Without seeing this instructional, the different Hair Extension Types are rather difficult to distinguish. Let’s look at some traits that each type has.

Differences Among Various Hair Extension Types

Have you ever heard of tape-ins, weaves, pre-bonded, micro-links, and fusion? Hair extension types come in so many different varieties. The first time hearing the conditions can be confusing for beginners. We will examine the various hair extension types in this guide. also the distinction between weaves made of human hair and those made of synthetic hair.

Synthetic and human hair extensions

Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions are the two most widely used types of hair extensions. Human hair extensions are made from real people’s natural hair, as the name implies. Most of the time, people store their hair rather than throw it away to sell it. Because there are fewer opportunities for tangling when the compounds are not used, these hairs typically stay silky and smooth.

Without using any real human hair, manufacturers make synthetic hair from blended fibers. These fibers are typically made of fine plastic material that is designed to look exactly like real hair.

Synthetic and human hair extensions

Synthetic and human hair extensions

The appearance and texture of various types of hair extensions

Real human hair is different from synthetic hair in terms of styles, forms, and colors. Although the manufacturer will have an effect on the quality of synthetic fibers. Compared to real human hair, these items will feel more coarse and stiff.

Real human hair extensions are frequently chosen because of how natural they look, feel, and blend in. Nobody will be able to tell these extensions aren’t real hair when you wear them.

Styling and Coloring

Human hair extensions can be handled the same as real hair, which requires combing, lubricating, and shampooing to remain nice and smooth. Additionally, coloring, blow-drying, and styling the extensions won’t present any problems. Since bleach is typically a component of dyes, people who choose synthetic hair won’t color it. Alternatively, ammonia harms the extensions.

Additionally, it is impossible to style these extensions like real hair. Blowers, straighteners, and curling irons are examples of hair styling tools that can melt and irreparably harm extensions. Human hair extensions can be styled and cared for with the same products as natural hair.

Styling and Coloring

Styling and Coloring

Various kinds of hair extension types

The following are some traits of hair extensions.

Various kinds of hair extensions types

Various kinds of hair extensions types

Clip-In Hair Extensions

The clip-in hair extensions come in a strand of curved pieces that are sewn or secured with silicone or fabric at the base. You must clip those pieces with real hair in order to use the clips immediately. It is simple to open and close these clips. The clip-in variety of hair extensions is one of the least long-lasting. Due to their ease of attachment and removal.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Pre-taped tape is used for tape-in hair extensions. On both edges of the natural hair, you must tape or glue it together during installation. Due to the need to align it with the roots, tape-ins are typically applied by a hairstylist.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Before utilizing the weave hair, you must braid cornrows and sew them into the braid with a needle and thread. Weaves are only made for women with thicker hair because they are applied in a special way.

Pre-Bonded and Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair stylists attach the pre-bonded extensions to real curls using glue or another adhesive. The application procedure typically takes longer than 3 hours. Because these kinds of extensions risk harming hair. Some women should refrain from selecting the fusion ones if their hair is already weak and damaged.


The information provided above will help you distinguish between the various hair extension types. Although it appears complicated, if you look closely, you can tell them apart. If you require any information, kindly get in contact with us straight away.

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