VietNam hair vendors – Best hair quality on the market

Vietnam hair vendors are proud to be one of the top five countries in the world for high-quality hair. Vietnamese hair is popular with clients all around the world since it is of high quality and inexpensive. So, let’s discuss Vietnamese hair and what makes it such a well-known star in the industry that it competes with others.

Vietnamese hair is the highest-quality hair on the market

Vietnam hair vendor - the highest-quality hair
Vietnam hair vendor – the highest-quality hair

Vietnam hair vendors are known and loved for its natural smoothness and softness, which is unaffected by chemicals. Let’s start by learning about the origins and features of Vietnamese hair, which is of the highest quality on the market.

Origin of Vietnamese hair

Origin of Vietnamese hair
Origin of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is described as 100 percent natural human hair collected straight from Vietnamese women aged 18 to 30 who live in the country’s mountainous regions.
Because women in mountainous areas are not exposed to curling services or dangerous chemicals. They constantly care for their hair with all-natural methods, resulting in Vietnamese hair that is incredibly strong and long-lasting. Beautiful, and it satisfies all of the customer’s requirements.

The most noticeable feature of Vietnamese hair is

Vietnamese hair has a number of distinguishing characteristics that customers seeking high-quality items and high-end experiences at reasonable rates cannot overlook.
● Vietnamese hair comes in a wide range of lengths, unlike Cambodian hair, which grows slowly and has a restricted length range. Vietnamese hair can meet all criteria in lengths ranging from 8 to 32 inches.
● Hair thickness: Vietnamese ladies have thick hair as well. Taking care of Vietnamese hair with natural plants helps to nourish the hair and avoids shedding. When utilized, Vietnamese hair is thick but not rigid, and it is still thin and light, so it does not generate a heavy head.
● Black: Vietnamese natural hair color is black, which complements the complexion tones of both men and women in the United States. It develops gorgeous, smooth hair that gives everyone in the globe a flawless new look, not only Asian or African ladies.
● The majority of Vietnamese people have straight hair. As a result, unlike Indian hair, which is weak and ruffled, Vietnamese hair may be styled without going through a process of straightening. Vietnamese hair is stronger and holds up better when it isn’t exposed to chemicals.
● Vietnamese hair is smooth and silky, contrary to popular belief, and is neither coarse nor harsh due to its thickness. In truth, Vietnamese hair is naturally long, thick, black in color, straight, smooth, and silky.
● When compared to rivals such as China (2-3 years) or India. The endurance of Vietnamese hair is far superior: 8 to 20 years (6 months to 1 year).
● Vietnamese hair is incredibly affordable when compared to its competitors. Indian hair used to be recognized for its low cost. But it is now quite expensive due to the difficulty in obtaining pure hair.

What are the benefits of Vietnamese hair?

The benefits of Vietnamese hair
The benefits of Vietnamese hair

Vietnam hair vendors are notable for being chemical-free. If a hair salon or a hair seller wants to buy hair to bleach and dye and style it curly wavy. They must acquire pure hair since mixed hair quality cannot be bleached and dyed to get the desired hue. As a result, Vietnamese hair, particularly Vietnamese weft hair, is preferred and favored above Chinese and Indian hair.
● Vietnamese hair: 100 percent human virgin pure hair that may be bleached and dyed to any color tone and styled into various curly wavy styles without causing damage to the hair.
● Chinese Hair: Because it is a mix of Indian and Cambodian hair, hair salons are unable to bleach it to a 613 color. Because mixed process hair is so fragile, the heat from hair style devices can cause significant harm.
● Indian Hair: A mixture of Cambodian hair and hair from an unknown source. Hair quality is usually linked to cost, which is why Indian hair is the cheapest on the market. India Hair is popular among low-income clientele. Hair salons that cater to this demographic will choose to invest in Indian hair over Vietnamese and Chinese hair.

What is the Vietnamese hair grade?

The Vietnamese hair grade
The Vietnamese hair grade

The thickness of the hair bundles from top to bottom determines the grade of Vietnam hair vendors. As a result, Vietnamese hair is classified into three types: single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn.
● The lowest hair grade in the Vietnamese hair grade is single-drawn Vietnamese hair. The length of 45-50 percent of the hair strands is the same, while the rest is mixed. Because of this, single hair is thin at the end. When you stroke the hair from top to bottom. You’ll see that it goes from full to thin at the end.
● Vietnamese hair is double drawn, with 60-70 percent of the strands being the same length and the remainder being mixed. Due to its high quality and low pricing, this is the most popular Vietnamese hair grade among African consumers.
● The greatest quality grade of Vietnamese hair is super double drawn Vietnamese hair. 85-95 percent of the hair is the same length, making it the greatest and most flawless hair weave. The hair weave bundles are quite full from top to bottom. Super Double Drawn Hair is a luxury hair grade used by vip hair vendors and salons because of its thickness and fullness.

In Conclusion

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