Vietnamese Single Donor Hair and Bulk Straight Hair vary in several fundamental ways, mainly distinct in terms of cost, excellence, and popularity.

The Dissimilarities Between Vietnamese Single Donor Hair and Bulk Straight Hair

Although hair extensions are available in almost every color, length, and style, there are variations that go beyond what the eye can perceive. You have virgin hair extensions from a single donor on one end of the range. The most logical choice is this one. Bulky straight hair is on the other side. Avoid becoming perplexed by the many hair extension possibilities. Continue reading to learn the differences between bulk straight hair and Vietnamese single donor hair.

Bulk Straight Hair and Vietnamese Single Donor Hair Definition from Vietnamese Hair Vendors

We’d like to provide you some background knowledge on these two types of hair before we get into the fundamental distinctions between bulk straight and Vietnamese donor hair. More details about these goods are given in this section.

What Is Straight Bulk Hair?

Simply described, the phrase “straight hair” refers to naturally straight hair. Smooth, straight hair that hasn’t undergone chemical or heat treatment is fully natural. People in Asia, particularly Vietnam, which is one of the top producers of hair extension items, are typically born with straight black hair. The benefits of this hairstyle are that it is straight, natural, smooth, and of good quality.

In addition, there are colored straight hair bundles. Although they have previously been colored in factories, the original straight grain has been preserved. While having a more striking shine than the wavy choices, this hair type is significantly lighter in weight.

Vietnamese bulk hair
Vietnamese bulk hair


What Is Vietnamese Single Donor Hair?

Hair extensions from a single donor originate from that individual. It is 100% human hair that has never been treated with chemicals, bleach, or color. Because the hair comes from a single source, it is naturally constant and does not require any further maintenance. The cuticles are all present and orientated in the same way in virgin hair.

With virgin hair, you have so many alternatives. You may style the hair with heat tools or styling products in the same manner that you would style your own. You may change your hairstyle regularly without the extensions losing their quality. These extensions, however, are only available in natural colors because they are not dyed.

Single Donor Hair
Single Donor Hair



One Donor Hair is the hair that come from a single person 

The Distinctions Between Normal Straight Hair and Vietnamese Single Donor Hair

Despite the fact that many people have either of these two hair types, not everyone is aware of the differences between single donor hair and typical straight hair. So, in the paragraph that follows, we’ll explain how to differentiate between the two using the following variables: price, popularity, and number of donors.

Amount of Donors

Single donor hair extensions, as the name suggests, are made from only one individual. As long as the hair has not been altered in any manner, typical straight hair can also refer to many donors. We collected information from Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 30, particularly from hilly areas, for a typical week. This is the ideal age for women because keratin, the substance that keeps hair silky, is at its highest concentration at this time.

Vietnamese Single Donor Hair Price – 100% Vietnamese Hair

The cost of single donor hair is significantly more expensive than typical straight hair. Single-donor hair does, in fact, cost more than naturally straight hair. It makes sense because single-donor hair is the most expensive type of hair available right now.


Single Donor Hair
Single Donor Hair

The cost of single donor hair is significantly more expensive


Their difference is caused by market demand. The disparity between straight and single-donor hair shows that each hair type has specific benefits, making it difficult to evaluate the popularity of these two hair types.

They have a lovely appearance because of their natural hair. Both of them provide the softest, silkiest, and most luscious hair on the market.


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