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You’re going to launch a hair extension company of your own? First and foremost, congrats for picking one of the most promising markets to invest in! You want to be a successful wholesale hair merchant, but you’re not sure where to start? And this would be the thing for you. All of your questions regarding the wholesale hair vendor list will be answered, including the uncertainty in fundamental information, the market, goods, consumers, and distributors research, and how to put a solid strategy together!

The very first step in launching a business is to conduct market research. How well-versed in the hair industry are you? Do you know who is responsible for the majority of hair distribution at the moment? Are you aware of the source of the hair? Do you have a thorough understanding of the many varieties of hair available from wholesale hair suppliers? … If you don’t, how will you be able to compete in such a crowded industry as one of the lucid wholesale hair suppliers resellers? But don’t worry, it’s better late than never. Keep reading to learn more about the hair industry as a whole before launching your own.

What is a hair vendor list?

What is a hair vendor list?

As more people have entered the hair extension sector in recent years, the new practice of providing a list of hair sellers has gained popularity.

This sector is Huge, with an estimated $10 billion in yearly hair sales, and everyone is wanting to acquire a piece of it.

A good hair vendor list will contain a variety of hair suppliers who can sell you wholesale hair extensions for your business. The amount of hair providers on most listings now for sale on the market may vary. To offer the same items, how many hair providers do you need? That’s an excellent question!

Hair extension wholesale is currently a very successful business. A profession as a wholesale hair vendor list is becoming increasingly popular. One of the most common worries is the origin of hair extensions. It takes a long time to find a trustworthy provider. Knowing this, we’ve put together a summary of three major hair markets: Asian, European, and American, which are home to the largest wholesale hair vendor manufacturers.

All of the details of their hair’s origins, as well as its strengths and weaknesses, will be revealed.

Suppliers of Asian wholesale hair

Manufacturers of Chinese wholesale hair

Manufacturers of Chinese wholesale hair

So, where do they acquire the components for the hair extensions industry if China has such a large amount of hair vendors? Many people believe that China’s large population provides an endless supply of hair extensions, but this is not the case.

Only impoverished mountain women will agree to sell their hair for money. The remainder of the hair is sourced from all around the world! To fulfill the demand of its massive market, Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories frequently have to import low-cost hair from their neighbors.

Worse, according to the BBC’s research, Chinese firms can even blend human and animal hair for a higher profit! You may encounter “Brazilian” hair labeled on the market, but it is actually Chinese hair!

Chinese wholesale hair vendors manufacturers have a super strength in pricing due to the use of unqualified hair sources and the capacity to run industrial-scale hair factories. Their factories are frequently specialized, allowing them to save a significant amount of money on production. So, if you’re starting off with a limited budget, Chinese hair appears to be a viable alternative. However, keep in mind that price and quality go hand in hand, so think about it before selecting to go with Chinese hair.

Manufacturers of Indian wholesale hair

Manufacturers of Indian wholesale hair

Where do Indian wholesale hair dealers gather their hair for their factories? Indian hair is typically taken from villages and temples in rural regions, according to our research. In these areas, it is customary for Hindu women to visit temples and shave their heads to demonstrate their faith and devotion for Gods. Then, for a modest fee, all of the temple hair will be obtained to produce hair extensions.

Despite the fact that it is human hair, it is frequently jumbled up and transformed into remy or non-remy hair of poor quality. “Comb waste” is another source. I’m curious how many of you are aware of it. Hair is gathered from salon floors as well as “hair dumps,” both of which might be considered trash. These are unquestionably unqualified sources.

Furthermore, because the qualities of natural Indian human hair are rather dry and not smooth, their natural hair is typically not as appealing as the final hair extensions that they refer to as “virgin hair extensions.”

What about the output of Indian wholesale hair merchants’ factories? The fact that India’s hair business is still so basic and unspecialized cannot be refuted. The majority of the workers in this industry are impoverished individuals from underdeveloped communities.

As a result, salary costs are extremely low. Production expenses are also low due to the absence of sophisticated equipment. All of these factors combine to make Indian hair extensions one of the most affordable hair extensions available.

As a result, using Indian wholesale hair vendor manufacturers as your suppliers is another cost-effective option. However, because price and quality are linked, make sure that the quality of Indian hair extensions matches your expectations before opting to import in large numbers!

Cambodian manufacturers that sell wholesale hair

Cambodian manufacturers that sell wholesale hair

If you haven’t been in the hair industry long enough, Cambodian hair extensions may be unfamiliar to you. The argument is that there isn’t a lot of study done in Cambodia on this industry. Cambodian wholesale hair sellers’ factories are underdeveloped, with small-scale operations and primitive techniques.

Cambodian wholesale hair sellers and manufacturers gather hair from women in rural regions as a supply of hair. Donors are mostly from Western Cambodia, and their hair is of excellent quality. It is reported to be tangle-free and silky. “Many of the women evicted from Phnom Penh’s Borei Keila slum resorted to hair selling, sometimes for as little as $8, after losing their homes and employment in one of Cambodia’s recent severe land conflicts,” according to study.

The primary objective was to purchase grains for my family.” As a result of their low living standards, it is difficult for them to properly care for their hair in order to provide the greatest quality. It raises the question of whether excellent quality is the truth or merely something people exaggerate for marketing purposes. No reseller can vouch for this unless they buy directly from Cambodia and conduct their own investigation.

However, don’t be too negative; if you put in enough work in your investigation, you’ll find some reputable vendors.

Similar to Indian wholesale hair vendors, Cambodian wholesale hair vendors factories are often small and basic, with cheap labor expenses. As a result, Cambodian hair extensions are not prohibitively costly, but they are not inexpensive.

Vietnamese manufacturers that sell wholesale hair

Vietnamese manufacturers that sell wholesale hair

Vietnam is another well-known provider of hair extensions. Despite the fact that Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors manufacturers are new to the hair industry, they have made significant progress. Wholesale hair wholesalers from Vietnam have been the preferred option of resellers all over the world, particularly in Africa.

Giving priority to two of the most crucial factors: quality and pricing, their reputation is growing by the day.

So, where do the manufacturers of Vietnamese wholesale hair merchants acquire their hair from? Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor list, like many others, go to remote and hilly locations to acquire women’s hair.

They exclusively buy hair from women between the ages of 18 and 25, who are still youthful and in good health, and who also pay greater attention to hair maintenance. As a result, the hair supply is guaranteed to be fresh and of excellent quality. It’s usually silky smooth, not knotted, shedding, or split.

In terms of manufacturing, Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors facilities are still operating on a small scale. This does not, however, preclude them from assuring the high quality of their hair extensions. Typically, the laborers are carefully selected and highly skilled. Furthermore, each step is carefully monitored to ensure that the hair’s cuticles and direction remain intact.

Vietnamese hair extensions aren’t as inexpensive as Chinese or Indian hair extensions, but they’re certainly not as pricey. It is acceptable to say that the price is affordable for such a high level of quality! This is the critical need that virtually all of the manufacturers listed above are unable to satisfy! You might be able to get confirmation for yourself.


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