Top 4 things you need to know about Vietnam human hair

If you still consider whether you can use Vietnam human hair for your wigs or not. Maybe you should take a quick read throughout this post below to know deeply about 4 typical unique things. Therefore, you can trust and find for yourself the best Vietnamese hair factory to own lovely wigs. In case you may find it is too hard to find any hair vendors in Vietnam, Cyhair always supports you.

The natural dark color of Vietnam human hair

Vietnamese hair is naturally black in color which is totally different from Chinese or Indian hair. As a result, the natural black hair color of Vietnamese women can easily mix in with the hair color of women from other nations. You may dye it whatever color you like. Starting with natural black, we also have red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, gray, dark gray, brown, dark brown… As black is the most harmonious color when dyed by any other color. The majority of the bundles are high-qualified and found from donors who said no to stimulants. This is the reason why most of the women in the world fall in love with Vietnam human hair. As well as wanting to own them at any price to be attractive by their appearance.

The natural black color of Vietnam human hair

Easy to maintain the length and take care of

Having Vietnamese hair means you have more time for other activities. Because you don’t have to worry as much about the hair treatment process.

Vietnamese hair is of good quality, thus it lasts a long time. According to an average number of Vietnamese young girls, hair lasts between 3.5 and 5 years. Hair maintenance is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is wash, clean, and blow-dry your hair on a daily basis to ensure it does not be dirty. Wear it out and wash it, but be cautious not to tangle it while doing so. It’s quite simple to maintain, and your hair will stay longer. When you have naturally curly hair extensions, you should pay extra attention. Remember to wash your hair 2-3 times a week if you do not want to make your head dizzy by dandruff.

In Cyhair, you might not be worried about the quality of Vietnamese hair due to the 100% natural hair provided. In addition, we produce hair using a natural process that does not need the use of any chemicals or damaging technologies. This will aid in the preservation of your health while causing no harm to your natural hair. That also is one of the advantages for you to take care of the hair much easier.

Vietnam human hair is known for the durability and thickness

This feature comes from the special texture of Vietnam human hair which is affected by climate and environment. When wearing Vietnamese hair, you will see how straight it is. Because of that, your hair will never get tangled and is easy to brush in every morning. It is full and thick that you can feel directly when you put your hands on your hair. That is so wonderful! As you can see, this characteristic of Vietnam human hair makes a unique point when mentioning the hair market. Vietnam is considered to be one of the best-selling hair products compared to other countries thanks to this feature.

Vietnam human hair is known for the durability and thickness

Vietnamese hair extensions clearly classified many names and styles

In terms of hair formation, there are two typical types of hair extensions available in Vietnamese hair factories: Virgin hair and Remy hair. This grade of hair demonstrates how various and high quality we have.
● Virgin hair: Hair that has not been modified in any manner by chemical processing is referred to as Vietnamese virgin hair. Virgin hair is gathered in Vietnam by one person. Because of the excellent homogeneity in structure and hair color, the quality of these Vietnamese hair bundles is valid. In Vietnam, this sort of hair is of the highest quality as well as the price you have to pay.
Remy hair: is taken from a group of two to three donors who have unprocessed hair growing in the same direction. This is the most common hair in the world, and it is of high quality and affordable. Moreover, it might be lower cost than virgin hair due to the quality. However, we are surely collecting the natural and the most suitable Vietnam human hair depending on the client’s standards.

Besides that, we also classify one less popular type as Non-Remy hair. Non-Remy hair has been blended with hair from a variety of donors in various directions. This sort of hair is regarded as the poorest and has the lowest price. Non-Remy hair is combed in directions by skilled hair workers, whereas Remy hair is combed in just one way by skilled hair workers. As a result, Non-Remy hair bundles are prone to tangling and shedding. Because Vietnamese hair companies focus on high quality, they do not offer this type of hair.

Vietnamese hair extensions
In conclusion

Finally, Vietnam human hair is ubiquitous and loved by almost all young girls in other countries. Throughout this post above, Cyhair also gives more information about our traditional hair. In case you want to own hair products, you might be careful when choosing the most reliable factory. Furthermore, You must constantly be on the lookout for hair factories and wholesalers that will try to deceive you. This problem could be recognized by combining low-quality varieties of hair bundles. Only purchase hair from reputable and trustworthy Vietnamese hair suppliers and wholesalers.

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