We’ve put up a list of recommendations for How to Color Your Hair At Home Safely and Effectively.

How To Color Your Hair At Home Until You Can Go Back To The Salon

Have you just realized, in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown, that you need to visit the salon? Not to worry. It couldn’t be that difficult to trace your own ancestry, can it? While at-home hair dying has always been a gamble, at-home solutions have advanced significantly in recent years. While we don’t always advise home hair dying, sometimes it’s necessary. And if you must, wait until everything is finished. Then, we’ve put up a list of recommendations for How to Color Your Hair At Home Safely and Effectively.

Do you actually require hair coloring at this time?

Until you can return to the salon, there are a few alternatives on the market that could just be able to hold you over. We routinely use the L’OREAL root touch-up sprays at Milk + Blush because they are a godsend.

They will, at the absolute least, temporarily assist in disguising your roots. This is an excellent fast isolation remedy because it is less costly, simpler, and harmful. And a lot less likely to fail than grabbing the color! Not to mention that using a touch-up spray will make the job of the expert much simpler when you return to the salon.

All of us have unintentionally purchased the incorrect dye color. Nevertheless, on occasion, if the wrong tones are applied, might result in bands in the hair.

In conclusion, choose a temporary short remedy rather than a catastrophe in the making. If something goes wrong, read our blog post on how to get hair color out of clothes.

Do you actually require hair coloring at this time?

Do you actually require hair coloring at this time?

Get a consultation over the phone

A growing number of salons are starting to provide guidance over the phone. In these situations, you might ask for the precise colors they have on file for you. Additionally, they’ll probably suggest that you buy from a wholesaler serving salons. Even further, some hairdressers are providing online workshops on using color and other goods. and blending specific colors for delivery or pick-up at the salon.

You should always give your stylist a call since you never know what practical solutions they may have in store for you. Take whatever advice they can give you if they can! Small, neighborhood hairdressers will be considering innovative strategies to maintain contact with their consumers when they are closed.

How To Color Your Hair At Home

Procedures and considerations for dying your hair at home.

Check to see whether your salon sells clients its professional dyes

You may have salon-quality hair at home because the majority of salons provide a professional product line as part of their services.

Salon operators will be wanting to diversify their company now more than ever. Find out whether your salon would be interested in selling some of its professional goods. That will revive your hair between visits or extend the life of your color. You may even inquire about purchasing your go-to dye color to use at home. Reach out to your neighborhood salon; they would be delighted to assist a familiar face!

How To Color Your Hair At Home – Do a strand test at all times

Since there is no professional advice to aid you through, choosing the appropriate hue might be difficult. As was already noted, several salons now provide video consultations. Josh Wood, a renowned colorist, just introduced a 1-on-1 video consulting service to assist you in choosing the ideal color for you. Always choose a shade lighter when in doubt since going too dark makes removal more difficult.

Color experts typically advise checking the color out first, especially if you’re applying a new shade for the first time. In essence, this entails coloring a little, undetectable portion of the back where it won’t be seen. By doing this, you may be sure you enjoy the outcome before embracing it wholeheartedly.

Do a strand test at all times

Do a strand test at all times

How To Color Your Hair At Home – Keep your hair’s texture in mind

One of the most crucial factors is hair texture. The best course of action may be to leave coloring to a professional if the hair is fine and prone to breaking. But if you want to do it yourself, be careful to pick the mildest alternatives. It’s also important to keep in mind that hair that is coarse, wavy, or frizzy absorbs color more quickly. So always think about choosing a warm color that is a bit lighter than your skin tone.

Keep your hair's texture in mind

Keep your hair’s texture in mind

How To Color Your Hair At Home – Take full advantage of your shampoo!

Do not purchase toners or dyes. This is due to the fact that at-home toners include a wide range of underlying tones that may not be suitable for your hair. Anything that you wouldn’t learn without expert advice.

Metallic salts are also included in these toners. That is why they naturally don’t advise using a salon-quality toner, whose components are completely different. For blonde hair that is beginning to look worn out. It won’t hurt to use your purple shampoo for a little bit longer. And will undoubtedly aid in bringing life to those dull-looking locks.


You’ll also need to pay attention to the texture of your hair. In comparison to hair with a fine to medium texture, hair that is coarse or frizzy will absorb color faster and in a cooler tone. To preserve your scalp, pay strict attention and get products from premium companies. The directions have been provided; good luck if you decide to color your hair yourself.

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