30 Inch Hair Extensions Are a Fantastic Long Hair Option

You’ve grown tired of your short hairdo and would like to explore something longer? And then there is the matter of waiting for the hair to grow longer. How can I obtain long hair right away? Don’t worry about your short hair, a 30 inch hair extensions can assist! This hair extension type’s incredible length allows you to create whatever style you choose. Now, let’s go into the specifics of this type of hair extension.

What does it mean to have 30 inch hair extensions?

What does it mean to have 30 inch hair extensions?

A 30 inch long hair extension is the result of combining a hair extension with a length of 30 inches.

● To begin with, hair extensions may be thought of as unique “accessories” that are connected to your natural hair in order to increase length and volume. Hair extensions can be produced of a variety of materials, the most common of which being human hair. They can also be constructed of synthetic fibers or animal fur combined together. The most exquisite 30 inch hair extensions, on the other hand, are produced of virgin remy human hair and sold in the hair market by hair manufacturers, B2B retail hair vendors, and hair merchants.

● In terms of hair length, 30 inches is towards the top of the list of the longest hair extension lengths. In truth, not all hair extension providers can give these types of human hair extensions, simply because 30 inch human hair is hard to come by. And with this hair length, you may design whatever hairstyle you want!

30 inch hair extensions include the following features

30 inch hair extensions include the following features

What is the length of 30 inch hair?

This particular hair extension is 30 inches long. Hair extensions that are 30 inches long are also known as 75cm long hair extensions. Aside from the super-long length, another aspect of hair length to consider is how to properly measure it. If your hair is straight, all you have to do is measure the distance between the hair root and the hair tail using a ruler. You won’t be able to do so if the hair is curly rather than straight, and extending the hair before measuring is required.

What should the weight of my 30-inch hair extensions be?

A 30 long hair extension’s weight might also vary. The weights of the hair differ depending on the hair type. A hair wig that includes both hair bundles and closures/frontals, for illustration, will be bulkier than a hair weft alone. A clip-in hair extension, on the other hand, will be heavier than natural hair due to the increased weight of the clips. As a result, we have no way of knowing how heavy the hair must be. Hair weft is the most prevalent type of hair extension, and each bundle weighs about 100 grams.

Is it pricey to get 30 inch hair extensions?

Absolutely, 30 inch long hair extensions are highly expensive when compared to hair extensions of other lower lengths such as 20 inch or shorter. However, we cannot only look at the price to determine if this type of hair extension is expensive or inexpensive. In reality, the quality of the hair is extremely important. If a hair extension is of good quality, spending a reasonable amount for it is deemed acceptable. If the hair isn’t worth the price, no matter how little you spend for it, it’s still pricey!

In terms of bodily height, how long is 30 inches?

A further element that affects hair length is the height of the person. In terms of body height, how long is a 30 inch hair extension? The hair is about your hip, which is twice as long as the 14 inch one. Wavy or curly hair extensions can be cut shorter, perhaps to your waist. Take a look at the image below to get a better idea of hair length. Please keep in mind that the hair in your body height might vary depending on your height and body type.

How should 30 inch hair extensions be cared for at home?

How should 30 inch hair extensions be cared for at home?

Taking care of long hair, such as 30 inch human hair extensions, may be difficult. Long hair is prone to becoming tangled, shedding, and drying. As a result, you must pay close attention, as if you were caring for your genuine long hair. You may use these instructions to maintain your hair looking fresh and silky.

● You should comb your hair softly. Don’t try to brush the hair strand straight for a single time. Because the 30 inch hair extensions are so long, you’ll want to brush each strand from the root up.

● You don’t have to wash your hair very often. Hair that is washed on a frequent basis will rapidly become worn out. Furthermore, if the hair extension is treated with curls or colors, washing might cause them to disappear.

● You must maintain a cool atmosphere for the hair. While you expose the 30 inch hair extension to the sunlight, especially when going out, it will get extremely dry and unmanageable. Blow drying the hair with excessive heat is another factor that causes the hair to lose its silkiness.

How can I put 30 inch hair extensions in my hair at home?

If you wish to put the hair extensions yourself at home, your options for hair extensions may be limited. The reason for this is because several hair extension kinds, such as tip-in, microring, sew-in, and others, necessitate intricate and time-consuming application techniques that are best performed by experienced stylists. Clip-in and tape-in hair extensions are the only basic hair extensions that may be installed at home. Hair extensions are simply attached using hair clips or hair tapes, as the names suggest. The effects are stunning, despite how easy they are.

Where can I get personal use 30 inch hair extensions?

Preferably get a 30 inch long hair extension from a reputable hair source if you wish to wear it. You should never acquire 30 inch synthetic hair just because you can’t locate a merchant who sells this type of human hair extension in your area. It is preferable to broaden your search and contact human hair extension vendors. 30 inch hair extensions are pricey, so make sure you get a nice one.
If you want to buy human hair extensions to build wigs, you should acquire them from reputable wholesale human hair extension vendors.

Where can I purchase 30 inch hair extensions in larger quantities?

Where can I purchase 30 inch hair extensions in larger quantities?

You should acquire hair from wholesale hair merchants if you want to sell it in bulk. The following are some reputable hair extension providers to consider.

Cyhair is Vietnam’s largest hair manufacturer

Vietnamese providers are always suggested first when it comes to such a lengthy hair extension as the 30 inch hair extension. Vietnamese human hair is known for being extremely long, healthy, and silky. Then there are the hair extensions created from it, which are all of excellent quality. Cyhair, Vietnam’s number one hair factory, is a dependable distributor for this type of hair. Its reputation has been created over over 15 years, and the hair quality is consistently excellent. Furthermore, because the hair is gathered directly by Cyhair employees, the pricing range is likewise the most affordable.

Why should I buy 30 inch hair extensions from companies in Vietnam?

After all, Vietnamese 30 inch human hair extensions are the best option for anyone running or planning to start a hair salon. Importing Vietnamese hair extensions from hair sellers will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for the following reasons:

● Your profit will be maximized if you charge a reasonable amount.

● High-quality hair material from Vietnam makes meeting the high demand of clients a piece of cake for your company.

● The Vietnamese hair market, with a readily available and consistent supply of material, may be able to ensure the quantity of material required for your contribution.

● Vietnamese 30 inch hair extensions give your company a variety of hairdo extensions to help it stand out in this prospective market.

● Foreign commerce procedures are simple, thanks to stable politics and local government cooperation.


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