The current hair market in African countries develops extremely quickly, especially in Nigeria – a most overheated market. Because of this, many hair traders always have to carefully study the business processes, especially the hair import process.

In this article, Cyhair will guide you how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria in the easiest way.

The process of how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

• 1st Step: Doing research

In the process of importing hair from Vietnam to Nigeria, finding a reputable supplier is the most important thing. So, the first thing you need is to take the time to find hair suppliers on the Internet through Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram, Google,…

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SDD Bone Straight Hair
SDD Bone Straight Hair

• 2nd Step: Contacting the salesman

After you have researched and selected a reliable supplier, contact the seller to ask about the information you have questions about or you should ask them to video call so you can check everything and make sure they are not a scammer.

Vietnamese Hair Review
Vietnamese Hair Review

• 3rd Step: Making order.

The next important step is to place an order. Before placing an order, you need to clearly understand the product you want to buy, then specify the product features you need such as length, color, quality, …

Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria
Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria

Ordering Process

Here are a few instructions during the ordering process that we will introduce to you

1st Step: Picking Order (Model, color, quality)

Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos
Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos

2nd Step: Confirm (Invoice)

3rd Step: Making Payment (Agent, Crypto Currency)

4th Step: Making Production (7-10 days)

Vietnamese Hair Vendors
Vietnamese Hair Vendors

5th Step: Sending videos, pictures to confirm agent.

6th Step: Confirming and shipping

Ordering Instruction

1st Step: Making Paper Order

First, you should write down the order details that you want to buy such as length, color, quantity,…

2nd Step: Importing Data

Second step, we will import all your order details into Excel and shipping fee, discount or gift,… depending on your order

3rd Step: Total Price

Finally, we will send you the total quantity and price including shipping fee from 6000 Naira to 9000 Naira per 1 kg.

Shipping Process


1st Step: Finishing Production- Preparing for shipping.


• 1-2 days domestic shipping .

• Under 10kg: 5-9 USD

• >10kg: Free shipping

2nd Step: Checking Products (Double Check: quality, quantity

3rd Step: Shipping to agent(HCM City)

Notice: Shipping in 1 day

Schedule: Shipping on Tuesday. Saturday.

4th Step: Delivering from Vietnam to Nigeria (Agent’s office in Nigeria)

5th Step: Contacting for delivering

Notice: Please use the available phone number.

6th Step: Receiving hair products

Shipping process from cyhair to agent

And that’s all the process of importing hair from Vietnam to Nigeria. In addition, if you have any questions about the process of importing hair from Vietnam, you can refer to this playlist to better understand the import process of each country.

If you are still looking for a reputable hair supplier in Vietnam, come to CYhair- we will support you 24/7 and answer all your questions.

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