You might think about purchasing Chinese or Vietnamese hair depending on your demands. Because the tips on these two types of hair are really distinct.

Chinese Hair vs Vietnamese Hair: The Most Comprehensive Comparison

We’ll evaluate and provide the finest findings. To ensure that you select the best hair type for you. Find out the differences between Chinese and Vietnamese hair as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Overview of the Chinese Hair vs Vietnamese Hair hair markets

A potential market for international trade is the hair industry. Particularly in China and Vietnam, this industry is thriving. Vietnamese and Chinese hair merchants have consistently overtaken Indian and Cambodian hair dealers as the largest hair importers. When compared to other foreign suppliers, Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair are more prominent due to particular qualities.

  • Vietnamese hair: Is renowned for its strength and high quality.
  • Chinese Hair: Known for its wide range of styles and ready supply of hair

Why is Chinese hair less expensive than Vietnamese hair

Overview of the Vietnamese and Chinese hair markets

The noticeable distinction between Chinese Hair vs Vietnamese Hair

You can tell which is the Vietnamese hair bundle and which is the China hair bundle with only a fast glance. You can see by taking a look at the tie roll in the hair bundles. The manner in which the hair bundles are rolled varies across Chinese and Vietnamese hair factories. This is a clear indication that the bundles are Chinese or Vietnamese.

  • Each hair bundle is rolled into a spherical form in a Chinese hair factory.
  • A Vietnamese hair factory rolls each bundle of hair into an oval form.

The noticeable distinction between Vietnamese and Chinese hair

The noticeable distinction between Vietnamese and Chinese hair

Prices and durability ranges

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is well known for having high-quality hair available at affordable prices. Additionally, the hair is made to be durable over a long period of use thanks to the healthy sources of hair donors. If clients know how to properly care for them, it may last between two and ten years. It is believed that the pricing, which starts at just $8.9 per bundle, is fair.

Chinese hair

A well-known Chinese hair factory is noted for its low prices and large-scale production. Because of the development in the growing usage of technology and the accessibility of inexpensive labor. As a result, it may be said that hair is quite inexpensive on the Chinese market. But many wholesale hair vendors disagree. When originally purchased, China hair is pretty lovely, however it quickly tangles and sheds.

Which should I purchase, Vietnamese or Chinese hair?

Both Chinese hair and Vietnamese hair have benefits and drawbacks. Your patience level will depend on the use for which you want to use the product. Or your budget, from which we will select the best option.

If you lack the patience to wait for a Vietnamese hair manufacturer, choose to purchase Chinese hair. Vietnamese hair should be used if you choose quality above cost. Choose a Chinese manufacturer if you want to establish a company and enjoy a choice of hairstyles. Vietnamese hair is a wonderful option if you desire high quality and a long lifespan.

Vietnamese hair vs Chinese Hair

Which should I purchase, Vietnamese or Chinese hair?

Where can I find high-quality Vietnamese hair?

Having knowledge of each type of hair and having worked in the hair industry for many years. The top providers in Vietnam include Cyhair. With regard to quality, cost, and customer service. Cyhair’s goods consistently outperform those of rival producers. The greatest quality hair extensions in Vietnam are what Cyhair guarantees it can provide you.


Vietnamese and Chinese hair are excellent options for fashionable girls. But both forms of hair differ greatly in a number of ways. Each type of hair may be worn in a variety of styles depending on the demands of the client. So that you may choose a kind based on your preferences.

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