What you should know about India’s greatest virgin hair manufacturers?

You’re sifting through a tangle of hair firms, from Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indonesian factories to Indian and Brazilian ones, seeking for a reliable hair provider. In fact, Indian hair suppliers are regarded as one of the most important hair distributors in the globe. You’re trying to figure out which Indian hair source is the greatest.

Indian hair extensions now produce the most hair for consumers all around the world. Furthermore, because Indian hair extensions are among the cheapest, any hair merchant may readily import and sell them. As a result, I’ll discuss what you should know about India’s greatest virgin hair manufacturers in this post.

India’s virgin hair manufacturers are described here


Since India has one of the world’s largest hair manufacturers, virgin hair providers have become a promising sector in recent years. Until now, Indian virgin hair providers have been manufacturing tons of human hair each year and have a large export amount in the hair business throughout the world.

India’s virgin hair providers are among the world’s top hair producers. By 2022, India’s virgin Indian hair providers would have exported 193.90 million US dollars worth of human hair, accounting for roughly 20% of global hair output. All four major hair markets in the world, China, Brazil, the United States, Africa, and South America, import virgin hair from India.

In India, virgin hair vendors get their hair from temples. Thousands of individuals donate their hair each year in India because of the country’s traditional belief in cutting their hair at temples for good luck. As a result, the majority of virgin hair providers in India purchase their hair from these temples.

Furthermore, virgin hair vendors in India get hair from a variety of tiny firms with unknown origins. As a result, virgin hair providers in India’s hair are of unknown origin, and a hair bundle is likely to be combined with a variety of donors.

The characteristics of Indian virgin hair providers

The characteristics of Indian virgin hair providers

In India, virgin hair vendors have varying levels of product quality and are frequently in bad condition. Some of the reasons for its poor quality are as follows:

● Virgin hair vendors in India get their extensions from temples, where hundreds of individuals donate their hair on a regular basis; the hair’s provenance isn’t certified. As a result, the quality of the hair will be inconsistent. In India, virgin hair is sorted by hand rather than by a high-tech machine, resulting in hair that is not aligned. As a result, hair becomes knotted and sheds.

● Hair extensions purchased from Indian virgin hair vendors have a limited lifetime of a few months. After a few uses, the hair will be coarse and knotted, despite its shining appearance. Because virgin Indian hair providers’ hair is constantly accessible in huge quantities in the warehouse and is not well kept, hair is frequently shed due to a lack of vital nutrients. India’s virgin hair providers don’t offer a wide range of products.

The majority of virgin hair providers in India are unable to create a diverse selection of hairstyles

● Because Indian hair is often curly, dry, and coarse, it will be tough to restyle, particularly to make bone straight hair or create various hairstyles other than curly hair.

● Because virgin Indian hair merchants use low-tech equipment, they are unable to create a wide range of hairstyles. Virgin Indian hair can be bleached and coloured, however, because the majority of virgin hair providers in India make the hair by hand rather than using advanced technology, product diversity is limited.

Indian hair suppliers provide a variety of popular styles of Indian hair extensions

Bundles of Indian hair

Hair bundles are the most well-known product of Indian hair vendors. Hair bundles are also known as sew-in hair extensions or weft hair extensions. Each hair bundle is made up of a 1 meter wide weave of hair. The hair may be used to sew in users’ own hair or to create a full wig using hair closures or frontals.

Tape in Indian hair extensions

Hairpieces are fixed with hair tape in the root section of Indian hair extensions tape from Indian hair suppliers. This form of hair extension attaches the extensions to the users’ natural hair with tape. Then there’s this form of semi-permanent hair extension that’s incredibly popular because of its versatility.

Indian hair extensions fusion

Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions are another common form of hair extension distributed by Indian hair providers. Small extension strands are also available for this type of hair extension. Instead of tiny rings, these strands are connected to the users’ natural hair with a  keratin adhesive. Because the extension uses heat to dissolve the adhesive, it can occasionally harm natural hair.

Which of the Indian hair manufacturers is the best?

After all, Indian hair wholesalers are well-known for their low prices. The quality, on the other hand, is not worth the money. The majority of Indian hair extensions are of poor quality. Then, for both high-quality hair and a cheap price, what is the best option? Cyhair is exactly what you should think about.

As previously said, Cyhair factory is the greatest factory in the world for delivering high-quality Vietnamese hair in bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs, and other forms. at a reasonable cost With over 15 years of expertise supplying hair to major markets such as Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia, Cyhair factory consistently ranks first in both quality and quantity.

Customers seeking for wholesale hair suppliers in India may find a list of trusted sellers on this page

Indian Mermaid hair

With their hair firm situated in India, Indian Mermaid Hair is a well-known virgin hair provider in India. This Indian virgin hair provider collects hair directly from Indian temples and weaves it into high-quality wefts at their facility.

● The main item is: Indian Mermaid Hair is dedicated to provide the highest quality Indian hair available. They are well-known for providing high-quality hair and services all around the world.

● Service: This virgin hair seller in India can assist you in developing your own brand, offering a variety of payment alternatives as well as customizing packaging and labeling. They have access to raw materials and supervise the quality control process because they own the plant, so you can always count on a profit and great comments from your customers.

Manufacture of IndiaMart

Manufacture of IndiaMart

IndiaMart is one of the top hair extensions in India and has been renowned for its Indian hair extensions on the worldwide wholesale website for the past five years. All of their success is due to their devotion to supplying wholesale quality puritans, hair extensions, and hair weaves to a huge number of their consumers.

They also charge a nominal price of $5 for clients to examine their hair list, shops, and wholesalers. They charge a very low cost.

Human Hair Factory in India

Human Hair Factory in India

This is another well-known and popular source for such items. This website is regarded as your one-stop-shop for all of your hair extension requirements. They specialize in the delivery of raw Indian human hair.

Pros: There is a large quantity of hair in stock.

Cons: There isn’t much in the way of customer service.

They are well-known for exporting a wide range of high-quality goods. Machine weft hair, wigs, micro weft hair, white hair, blonde hair, and other extensions are common.

Adorable hair provider from India

Adorable hair provider from India

Virgin Indian hair manufacturers in the entirely unprocessed raw cuticle is available from Adorable Indian Hair. In Brazil, they deal with human hair extensions. You’ve worked in the global hair supply sector for a long time. They are well-known for distributing, exporting, and selling hair products, and their quality is among the finest in the industry.

They collaborate with a variety of hair salons and hair extension companies across the world, providing them with the highest quality Indian hair extensions for pergolas and hair extensions in order to help them expand their businesses.

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