Where can you find a wholesale Brazilian hair distributors?

Look on Instagram or Snapchat you can see a lot of wholesale Brazilian hair distributors. But the number of distributors is too much. And you don’t know exactly where to start looking for a wholesale Brazilian hair distributors? Since there are so many alternatives on the hair market, you won’t know which distributor to trust. CYHAIR has compiled a list of the best discount Brazilian hair wholesalers for you to have a perfect business plan.

What is Brazilian Hair?

What is Brazilian Hair?

Before starting a business, it is important that you feel comfortable with the hairstyle you are going to have.

Brazilian hair is one of the most suitable hair types for making hair products. They are of excellent quality and are sold at a low price. The Brazil hairs are both slightly coarse and extremely thick. These hairs are suitable for people with a full body.

Most wholesale Brazil hair distributors describe the increase in 3 grades:

# Grade A: Grade A hair types must come from people coming from Europe or Caucasian people. It has a fine surface and sleekness

# Grade B: Grade B hairs are usually slightly thicker than Grade A hairs and have wavy lines. Grade B hair is considered the ultimate protective hair because it offers incredible protection from the sun.

#Grade C: Grade C hair comes from benefactors from the Afro-Caribbean regions. A large part of these hairs is wavy and very coarse. Molado or Muttalo Hair, are terms for this type of Hair.


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The reasons you should choose a wholesale Brazilian hair distributor?

Origin of Brazilian hair

Among several hairstyles, the virgin Brazil hairstyle is the most popular. Not only is it the softest, but it also blends well with most hair types. However, did you know that the majority of Brazilian hair does not originate from Brazil? Usually, calling “Brazilian hair” is just a way for agents to gain the trust of customers and advertise the brand. So where does most Brazil hair come from? According to data, Brazil hair mainly comes from other Asian countries such as Vietnam, India and China.

Price of Brazilian hair

As mentioned, the supply of hair from Brazil hair wholesalers is quite limited. So, not only is it hard to get beautiful hair, but it can also be quite expensive. Prices typically range from $25 – $45 per bundle for the lowest quality grade. With the highest quality Brazil hair bundles priced at $200 per bundle depending on the supplier.

Characteristics of Brazilian hair

Brazil hair has a smooth and moderate softness that can be combined to form many different hairstyles. Moreover, it has good durability in different temperatures and conditions.

Characteristics of Brazilian hair

Characteristics of Brazil hair

Most Brazil hair can withstand heat treatment, bleaching, dyeing, and other treatments to create hairstyles. So how to solve the shortage of Brazil hairstyles? Hair from some Asian countries such as Vietnam, India, and China is currently the most popular. The demand for hair resources from these countries is huge. With similar quality and price of the type. They not only supply Brazil but also supply to some African and European countries. Each country has its way to create finished hair products from hair care.

Where can you find wholesale Brazilian hair distributors?

To learn how to select a wholesale Brazilian hair distributor, refer to the steps below

Online Media

The most important first step that one has to take is to do the proper wholesale Brazilian hair distributor research. You can search for ‘wholesale Brazilian hair distributor’ on Google or even through other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Honestly, online media has an extraordinary ability to connect you with your hair distributor. Choosing wholesale Brazil hair for sale on online media is also quite beneficial for your business.

Wholesale Brazilian hair distributor research

Ask your companions who have utilized a reputable wholesale Brazilian hair distributor

When you have your expected supplier list. You should dig deeper into finding out information about them and their products. Ask your companions who have used these wholesalers’ hair, or search for information. A small tip is that you can see how convenient each provider is by seeing if they respond quickly after 1 message.

Chat to learn about wholesale Brazilian hair distributors

After narrowing down your options, you need to visit or talk to your intended distributor if that’s conceivable. This is to see if they are willing to work with you or if they are proficient enough for you to trust.

Ask for the hair information and hair samples

When conversing with the intended supplier, ask for information about the origin of the hair. Especially the quality, check if the hair is human hair or not or a fake. Remember that you have to constantly ask for a hair test or video to get the option of simply assessing hair quality.

Here are a few ways you can find the right wholesale Brazilian hair distributors to start your business with. Good luck to you and hope you succeed in your career.

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