The wig cap will determine the natural look and movement of the wig, the realistic appearance of the hairline and the comfort enjoyed by the wig wearer. Lets walk through the different types of wig cap and the components of the wig cap construction.

Wig Caps and How Are Wig Caps Sized?

The Wig Cap is the underlying exoskeleton of the wig and defines the fit, function and look of the final product. There are many different components of the wig cap that designers can bring together based on their objective and price point of the style. Human Hair fiber or Synthetic fiber is attached to each of these wig cap components to create different styling options and features.

Wig Cap Types:

Lace Front

wig cap types lace front

What is a lace front? A piece of sheer lace mesh is located at the front of the wig Hairs are individually hand tied onto this very fine and delicate lace in order to create a more natural appearance. The lace will run across the front of the wig, from temple to temple, creating a lifelike hairline.

The human hair fibers are attached to the lace in a non-uniform manner to give the appearance of a natural hair growth and are are almost indistinguishable from a biological hair hairline. Wig wearers can now adopt hair styles where the hair is worn up or away from the face without fear of revealing an artificial or wiggy looking hairline.



What is a monofilament wig? Monofilament is soft mesh that is mounted into the wig cap that can be placed at the front (part) crown or top. Human Hair fiber is attached to the monofilament and additional layers of monofilament can be added to provide enhanced comfort for the wearer. Human hair is hand tied onto the monofilament strand by strand and knotted. The process is very labor intensive and adds additional cost to the item but the end result is great.

The individual strands now look like and move in the same way as biological hair. The hair can be parted in either direction and helps the wig look much more natural. The sheer mesh also lets your scalp show through for the most realistic look possible.

Double Monofilament

Double Monofilament

What is a Double Monofilament Cap Wig? Double monofilament wigs include an extra layer of soft mesh that cushions the layer underneath to which hair is knotted. The result is that it feels even silkier and softer against the skin. Double Monofilament Wigs look and appear very natural and are a great choice for clients that have sensitive scalps.

French Drawn Top

French Drawn Top

What is a French Drawn Top? A French Drawn top includes a third layer of monofilament that covers the entire inside of the wig cap for the ultimate in comfort.

Open Cap, Capless Wig Cap

Open Cap, Capless Wig Cap

Characterized by open wefting. What is a wefted wig cap? The overall surface of the wig cap is made up of a stretchy webbing onto which hair wefts are sown. A weft is a narrow strip onto which hair fiber is sown to create a length of hair fibers sometimes up to a few feet. These lengths can be sown by sowing machine onto the stretchy webbing of the wig cap.

The process is obviously faster and less expensive than hand tying each fiber to the cap. The result is a very lightweight, airy and easy to wear cap that is usually less expensive than monofilament and lace front alternatives. The open cap does not have any of the parting features and styling options are generally less plentiful. The Raquel Welch Memory Cap II (shown below) is a fine example of a quality machine made cap.

Wig Cap Sizes

There are 3 wig cap sizes. Almost 95% of all wigs sold are in average cap size although wig manufacturers have expanded their lines to include sizable selections of Small/Petite Sized as well as Large Sized. Wearers should be encouraged to measure their heads before ordering to ensure the perfect fit. The 3 measurements used in determining wig cap size are:

  1. Measurement around the circumference of the head from the front hairline, behind the ear, to the nape of the neck, to the other ear, and back to the front hairline.
  2. Ear to Ear. Measurement from the point in front of one ear where the hairline ends, over the crown of the head, to the same point in front of the other ear.
  3. Front to Back. Measurement from the natural hairline in the front, over the crown of the head, to the bend in the back of the head where the head meets the top of the neck.

Most wigs are designed with an adjustable Velcro strap at the back to tighten and loosen for fit. These straps generally provide ½ inch to 1 inch play and allow Average sized caps to be almost one size fits all.

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