Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions – Vietnam’s Top 3 Raw Hair Factories

Raw Vietnamese hair extensions is something that all large hair salons want to have in their collection. Because of the high demand for Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions, there are a plethora of Raw Vietnamese Hair providers on the market. Where do you think the greatest spot to seek for them is? Then this essay will plainly give you that information.

How to define Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions?

Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Vietnamese hair is cut from only one to three donors and is 100 percent Vietnamese human hair, with no mixed synthetic hair. It is the most natural and pure hair kind, having never been subjected to any treatment processes, including steam or heat. The major styles of raw hair extensions are generally straight, curly, or wavy due to the untouched hair.

Raw Vietnamese Hair Characteristics

Raw Vietnamese Hair
Raw Vietnamese Hair

There will be no chemical, synthetic, or mixed hair

We are proud to be the most dependable hair manufacturer in Vietnam, delivering 100% raw Vietnamese hair with three distinguishing characteristics: no chemical, no synthetic, and no mixed hair.
● To obtain 100g of pure raw Vietnamese hair, we must follow a thorough procedure to obtain the greatest possible raw hair. First and foremost, it comes from hair donors. The hair from donors must be 100 percent pure. If the hair donors had already styled their hair, it will be termed processed hair rather than raw hair. That is why raw Vietnamese hair is extremely uncommon and expensive. Also, if you do not conduct thorough research before purchasing raw hair from a hair seller, you will be treated unfairly because 90% of hair dealers would offer you remy hair rather than raw hair.
● Normally, a donor may only provide 200g of raw hair.

It’s possible to bleach it to a colour of 613

Because raw Vietnamese hair is 100 percent pure hair with no chemicals or mixtures, it may be bleached to a color tone of 613. Each raw hair bundle is obtained from just one donor at the Cyhair plant. Because the hair properties of two donors are not the same, they cannot be knotted in one bundle and bleached to the color 613.

Vietnamese Hair Products in their Natural State

Vietnamese Hair Products
Vietnamese Hair Products

After cutting, normal raw Vietnamese hair will be combed and separated into little bundles weighing 10 grams each. Raw Vietnamese hair is separated into three varieties based on the aims and demands of each customer: single, double, and super double-drawn hair.
● Single drawn hair: This form of Vietnamese hair contains 30-50 percent hair that is the same length as the rest, with the balance being hair that is somewhat shorter.
● Double drawn hair, with 50-70 percent of the hair being of the same length and the remainder being of a little shorter length. This raw Vietnamese hair is reasonably priced, but the quality is excellent, and the appearance is quite natural, thus it is highly popular among consumers.
● Super double-drawn hair is the finest grade raw Vietnamese hair available, with 70-85% of the hair being of the same length. The cost will be more than the other two options, but the quality will not be compromised.

List of the Most Reliable Raw Vietnamese Hair Manufacturers

CYHAIR FACTORY – The top choice for all hair enterprises looking to purchase raw Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese Hair Vendors
Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Cyhair Factory

Cyhair factory is regarded as Vietnam’s best hair factory. With over 15 years of experience, Cyhair is delighted to be the first and most dependable hair supplier for many Nigerian wholesale hair merchants.
Cyhair factory offers a wide range of hair styles, including weft curly wavy, color hair extensions, lace frontal closures, wigs, and more.
The Cyhair brand has been making and exporting hair all over the world for over 15 years. They always provide the highest quality hair to numerous salons, retailers, wholesalers, and other companies all over the globe,…
Nigerians, South Africans, Americans, Britons, and others are among our most loyal wholesale clients.
Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Extension orders are handled directly with the cheapest price in the hair market-factory price.
Because of its low price and high quality, Cyhair Factory’s Vietnamese raw hair is likely to please even the most discerning consumers.

Hair Are Us – A Vietnamese Hair Vendor in the United States

Hair Are Us is a well-known Atlanta hair provider that was established in 2011. This hair wholesaler has a decade of expertise in the industry. However, they spend the most of their time selling online, and they have now settled down with a physical basis.

K-Hair factory

The K-Hair plant has a long and illustrious history. With over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, K-Hair is pleased to be Vietnam’s first Vietnamese hair vendor. The K-Hair factory provides the following services:
● Vietnamese virgin hair is available in bulk quantities.
● Frontal, closure, HD lace wigs, full lace wigs, etc.
● Curly weft hair, color weft hair, and other popular styles in Nigeria are curly weft hair and color weft hair.
● Hair can be tidied, taped, or clipped in.

SalonLabs is a Ghanaian hair vendor who sells raw Vietnamese hair.

SalonLabs is a well-known hair salon in Ghana. It claims to sell 100 percent virgin hair as well as a variety of goods. You may contact the vendor for human hair extensions, wigs, lace frontals, and 360 frontals, among other things.

In Conclusion

As you can see, all of the aforementioned vendors are praised for offering high-quality hair. If you want to buy raw Vietnamese hair, however, you should buy it directly from a reputable Vietnamese hair provider like Cyhair Factory rather than through any intermediaries. As a consequence, you may rest confident that every strand of hair is genuine Vietnamese raw hair supplied at the best possible price.
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+ Email: leeanh@cyhair.vn

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