Women choose to wear wigs for many reasons, such as to try out different hairstyles and colors, conceal hair loss, and to allow the hair to grow from a natural hairline. Women have worn lace wigs for many years because of the comfort they provide and their ease of application.

One of the most common questions women ask when it comes to wig wearing is if they can wear their wigs every day. This article gives you insight when it comes to wearing wigs ever day and how you can maintain your wig’s quality even if you wear it daily. Continue reading to learn more.

Can You Wear A Lace Wig Every Day? 9 Tips For Wearing Wigs Every Day

Lace Closure Wigs
Lace Closure Wigs


It is very much okay to wear a lace wig every day as long as you take good care of it by washing the hair underneath and washing the wig. That will help to avoid dirt from building up.

It is not uncommon to wear lace wigs every day these days; in fact, many women wear wigs on daily. That could be one of the reasons why the wig and hair industry is continuing to see tremendous growth.  With so many types of wigs to choose from, you can easily find a suitable one that suits your needs.

If you choose to wear your lace wigs on daily, there are a few extra steps you need to take to get the most out of your wig, stay comfortable, and continue looking stylish.

9 Tips For Wearing Wigs Every Day

As mentioned above, you can wear your wig every day as long as you take good care of it. Here are some of the tips for wearing a lace wig every day.

Buy the right wig for your head size

If you are planning to wear your lace wig every day, then it is essential to ensure that you buy a lace wig that fits correctly. People have different head sizes, and lace wigs also come in various sizes to accommodate every head size.

If you wear a lace front wig that’s too big for your head, it will slip around the entire day, making you feel uncomfortable and it can also irritate your scalp. If you want to choose the correct wig size, then it is essential to take accurate measurements of your head.

Wear a cap liner

If you want to wear your lace wig on a daily basis, you need to wear a cap liner underneath every time you wear your wig even if you don’t have natural hair. This will help to keep your wig securely and comfortably placed in the head the whole day. A wig cap liner also helps to keep the wig clean by protecting it from the oils on the scalp.

Wear a cap liner

Wash your lace wig regularly

This is one of the most important tips. You must keep your wig clean to give it a refreshing look. You will also feel comfortable and look elegant with a clean wig. How frequent you need to wash your wig depends on various factors. Such factors include how frequent you wear your lace wigs, the type of climate in your area, the number of styling products you use, and your lifestyle- whether you are an active person or not.

According to wig experts, you should wash your wig after every 9-10 wears. You should also use hair care products that are ideal for the type of wig you have. If your wig is human hair or synthetic, you need to understand how you can wash it properly. Again, don’t use harsh products when washing your wig.

Clean your styling tools regularly

To protect your Nadula curly wigs and increase their lifespan, you need to wash your styling tools regularly and thoroughly. Styling tools include brushes and combs. You may also use hot styling tools if you have a heat-resistant synthetic wig. When you regularly clean your styling tools, you reduce the chances of them accumulating dirt, dust, and residues which may get transferred onto the wig, hence decreasing its longevity.

Clean your styling tools regularly

Choose the right wig that suits your lifestyle

If you plan to wear your wig every day, then you need to consider your lifestyle and the various hairstyles that suit your daily life. For instance, if you are a very active person, a shorter wig will perfectly suit your lifestyle. And if you work in a corporate setting, a dazzling and loud wig may be accepted in your company.

Choose the right color, length, and texture

It is essential to choose the right color, length, and texture that you know will make you feel comfortable and confident every day. The best way to achieve that is to consider your preferences and the looks that you think will suit you perfectly. For instance, if you want to achieve a natural look, just like the Nadula water wave wigs, then you need to look for a wig that will closely match the color of your natural hair.

Don’t sleep in your wig

Sleeping in their wigs is one of the most common mistakes women make when it comes to wig wearing. When you sleep in your wig, there is the friction caused between the wig’s hair and the pillow. This can cause tangles, knots and dryness. In the end, this will make you spend more effort and time caring for the wig and even styling it. These damages caused by sleeping in your wig can really affect the wig’s longevity.

Switch up your wigs

It’s good to have at least two pieces of wigs at all time to switch up. This will make either of them to experience less wearing and damages, hence improving their lifespan. It also reduces the washing frequency, which can extend their longevity, as well. Having more than one wig also allows you to effortlessly try different styles on different days, depending on your mood.

Store your lace wig in a safe place

After each day, you need to store your wig safely to prevent potential damage. A mannequin head or wig stand is the perfect option to safely store your wig. These storage options help in preventing the lace wigs from getting tangled. Also, remember to keep your wigs out of reach of your children or even pets.

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