Starting a hair business will cause you to be hindered by scammers or low quality hair,… besides there is also the process of importing hair.
Understanding those difficulties, CYhair will help you better understand the hair import process from Vietnam, especially the ordering process and the shipping process.

1. Hair Import Process From Vietnam

If you are looking for a reputable hair supplier to start your hair business, you should follow these steps to avoid the risks of importing hair.

• Step 1. Doing research

How To Import Hair From Vietnam
How To Import Hair From Vietnam

When you choose the international import method, you will have to face a lot of difficulties such as language, payment process,… this easily exposes you to scammers.

How to check the legality of a Vietnamese hair company?

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So, to be on the safe side, you should research thoroughly about Vietnamese Hair Vendors via the Internet such as Facebook, Instagram, Google,… Or to save time, you can choose CYhair as your supplier. We will guide and support you 24/7 on any issues you have

• Step 2. Contact the salesman

After you have selected a reputable supplier that you trust, contact them via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,… any platform they participate in.

Vietnamese Hair Review
Vietnamese Hair Review

• Step 3. Place order

The third step, after successfully contacting sales staff, let them know your product needs such as length, quality, color, style, …

Commercial Invoice CYhair
Commercial Invoice CYhair

2. Ordering Process – How To Import Hair From Vietnam

The ordering step is one of the most important steps. So, here we will guide you step by step to place an order easily and successfully.

• Step 1. Picking Order

The first thing that you need to do is picking order including the length, color, style that suits your needs.

How To Import Hair From Vietnam
How To Import Hair From Vietnam

• Step 2. Confirming (Invoice)

The second step in the order process, you need to confirm your order with certainty via Invoice that the sales staff send you including the price, shipping fee,

• Step 3. Making payment

When ordering, you need to specify the type of hair, length, color, quality, … that you want, then we can produce exactly as your request.

• Step 4. Making production

The 4th step, after receiving your order, we will start to produce the hair according to your request. This production process can take 7-10 days depending on your order.

• Step 5. Receiving videos, pictures

After the production is completed, you will receive videos, pictures of the products from us so you can check the quantity and quality of the products.

• Step 6. Confirming and shipping

As a final step, you will confirm your order and we will begin shipping it to you.

3. Shipping Process – How To Import Hair From Vietnam

To give you more shipping options, we recommend the following 4 country-specific shipping methods: Agent, UPS/DHL, Official Quota, and the last one is hand-carrying.

3.1. Agent

We apply the shipping method through Agent to African countries, especially Nigeria because of its convenience and efficiency.

• Step 1: Finishing Production


  • 1-2 days domestic shipping .
  • Under 10kg: 5-9 USD
  • > 10kg: Free shipping

• Step 2: Checking Products (Double Check: quality, quantity,..)

• Step 3: Shipping to agent Gabriel (HCM City)

• Step 4: Delivery from Vietnam to Nigeria (Gabriel’s office in Nigeria)

• Step 5: Contacting for delivering

• Step 6: Receiving hair products.


With this second method we often use for countries around the world, especially European countries such as Germany, Italy, Russia,…

• Step 1: Shipping to UPS, DHL warehouse

• Step 2: Making documentary and scanning.

• Step 3: Finishing and getting tracking code.

• Step 4: Delivering (5-7 days)

• Step 5: Receiving hair products at your front door.

3.2. Official Quota

The third shipping method we want to talk about is the Official Quota. This is a shipping method only for large orders over 20kg. With this method you will save a lot of import tax.


  • Bank Transfer/ Company Account.
  • Big order (> 20kg)
  • Attached C/O

• Step 1: Making production

• Step 2: Sending videos, pictures

• Step 3: Confirming Shipping

• Step 4: Shipping (Air Cargo)

• Step 5: Importing and receiving

Vietnam Hair Company
Vietnam Hair Company

3.4. Hand Carry

This is a useful method for countries in conflict like Ukraine and Russia.

• Step 1: Making Production.

• Step 2: Shipping to shipping unit

• Step 3: Scheduling flight.

• Step 4: Shipping in 2-3 days

• Step 5: Receiving hair products.

Notice: Available for shipping to Russia, Ukraine.

And that’s the whole import process that CYhair introduces to you. If you still have many questions about this process, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are available 24/7 to support you so that you can easily start your hair business.

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