Why do you need to choose Cyhair for Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria?

For someone who wants to develop a long-term business, Vietnamese hair is always the first priority. On the other hand, some dealers are still uncertain how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria. As well as which Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria is the best option for you. In fact, there are no Vietnam hair factories in that country. So, Cyhair just shows you the ways of importing Vietnamese human hair in case you want to know. You can read quickly through this post and acquire some tips which help you manage your own company effectively.

Vietname Hair Factory In Nigeria
Vietname Hair Factory In Nigeria

Some outstanding characteristics of Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

As you know, Vietnamese hair is known for its thickness and natural bright color. Besides that, there are some hidden reasons that you should know more about Vietnamese hair vendors. As a result, those products could help your business grow and develop successfully in Nigeria.

The original human hair

Vietnamese hair is of excellent quality, smooth, and bright. Vietnamese young ladies live a healthy lifestyle and use herbal shampoo to wash their hair. This leads to the result that Vietnamese hair is very easy to restyle while maintaining its quality. Furthermore, the majority of hair donors are at the age of 18-30 years old. So, they are still bright and maintain the thickness they have. Moreover, we also have a diversity of hairstyles that are suitable to every requirement from Nigeria business.

Vietnamese Single Donor Hair factory
Vietnamese Single Donor Hair factory

Easy import hair from Vietnam Hair Factory in Nigeria

Because of the strong relations between the two countries, shipping operations between Vietnam and Nigeria are getting much easier. This is why the Vietnam hair factory attracts more wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. Rather than hair factories from other countries, especially China and India. In addition, the Vietnamese government has taken a lot of steps to stimulate the export of goods including wigs. That is making international transportation straightforward to make a delivery process. This point will lead to the result that the business model for hair sources will become more secure and developed.

Reasonable price for importing wigs in Nigeria

To be honest, hair pricing from hair factories in Vietnam is relatively low when compared to other Nigeria wholesale hair suppliers. Because Vietnam’s hair manufacturers are situated in places where raw materials are plentiful. As a result, if wholesale hair dealers in Nigeria purchase hair from Vietnam, the economic efficiency is high.

Vietnamese Hair Price List
Vietnamese Hair Price List


Why Should You Establish Hair Extensions In Nigeria?

Why you should choose Cyhair for your Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria?

Of course, we have not had any Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria until now. However, in case you really want to know how to get hair products from Vietnam. So, there is some information that you can not miss.

Cyhair is one of the most professional Vietnam hair manufacturers which has a hair factory in Vietnam. There are some reasons you may choose us for your business, or just because of your appearance.

Natural hair products, no chemistry, and alcohol

Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos
Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos

Cyhair has confirmed that we always produce high-quality hair with 100% natural raw Vietnamese human hair. We recently decided to enter the Nigerian market as a wholesale hair supplier. As well as supplying 100% natural Vietnamese hair to Nigerian, Brazilian customers and so on. In addition, Cyhair has a large selection of Vietnamese hair extensions to help you choose the best hair extensions for your consumers, particularly international customers. We surely collect from young girls who have straight and strong hair without any stimulant. So, this advantage will give you the best wigs, especially those who have to increase their appearance.Easy to get access and professional workers

Vietnamese Hair Wigs
Vietnamese Hair Wigs

Cyhair – Your Vietnam Hair Factory in Nigeria works based on hard work and professional workers. That has contributed to the success today with tons of feedback from international customers, particularly from Nigeria. Cyhair has also created a great motivation for many foreign customers in terms of appearance. As well as creating favorable conditions for Nigerian businesses to run effectively. There are some images of our customer’s feedback. Also, you can visit and contact us through: https://cyhair.vn/contact/ to get further information.

CYhair Hair Factory in Vietnam
CYhair Hair Factory in Vietnam

Clearly ordered steps from Vietnam hair factory to Nigeria

In Cyhair, you do not have to be worried about the hair shipping process from Vietnam to Nigeria. We also make a clear process for you to follow. There are some important steps we prefer you can check before starting orders.
● First of all, you should choose the most suitable hair products and deeply know the business model we are running.

● Secondly, you can contact us via Whatsapp or Instagram to know more information about products and shipping processes.

● Thirdly, Cyhair also has some Nigerian agents that take responsibility for receiving hair from Vietnam and delivery to Nigeria immediately. You can name some of them such as: Onyeka Bonyaface, Sunday Christian, and Gabriel. Those are the most trustworthy agents that are able to make a shipping process safe and fast.

● After receiving hair products from Cyhair, please check them properly to make sure they are high-qualified. Then give our feedback if you feel excellent and lovely.

Vietnamese Hair Review

In conclusion

We know that it will be very complicated when finding Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. To make people feel comfortable while wearing wigs but do not have time to find them. Cyhair is always here to solve your problems and meet your needs suitably.

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+ Email: leeanh@cyhair.vn

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