Discover CYhair’s Must-Have Human Hair Wig Styles in April 2024

The world of hair is changing, and human hair wigs are at the forefront of this transformation. No longer relegated to special occasions or a niche market, these wigs are becoming a popular choice for women around the globe. Why? Because they offer a quick and convenient solution to achieving the perfect look, anytime, anywhere.

Forget the days when wigs were seen as purely for costumes or disguises. Today’s human hair wig styles are designed for everyday wear. With a vast array of styles available, there’s a wig to suit every woman’s needs and desires.

Curious about the hottest human hair wig trends? Look no further than Cyhair! We’ve analysed our clients’ preferences this past April to curate the most sought-after styles, ensuring you can confidently express your unique fashion sense

Bone Straight Human Hair Wig Styles 

Bone straight hair is a hairstyle that never stops being hot, whether you choose long bone straight hair or short bone straight hair it gives you a perfect beauty.

Long bone straight human hair wigs 

Long bone straight hair has long been a popular choice for women, and for good reason. It transcends fleeting trends and remains a timeless style that empowers women to create their perfect look. This enduring appeal is rooted in its versatility and ability to complement a wide range of colors. 

Human Hair Wig Styles
Long bone straight human hair wigs

The sleek, polished look of bone straight hair creates a sense of sophistication and elegance. It flatters a variety of face shapes and draws attention to facial features.

But the beauty of this style goes beyond its initial simplicity. Bone straight hair is the perfect base for many color choices. From bold, vibrant hues to subtle highlights or lowlights, the smooth texture allows the color to shine truly. This versatility makes it a favorite among women who enjoy experimenting with their looks without compromising on the sleekness of straight hair.

Human Hair Wig Styles
Natural Straight Human Hair Wig Styles

Bob human hair wigs 

When translated into human hair wigs, the bob takes on a whole new life, offering a perfectly short design that exudes both luxury and a touch of personal flair.

The beauty of the bob wig lies in its ability to strike a perfect balance. Its short length provides a sense of sophistication and easy manageability, ideal for the busy woman on the go. With a variety of styles to choose from, such as sleek and straight, playful with waves, or a touch of retro with a blunt cut, you can find a bob wig that perfectly complements your face shape and individual style.

Human Hair Wig Styles (3)
Bob Human Hair Wigs

View more: Human hair wigs of CYhair collection video here

Curly and Wavy Human Hair Wig Styles

While sleek, straight hair remains a popular choice, a new wave  is taking the world of human hair wigs by storm: curls and waves.  This trend reflects a growing desire for texture, volume, and effortless style. 

The allure of curly and wavy wigs is undeniable.  They offer a break from the traditional straight style, adding personality and dimension to your look. Curls and waves can be playful and flirty, or sophisticated and glamorous, depending on the specific style you choose.  They also add instant volume to your hair. 

Human Hair Wig Styles
Curly and Wavy Human Hair Wig Styles

CYhair supplier of the most beautiful human hair wig styles

At Cyhair, we’re a Vietnamese supplier of high quality human hair wigs. We believe that quality shouldn’t come at a premium, which is why we strive to offer beautiful, high-quality wigs at competitive prices. 

Human Hair Wig Styles
We’re a Vietnamese supplier of high quality human hair wigs

Understanding that versatility is key, we don’t just offer stunning human hair wigs. We also provide a diverse selection of human hair packets, catering to those who prefer to create their own custom looks. This commitment to choice ensures a truly unique shopping experience for every customer.

Human Hair Wig Styles
We also provide a diverse selection of human hair packets


Whether you’re searching for the perfect, ready-to-wear wig or the freedom to design your own style, CYhair has you covered. Contact us now to own the latest collection of human hair wig styles. 

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