Wig provides you the ability to change up your appearance. You might have blonde hair today and have long hair the next day.

How To Maintain Your Wigs In The House?

Vietnamese Hair Wigs
Vietnamese Hair Wigs

Many different causes lead women to wear wigs. Wearing a wig might help you obtain a new hairdo when you want to change the way you look. In order to maintain the condition of your wig, you should store it carefully in a dry location. We’ll also show you how to properly store your wigs at home in this post to prevent accidents and maintain their freshness.

Wigs made with human hair are a great investment. While all wigs eventually lose their natural shine, there are several things you can do to prolong the life of your wig, such as: Find out the best methods for wigs storage at home.

Cleaning your wigs before putting them away

Cleaning your wigs before putting them away

Whatever method you use to preserve your wigs at home, make sure they are clean before putting them away. Then again, why would you hang your soiled clothes in the closet? To guarantee that the wig maintains its quality for as long as possible, clean it before putting it away.

  • Sweat and dirt quickly accumulate while you’re wearing a wig. Depending on how frequently you’ve used it, your wigs should be cleaned and conditioned once every 10 to 15 wears. As a consequence, the wigs will continue to feel real and silky.
  • Can only use conditioner and shampoo made especially for human hair wigs, and only warm water to wash your hair. While hot water can damage color and weaken hair strands, cold water won’t remove dirt or product from your hair.
  • After cleaning, set the wigs on a towel on a flat place to air dry. Make sure the wig is completely dry before storing it. If moisture is kept inside your wig, mold may develop on it.
  • The next stage in this process of how to preserve wigs at home is to untangle the wigs. Comb through and detangle your wigs beginning at the ends. Use a comb, ideally one with big teeth, to smooth the wigs. Starting at the ends of the wigs, brush your way up to the roots. This one will prevent the wigs from falling out.

Nowadays that your wig is prepared for storage, continue reading to learn several methods for keeping your wigs organized at home.

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A word on how to keep wigs made of human hair

A word on how to keep wigs made of human hair

We’ve already spoken about how to preserve wigs at home, but there are still certain concerns you could have regarding wigs maintenance.

  • There are several methods for caring for your wig. Others arrange them according to style, while some arrange them according to color. You must keep them both structured, regardless of the situation. Once you’ve established what kind of wigs you have, you may label them.
  • Prior to discovering how to preserve your wigs at home, ascertain the texture of each wigs. Straight or wavy wigs are the most straightforward to style and take off. Taking additional care and maintaining curly wigs is necessary. The use of specialized separating agents is required for curly hair, which also requires more drying time. In order to organize wigs more effectively, texture should be used. If you know how to properly take care of them, you’ll be much more productive.
  • Whether you’re taking a wig with you, pack it in a strong plastic box and fill it with tissue paper to prevent it from getting crushed inside your bag.
  • Wigs may tangle and suffer damage if kept together in storage. If at all feasible, we suggest preserving each wig in its individual container.
  • Keep the wig away from the sun to prevent damage to its color and structure. Additionally, keep your wig out of the reach of any curious youngsters or animals; cats like to play with wigs.

Most popular methods for wig storage at home

Most popular methods for wig storage at home

The idea that you automatically receive a wig holder or wig head when you purchase a wig is a common misconception. Do not, however, panic! With and without a wig stand, we’ll demonstrate how to store wigs at home.

Using a wig stand, here’s how to keep your wigs at home

Vietnamese Hair Wigs Vendors
Vietnamese Hair Wigs Vendors

The vast majority of wig stands will be constructed of metal or foam, and the most proportion of wig stands will be made of plastic or metal. Choose the bracket and mount that best meet your demands, regardless of the material used in their construction.

  • You should be aware that wigs of different lengths can be stored in wig racks of different sizes when storing your wigs at home using a wig stand. The stand may become imbalanced when a 16-inch short wig is put on a 30-inch long-neck wigs holder.
  • Your wig should be set up on a wig stand or the mannequin head. Use a wig hanger if you don’t have both. Never hang a wig on a surface that isn’t designed for them. For instance, the wigs cap may be indefinitely extended by bed posts and coat hooks.
  • The final step in how to preserve your wigs at home using a wig stand is to keep the wigs and holder dry and away from direct sunlight.
  • One of the best locations to store wigs is in the closet. If you maintain the wigs in a cool, dark location, it will be less prone to mold or fade.

Whatever method you use to preserve your wigs at home, make sure they are kept out of the sun and away from extreme temperatures. If the wigs are exposed to direct sunlight, it will likely degrade and even break. They will spoil if you don’t store them in a cool, dry place. Never leave wigs close to a heating element.

Without a wig stand, how to keep wigs at home

How to store your wigs at home without a wig stand is a question we are asked very often. Have been using a coat rack or store common household items in their original packaging, such as a shoebox filled with soft tissue, an airtight plastic container, or a zip bag, if you plan to preserve them. Any object may be used by following a general procedure.

  • In order to keep the wigs in place longer without a wig holder, brush it in a natural split to remove knots and fold the middle part in half from ear to ear. If the wigs are intact and do not have any breaks, place a little piece of tissue there.
  • When you take your wigs out the next time, cover it with a hair net to keep it properly groomed.
  • Afterwards, either put the wigs back in its original container or preserve it using one of the other strategies we suggested, and you’re done! It’s now time for you to store your wigs.
  • We advise folding the wigs from ear to ear before storing it to prevent damage. The structure of the wig is often damaged, thus proper folding will help protect both the hat and the wigs.

In Conclusion

When it comes to wigs storage at home, even the smallest aspects matter. We really hope that you will find these recommendations for wigs maintenance to be useful. We provide a wide variety of wigs for ladies in all shapes and sizes at Cyhair Factory. Our wigs are produced entirely from premium Vietnamese hair and can last up to 25 years! Additionally, we offer our clients a variety of hair extensions, including tape-printed hair extensions, weft extensions, and clip-in extensions. at incredibly low costs.

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