Vietnamese hair suppliers: List of top 4 Vietnam hair distributors

Nowadays you probably find tons of information from the Internet to find the best Vietnamese hair suppliers. However, there is not a good way to know whether you are deceived or not by the images they posted. In this post, Cyhair will show a list of trustworthy 4 Vietnam hair distributors that you may refer to.

Vietnamese Hair Review
Vietnamese Hair Review

Steps to choose potential Vietnamese hair suppliers

The Vietnamese hair suppliers is highly popular throughout the world, especially in the African market. We also know some wonderful unique features of Vietnamese human hair which fully meet the standards of clients. This is the reason why Vietnamese hair is totally attractive to international customers who want to run their business effectively. But how can you choose the best Vietnamese hair suppliers with huge information on the Internet? Let’s find out through those steps below:

Step 1: Search on the Internet platforms such as Google and Yahoo with keywords related to Vietnamese hair suppliers. One more tip is that you can join some Fanpage communities to read comments of customers who already bought products.

Step 2: Spend time on their Website, Instagram, and videos to ensure that this hair company has a good social media presence. An opportunity to visit their factories directly is a good way to confirm.

Step 3: Proactively contact them via their Whatsapp hotline and request a video call to view their factory. This way to surely confirm that they are not deceivers. Or you can text them on Instagram if they have.

Step 4: Once you think that a Vietnamese hair factory seller is genuine, ask them to show you samples. As well as pricing lists so you can compare them to other hair merchants.

Cyhair – The natural black Vietnamese hair suppliers

Cyhair Vietnamese hair factory

Cyhair is known as a full-service human hair producer Vietnam Human Hair Factory. Cyhair provides market research, hair products development, design, manufacturing, and sales services. Some largest hair trading hubs are located at Hair Village, Dong Bich, Dong Tho, Bac Ninh, Vietnam. Cyhair has been listed to be one of the best Vietnamese hair distributors that received loads of compliments from customers.

Vietnamese Hair Wigs Vendors
Vietnamese Hair Wigs Vendors

Our research and development department will release 3 to 5 new designs every month to keep up with market trends. Our clients will receive prompt responses from24-hour customer care. And 150 workers working in our factory will ensure that each order placed by our customers is completed on time. Cyhair’s mission is customers are first, and we strive for long-term relationships with clients.

Vietnamese Hair Review – Top 4 Advice on Launching a Successful Hair Business

What do you need to know about Vietnamese Hair Vendors ? Top 5 Best Vietnam Hair Wholesale

We are always appreciated by clients who give some lovely feedback after checking it. We understand that appearance helps you always shine and be confident in social activities. Cyhair will constantly develop, serve to make all the girls around the world beautiful with their hair. If you want to know more about Cyhair, please contact us via the information below:

Hair Vendors in Vietnam
Hair Vendors in Vietnam

● Main Office: 59 Cong Hoa, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

● Telephone numbers: +84 387751243

● Email:

Michair – Gorgeous bundles and hair extensions

Michair - one of the trustworthy hair companies

MICVIET Investment Company Limited or we can know as Michair is one of the leading Vietnamese companies that specialize in selling natural raw hair. As well as to many kinds of Asian human hair to nations all over the world. They have got tons of expertise in the hair industry and research over the years. Their business is aware of our client’s needs and expectations.

Throughout our ten years of operation, their firm has always done all possibilities to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. With important partners from various countries such as Germany, Israel, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil, and others. They established a brand name and a strong position in the worldwide market. Furthermore, their items’ pricing is quite reasonable and not high compared to other businesses. You can check here to know more about their business:

Apohair – From the small scale to the big one

Apohair - From the small scale to the big one

Apohair began in a modest hair factory in Vietnam’s northwestern provinces in the 1990s. Because the Southeast Asian nation’s economy was still opening up to the rest of the globe. This Vietnamese hair factory was fairly small at the time, they were serving mostly in the domestic market. Fast forward to 2005, when Apohair received its first international order. From that, they became one of the first companies in Vietnam to export hair extensions.

They gradually increase the trust of customers with their strong in-house expertise in production. As well as a solid partnership with hair extensions collectors. They supply wigs to various nations such as the UK, France, Holland, Germany. You can surf their website to learn some tips for taking hair carefully:

Jenhair – The Vietnamese hair suppliers makes girls shining

Importing hair extensions from Jenhair

Until 2017, Jenhair was formally created, becoming a start-up firm and purchasing more modern machinery. Also, technology lines from the world’s leading hair trade platforms, such as China and Taiwan. Jenhair Vietnam was also operated at the same time. Jenhair has a large number of international partners and direct customers. They are presently one of Vietnam’s most well-known hair-care companies. Their ambition is to become Vietnam’s largest hair enterprise in the near future. Since then, they have been in efforts to bring the best hair products to all kinds of clients with the promise to make people satisfied. You may check their Vietnamese hair products through:

In conclusion

Vietnamese Single Donor Hair factory
Vietnamese Single Donor Hair factory

Not all the Vietnam hair factories provide suitable and natural products to your business. You need to compare them carefully unless you do want to have some problems with your actual consumers. In case you need further information, please contact us. Cyhair is always there to listen to our valid clients.

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