Washing your naturally curly hair involves a few easy procedures, which you may do after reading this article.

Washing and styling naturally curly hair

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We should use a diffuser to quicken the drying of curly hair because it could take a very long time to do it organically. If you’re going to spend the entire day working on your laptop, you should wash your hair in the morning and let it air dry. It usually takes most of the day to dry, which is not very convenient. When growing out your hair, always use the least amount of heat possible; only blow dry it when absolutely necessary. To discover more about how to wash and style naturally curly hair, read the article below.

In the shower, what should you do with your naturally curly hair?

Start by applying a little gentle shampoo, often a sulfate-free shampoo, but occasionally a sulfate shampoo

If your hair is naturally curly, all you’ll need is a conditioner wash or a sulfate-free shampoo. After that, untangle your hair in the shower with a wide-tooth comb. Rinse it out and separate your hair while the water is still flowing in the shower. Then, make a side part, being careful not to make it too straight. In curly hair, a little zigzag portion looks more attractive.

After that, give your hair one last rinse, being sure to thoroughly wet it. Having curly hair style supplies next to the shower will enable you to apply them while you are still in the shower.

Applying a little gentle shampoo

Applying a little gentle shampoo

After taking a shower, but with very wet naturally curly hair

So as soon as you turn off the shower, get some curl cream, mix it in your hands, and run it through your hair. To assist the curls develop and cluster together, you must put curl cream directly into your hair and rub your fingers through it.

Then lightly scrunch your hair to let the curl cream truly penetrate your hair and to release some of the water. To allow the curls to hang freely, tilt your hair to the side. Then, scrunch your curls all the way up to the root and squeeze out any extra water.

Use an old t-shirt at this stage to give your curls a very little twist and compress them to get rid of the extra water. You still have a lot of moisture in your curls.

The gel should then be taken. With your hands open, blend the gel between your palms before applying it to your hair. Next, scrunch up the ends of your hair by adding extra gel to them. Then, using your t-shirt once again, compress your locks up to your head. Give them a little scrunching and twisting to get rid of as much water as you can.

Get some curl cream

Get some curl cream

Advanced styling tip

Use several flat pin clips at the roots of your hair to give volume. Your hair will hold up better at the roots thanks to this, preventing flat drying. Normally, you would let your hair air dry at this stage, but let’s quicken the process using a diffuser.

The blending of your curls

Then keep in mind to always bring your blow dryer with the diffuser connected. Your dryer is set to low speed and high heat. Your hair has to be heated up thoroughly, but you don’t want to blow it about since it would just make it frizzier. You should work carefully, one part at a time, letting your hair fall into the diffuser and bringing it up into your hair.

In order to prevent me from adding more frizz at the end, blow-dry your hair until it is around 80% dry.

Your hair has to be heated up thoroughly

Your hair has to be heated up thoroughly

Push the crunch out

You must wait until your hair is completely dry before scrunching out the gel as the last step. If you attempt to do it earlier, you will just produce more frizz. There are two methods to unleash the defined curls below and break the crispy cast that the gel may have left on your hair. Using an old t-shirt and doing the same scrunching action is the first method. This removes the gel’s physical cast off your hair, revealing your lovely curls.

Alternately, take out your diffuser one more, warm your hair just a little using the medium heat setting, and scrunch once more. The gel cast will be broken with a combination of heat and scrunching.

Using oil to define and smooth the ends

To define and cover any flyaways in your naturally curly hair, use a few drops of oil. You may shake your hair a little to give the roots a little more volume.

The trick is to insert your fingers directly into your hair’s roots, shake them about a bit, and then pull them back out in the same direction they went in. Your fingers should only be raised at the roots of your curls, and then you should bring your hand straight back out.

You may dampen curls that are sitting a touch oddly with water and then retwist them to create better-shaped curls.

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Although the procedure appears to have several phases, it doesn’t take very long and gives you gorgeous curls for days. Visit our website to learn more about other practical techniques.

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