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Detangling Extremely Matted Hair at Home

Unlucky as they are, knots occur throughout life. Although most ordinary tangles may be resolved with a decent detangler and a good brushing. These tangles and knots can occasionally take on a life of their own. Although you might be tempted to go for the scissors right away, resist the urge.

You can eliminate mats from your home if you have the correct attitude and tools. Continue reading for Cyhair’s tips on eradicating mats and preventing matted hair entirely.

Why is hair so tightly matted?

When hair is matted, shed, and connected strands come together to create clumps. Imagine classic tangles and knots that are worse. While common knots are very simple to untangle, mats are difficult. If not completely difficult, to take off with just a brush or comb.

“Hair fibers that become entwined around each other in a tight overlapping pattern and become fused together” is how matted hair is defined. Causing a disorganized mass of hair strands to group together into one or more clusters. Those with drier or more textured hair types, too. Undoubtedly, hair that is curly or coiled is more likely to become matted. To anyone, it truly might happen.

Why is hair so tightly matted?

Why is hair so tightly matted?

Reslan claims that product accumulation from styling products on the hair shaft is the main factor in hair matting. Improperly shampooed hair, excessively extended conditioner or hair mask applications, etc. The accumulation finally results in hair that is so covered and drab that strands can easily tangle owing to friction.

A lack of hair combs, brushes, and other detangling techniques can also cause hair to get matted. Hair strands get dry and knotted when they are tangled; this can cause them to entangle and eventually form mats. Other factors include failing to protect hair overnight, prolonged periods without trims, and incorrect usage of hair bands or accessories.

Untangle Extremely Matted Hair

Now is the time to start the procedure.

  1. Spray detangler across the whole tangled clump. To fully spread the product into the mass of hair, use your fingers.
  2. Attempt to gently release the hair fibers with your fingertips. Make sure the detangler spray is evenly distributed throughout the hair.
  3. To offer more lubrication and slide, apply oil to the hair mass. As you attempt to separate the hair strands from one another, you will be able to safely comb through the hair thanks to this. For this phase, make use of the wide-tooth comb.
  4. Gather any hair that is hanging freely. Start with a detangling brush at the hair’s base. Upward and cautiously approach the matted hair.
  5. Depending on how well each tool works to untangle the mat, alternate between using the detangling brush, broad tooth comb, and rat-tail comb as needed. Use the tip of an Invisibobble Waver to separate the hairs from the bulk in locations where the hairs are closely entangled.
  6. As the hair separates from the bulk, comb out any stray hairs in the mat with the wide-tooth comb. For additional hydration and protection, apply conditioner to those ends. Follow the directions above until the mat is completely gone.

Untangle Extremely Matted Hair

Untangle Extremely Matted Hair

If You Should Cut Your Hair

Unfortunately, cutting is the only choice if you can’t get a comb within the mat. Alternatively, if you discover yourself too tense and pulling on the hair strands, perhaps it’s time to break out the scissors as well.

if it has been days, weeks, or months since your previous hair brushing. Given that properly untangling mats would probably take several hours, cutting could also be your best alternative. Results aren’t guaranteed, even then.

If You Should Cut Your Hair

If You Should Cut Your Hair

How to eradicate the concept of matted hair

The answer in this situation is employing accessories made to minimize tangles and snags while using correct scalp and hair care techniques. Use a mild serum or leave-in treatment a couple of times each week to keep hair’s ends moisturized also arrange for regular haircuts. Consider using a silk pillowcase, scarf, or hat to cover your hair at night if it is long or prone to knotting.

Keep in mind that backcombing and hairspray both increase the matting and tangling of hair strands. Of course, after every wash, be sure to fully untangle your hair.


Even with the proper equipment and methods, dealing with matted hair is a real nuisance. While we’d prefer to completely eliminate matted hair, we are aware that this isn’t always possible. Things like mats happen in life.

Fortunately, you can probably avoid taking a serious cut if you use the appropriate tools and skills. So calm your mind, acquire a good comb, and start de-matting.

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