some were left out. A full stitch means all of your natural hair is braided..

Features of Braided hair extensions:

• Time: About 8 weeks.

• Features: If your hair is fully braided, your hair is protected from heat and everyday influences. The braided hair needs to be dried to avoid tangling with the extensions.

3. Strip hair extensions:

Strip hair extensions

The hair band is attached by bead knots and attaches to the real hair

4. Sticky hair extensions ( tape-in )

This is the lowest cost method of the fixed hair extension methods both in terms of price and way of connection, because this method only takes about 1 hour, so it reduces the connection work quite a lot. The price of this hair extension is almost the same as the keypin

Sticky hair extensions are a less damaging method because it’s light and doesn’t pull your hair to the point that it could cause hair loss.

Removing sticky hair is also quite easy and does not affect your real hair.

The sticky hair is reusable, once removed you can replace it with a new and reusable adhesive tape. After the sticky hair extension you can style it as you like with braids, ponytails or any hairstyle you want. This hairstyle is suitable for girls who want to fasten their hair and take less time.

Time: 4-6 weeks will need to replace or renew the adhesive tape.

Fetures : Easy to connect, flat and feels natural to the hair.

Limitations: Not as flexible as other join methods.

5. Fiberglass & elastic hair extensions:

This method is quite popular in the market today. Fiberglass & Elastic is actually a method with only a different name given by the salon, the difference is that Elastic fibers are smaller than Fiberglass fibers. Fiber Glass is made from fiberglass which is light and tough, with high elasticity. The worker will use the yarn to make a knot to connect the real hair and the hair extension.

Features of the method:

• How long does it take: 8-10 weeks after that, the joint must be lifted.

• Advantages: many salons can implement this method.

• Defect: Real hair roots after a few connections will be affected by the force of fiberglass & elastic joints, causing fibers to break easily leading to hair loss.

6. Hair clip (clip-in):

Hair clip (clip-in)

This is also classified as a hair extension method, because it makes your hair thicker and longer. This is the simplest and fastest hair extension method, with only 3-5 minutes, you have a new hair..

In conclusion

You might not need to invest in several lengths of extensions if your natural hair is shoulder length and all one length. If your hair is longer or has layers, however, you might consider buying extensions with different lengths. The larger pieces will give you lovely length, while the small clip-in extensions will blend in nicely with your shorter layers. By choosing two lengths, you may get a natural look while also ensuring that the extensions mix in with your natural layers. If you have any questions regarding this case, Cyhair is always available to assist you.


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