Both types of wig have their pros and cons: human hair wigs may be the more ‘natural’ looking option but higher in price, whereas synthetic wigs are more cost effective but lack the styling versatility you may be wanting.

Choosing Between a Real Hair Wig & Synthetic Wig

By learning the variances, the search for your wig will be a whole lot easier, enabling you to find the right match depending on budget, styling preferences, and other important factors.

Benefits of Human Hair Wigs

Benefits of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are made from 100% Remy human hair and boast a range of benefits: they’re extremely natural looking (obviously!), offer flexible styling, are available in a broad range of natural colours and, of course, perfectly replicate a biological head of hair. With a bit of care and the correct wig maintenance products a human hair wig can last for over a year, whilst synthetic wigs tend to need replacing sooner.

How are Human Hair Wigs Made?

Hair used to make human hair wigs is generally sourced from Asia, India, Eastern Europe and South America. Manufacturers sort the hair by length, remove any damaged strands not up to standard and tie the hair in bundles sorted in length. The same length hair bundles are then grouped to form one greater bundle of hair, ready to be sewn into a wig or a hairpiece. This is what you would call ‘Virgin Hair’, hair at its most natural form with no dye or chemicals.

To create a uniform hair colour for solid coloured wigs, the hair is stripped of all pigmentation removing any hair dye or previous colour tones and died accordingly. The wig can be styled, at this stage, to suit the needs of the wig user whether they prefer a single tone to cover the wig or added highlights to make it more personalised.

Can Human Hair Wigs Be Dyed or Personalised?

Can Human Hair Wigs Be Dyed or Personalised?

Human hair wigs can be dyed, personalised and styled to whatever look you prefer. Additionally, heat can be used with no issue which adds greater versatility for styling depending on what you want your wig to look like. It’s also important to look after your human hair wig properly

Finding the Best Synthetic Wig for You

Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs can be an equally popular choice, designed using leading wig technology that is so good it can often be mistaken as real human hair. A great benefit of synthetic wigs is their ability to hold their style for longer periods of time as well as requiring less maintenance than human hair. This tends to be popular amongst wig wearers who are constantly on the go or lack time to style their wig multiple times a week. If you’re looking for a wig suitable for all weather conditions, one that maintains its vibrant colouring and is easy to maintain, then a synthetic wig may be for you.

How are Synthetic Wigs Made?

Synthetic wigs are made using man-made polymers that are often paired with plastics such as acrylic, silk, acrylonitrile, silicone, PVC, vinyl and others (natural polymers and cellulose can also be used in some cases depending on the wig). The fibres are heated to a certain temperature and threaded into hairs that reflect the look of real human hairs. From there, the fibre hair strands are woven to create the wig or hairpiece in a certain style depending on the design of the wig.

Can Synthetic Wigs Be Dyed or Personalised?

Synthetic wigs have less versatility than human hair wigs, however with the right care and wig maintenance fibre wigs can be styled to whatever look you prefer. Synthetic wigs can be washed and shaped with fibre wig hair products and can be cut to suit the style you desire. You could even style your wig with headscarves and headwear to add a touch of colour and brightness around the face.

It’s important to note, heat can damage synthetic wigs so we would advise dodging the heat to avoid melting or burning the wig strands. However, due to the ever advancement of wig technology, some wigs can withstand higher temperatures with extra special attention.

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