Because they rely on loose curly hair care to enhance the look of curls, finding a way to maintain curls in place until the end of the day is difficult.

Dermatologists’ 3 Loose Curly Hair Care Suggestions

“Loosening up” is often a good thing. It’s connected to unwinding, letting go, and enjoying yourself. It’s a very other situation, though, when my curls decide to relax. Finding a method to keep curls in place until the end of the day is challenging because they rely on loose curly hair care to improve the appearance of curls.

Whatever type of wavy, coily, or curly you have, you can definitely relate to this: curls that are bouncy and fresh in the morning occasionally lose air like a tire does, becoming stretched, flat, and frizzy.

By the end of the day, some people’s curls become loose

The major cause of your terrible curls is gravity 

Gravity is probably to blame for your stretched curls if your hair is thick and dense, and it’s difficult to oppose a natural force. Nevertheless, by utilizing lightweight treatments that won’t make you feel even heavier, you can reduce the susceptibility of your hair to the forces of gravity. Leave-ins and oils are required for curly styles that you want hair to maintain their shape.

To keep curls buoyant, it’s also a good idea to swap out your hard-hold gel with a light cream.


Compared to low-porosity curls, high-porosity curls and waves are more prone to relax over the day. Due to the fact that high-porosity hair has numerous gaps and holes in the cuticle, it is very simple for the hair to lose moisture. As a result, high-porosity hair becomes less responsive to treatments, which causes loose, frizzy curls.

High-porosity curls and waves are more prone to relax

High-porosity curls and waves are more prone to relax

3 excellent suggestions from dermatologists for loose curly hair care

Following these recommendations is advised by board-certified dermatologists for loose curly hair care.

Only wash your hair as required

Too much washing may make loose curly hair dry, frizzy, and difficult to maintain. Thick, curly hair doesn’t require daily or even weekly washing. For the best scalp and hair health, wash your hair at least once every two to three weeks. If your hair is long or thick, washing it in sections will help avoid damage and tangling. Choose a moisturizing shampoo made particularly for curly hair. Use a clarifying shampoo first, then a moisturizing shampoo, if you often style your hair with gels, oils, creams, or pomades. When taking a bath, cover your hair with a shower cap to prevent damage between washes.

Wash your hair only as necessary

Wash your hair only as necessary

Keep the moisture in your hair

Curly hair is drier than other types of hair. Condition the whole head of hair, not just the ends, to keep it hydrated. Use a thick conditioner after washing your hair. After you’ve completed washing and conditioning your hair, add oil or leave-in conditioner to help with moisturization. You may also use conditioner prior to shampooing your hair if your hair is really dry or if you struggle to detangle it.

Keep the moisture in your hair

Keep the moisture in your hair

Keep your scalp healthy

If you wait a long time to wash your hair, dandruff may appear due to the excessive oil production on your scalp. However, dandruff shampoo may dry out your hair. Only the scalp should get anti-dandruff shampoo, which should then be left on for 2–10 minutes, or as long the label directs, before being rinsed out. The remainder of your hair should then be washed with a hydrating shampoo.

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To keep your curls in place and gorgeous till the end of the day, loose curly hair care is crucial. The aforementioned hair care techniques are easy to use and highly well-liked. Make sure to take additional precautions to maintain the beauty of your Loose Curly Hair.

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