How To Buy Hair From Vietnam – South Africa Hair Vendors Should Know

South Africa is one of the potential hair markets in recent years. But in South Africa, hair factories are hard to find here.

Therefore, to be able to do hair business, most South Africans often choose suppliers from China or in the higher segment, suppliers from Vietnam are a perfect choice because the quality of the hair from Vietnamese wholesalers is higher.

If you are starting a hair business but still wondering about product quality as well as the ordering and delivery process, Cyhair Vietnamese Hair Factory will help you better understand the above issues.

Hot selling hair models in South Africa market
Hot selling hair models in South Africa market

1. How To Buy Hair From Vietnam – Why Vietnamese Hair?


What Is Vietnamese Hair? Differences Between Vietnamese Hair and Other Countries Hair

Vietnamese hair is always considered a hair type for the high segments. The things that make hair quality always set the highest quality is because:

Firstly, Vietnamese hair products are always collected from young girls aged 18-30 in the mountains or countryside of Vietnam. At this age, girls’ hair contains a huge amount of keratin, so the hair is extremely strong and shiny.

Legit Hair Factory in Vietnam
Legit Hair Factory in Vietnam

Secondly, according to the lifestyle of the girls in these areas, most of the girls never dye their hair, curl their hair like using any harmful chemicals, instead they use different types of hair dye. Natural ingredients for hair washing and hair care such as grapefruit essential oil, aloe vera, locust, …

2. The differences of Vietnamese hair grades

If the quality of Chinese hair is distinguished through grades such as 8A, 9A, 10A, then Vietnamese hair is distinguished through Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn and finally Luxury Quality. So what are they, let’s find out more deeply with Cyhair Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnamese Hair Price List
Vietnamese Hair Price List

2.1 Vietnamese Hair Single Drawn

Single Drawn is a hair grade that consists of 50%-60% of hair of the same length. This is the grade containing the most shorter hair among the hair grades.
If you compare Cyhair’s Single Drawn hair with other companies, usually Single Drawn of client companies only contains about 30%-40% of hair of the same length, instead CYhair hair contains up to 50%-60% of hair of the same length.

Vietnamese Hair Single Drawn


Vietnamese Hair Single Drawn

2.2. Vietnamese Hair Double Drawn

Double Drawn has more hair of the same length than Single Drawn, containing up to 80% of hair of the same length. Some customers have commented that CYhair’s Double Drawn hair is of similar quality to other companies’ Super Double Drawn.

This is also the strength of Cyhair Vietnamese Hair Factory.

• Vietnamese Hair Double Drawn


Vietnamese Hair Double Drawn

2.3. Vietnamese Super Double Drawn

This hair grade has up to 90% of hair of the same length, so there are few short hairs in this hair grade. This grade of hair is quite expensive because of its quality, so Super Double Drawn is often favored by customers with high demand.

Super Double Drawn Hair
Super Double Drawn Hair

2.4. Vietnamese Luxury Quality:

Luxury Quality is considered the most advanced hair grade because the amount of hair of the same length is up to 95% and it is much thicker than Super Double Drawn. To be able to make this hair, we used more than 50kg of hair to do research and produce a product with the most perfect quality.

3. Ordering Process – How To Buy Hair From Vietnam

1st Step: Picking Order (Model, color, quality)

2nd Step: Confirm (Invoice)

How To Buy Hair From Vietnam
How To Buy Hair From Vietnam

3rd Step: Making Payment (Agent, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Visa Card,…)

CYhair – Payment Information

4th Step: Making Production (7-10 days)

5th Step: Sending videos, pictures to confirm agent.

6th Step: Confirming and shipping.

CYhair – Return & Refund Policies

4. Delivering Process: UPS/DHL/FEDEX


1st Step: Shipping to UPS, DHL warehouse

2nd Step: Making documentary and scanning.

3rd Step: Finishing and getting tracking code.

4th Step: Delivering (5-7 days)

5th Step: Receiving hair products at your front door

If you are still looking for high-quality goods for the mid- to high-end segment, then consider CYhair. CYhair is definitely the first choice from product quality to service. For us, customer satisfaction and trust are paramount. Please contact CYhair, we will answer all your questions 24/7.

Vietnamese Hair Factory In Nigeria
Vietnamese Hair Factory In Nigeria

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