Use a Loop Hair Extensions Brush, broadening comb, paddle brush, or any other gentle brush to get through all your clip-in bangs.

How to wear and style clip-in bangs extensions?

For people who have problems settling on one haircut, clip-in bangs are a fantastic alternative. If you enjoy the style but worry that wearing bangs might make you appear like you belong in a cringe-worthy middle school yearbook photo, you may consider clip-in bangs. For a night out on the town, clip-in bangs are a simple way to get a red carpet style. Whatever your motivation, clip-in bangs may transform you into a stunning 1970s vixen if you pick the right ones, apply them properly, and arrange them in a way that conveys, “I wake up every morning like this.”

Clip-In bangs—what are they?

Clip-In bangs—what are they?

If you’ve ever had your bangs chopped and then immediately wished you could reverse it? You can now hit CTRL-Z in real life with Luxy Hair clip-in bangs. Without really having to cut your own hair shorter, clip-in bangs are a noncommittal method to achieve bangs. Do these claims seem to be factually incorrect? We’re serious, we assure you. With clip-in bangs, you may make complete blunt bangs, curtain bangs, or edgy/choppy bangs. It takes just a few seconds to clip your bangs in and blend them once they are trimmed and groomed to your preferred appearance.

Selecting clip-in bangs

Selecting clip-in bangs

For a face that is narrow, pick blunt bangs. 

Straight-across bangs could remind you of terrible childhood haircuts, but clip-in bangs don’t have that problem! Blunt bangs may be worn by just about anyone, although they look best on features that are already small. To elongate your face, go for blunt bangs that end just above your eyebrows.


  • You might grab the opportunity and trim your bangs to the appropriate length if you can’t locate blunt bangs that end on or just above your eyebrows. If you screw them up, at least you won’t have to go through the uncomfortable growing out procedure!

For a larger face shape, wear stacked bangs. 

For someone with a broader face, long, layered, or textured bangs are a good option. Choose bangs with layers and sides that fall to highlight your prominent cheekbones. This particular style of bangs will draw attention to your wonderful features and give them a narrower appearance. Think of it as contouring without the hassle of applying makeup.

Bangs should match the color of your hair. 

Creating the right hue for your bangs is crucial to giving the (extremely convincing) appearance that they have grown on you overnight. Bangs typically come in eleven different colors. Yes, it might not sound like much, but unless you have a unique or abnormal hair color, you should be able to locate a near match.

  • You may color your bangs to match your existing hair color if they are made of real hair. Purple hair would seem even more enchanted with purple bangs.
  • If you believe you will be adopting bangs frequently, another option is to color your hair the same shade as your bangs. Buy blonde bangs, for example, if you’ve always wanted to be blonde but aren’t convinced you could pull it off. Before jumping, hold them up to your face to see whether it’s a complete error.

For your hair’s texture, pick the appropriate bangs. 

Naturally, not everyone has the same hair structure, so you should think about what kind of bangs will go best with your hair type. As they wouldn’t interfere with your naturally bouncy curls, soft and wispy bangs are the ideal option for curly hair. For people with straight hair, arched or little bangs are fantastic options since they give you a simple-to-achieve appearance for hair that is sometimes difficult to handle.

Utilizing clip-in bangs

Utilizing clip-in bangs

You must get your new bangs styled and cut to fit your face type before wearing them. Furthermore, after this one-time trim, you may clip in and out your bangs at home to instantly change your appearance.

My bangs can I trim myself?

Ladies, what have you learnt from trimming your own bangs at 2 AM? No! A hair expert is considerably more likely to master the unique technique needed to cut great bangs than a novice. Please get your bangs clipped by a reputable professional hairdresser so that they precisely fit the form of your face. Make sure your clip-in bangs are washed and dried before having them cut, as this will make them softer and simpler to style.

Can clip-in bangs be washed and styled like my natural hair?

Such as the majority of our hair extensions, Luxy Hair Clip-In Bangs are created with only 100% Remy human hair. As a result, you can take care of your clip in bangs the same way you would your own natural hair by washing, blow-drying, and styling with heat tools. Nevertheless, unless they become wet, you won’t need to routinely restyle them once you’ve styled them once.

Care for high-quality hair must also be high-quality. To maintain the finest possible appearance of your bangs, we advise using sulfate- and alcohol-free treatments designed specifically for dry, damaged hair. Additionally, we advise using a heat protectant spray before style and using a low heat setting of 120C/250F on your heat tools. Any more carries the danger of causing hair damage.

Disclosure of Clip-in bangs

The discrete, fully biologically Luxy Hair Clip-In Bangs are made of 100 percent Remy human hair and are hand-sewn and linked to a breathable lace mesh that simulates your scalp. Longer portions on either side give them more adaptability and help them blend in with your natural hair more effectively at your hairline (depending on your desired look). To make these lengthier face-framing pieces mix in with your natural hair, be sure to have your hairdresser clip them.

What hairstyle should I wear Clip-in bangs with?

The Luxy Hair Clip-in Bangs are made to fit in with the majority of hair types and hairstyles in the most natural-looking way possible. To guarantee a flawless merge, a little segment of hair must be combed over the top ‘V’ of the bangs due to their design. Clip in bangs are compatible with practically all hairstyles as a result! However, if you have a high ponytail or bun, be sure to tuck the little “V” underneath.

Putting clip-in bangs on

The middle of your hair is parted. 

Use a comb to create a center part in your hair. Bangs will completely change the appearance, so don’t worry if you often detest that sort of portion. This is the ideal method to wear clip-in bangs, but there is a reason for the middle section. The bangs may sit flat on your head thanks to the center part, which also keeps your hair out of the way (a simple solution for pesky hair in the face!).

Use dry shampoo. 

While not strictly required, this step really helps. Apply a dry shampoo or holding spray to your hair. When the time comes to connect the bangs to your hair, this will assist to make them more secure. After that, spritz some dry shampoo right onto your bangs. The dry shampoo dulls the new clip-in bangs but only enough to make them look natural because they can occasionally look overly shiny.

  • Really shouldn’t worry if you don’t really have dry shampoo; just get some. Without its assistance, you’ll still look fantastic.
  • To avoid having to pinch your nose when spraying, use a dry shampoo with a pleasant scent.

Put the bangs close to the top of your head. 

Even if you choose the proper bangs, placing them too near to your hairline or too far back on your head might destroy the appearance. As you experiment to find what is “just perfect” for you, you can have a Goldilocks-like feeling. The best location to position the bangs is around one inch (2.5 cm) back from your hairline.

  • It’s advised to move back an inch, but in reality, you should just use your judgment to choose which features make you want to take a selfie to show them off right away.

Attach the bang clips. 

Before you secure your bangs, make absolutely sure they make you feel ferocious and bold. First, affix the fastener to your hair in the center of the bangs. After that, fasten the clips on your head, one on each side. To ensure that they won’t be falling off any time soon, perform a little dance.

  • To prevent the clips from showing and revealing your fashionable secret to the public, cover them with your hair.

In Conclusion

To achieve the full impact of a bang, have your hair cut short if it is considerably longer than the clip-in bangs. Finding clip-in bangs is quite simple. Numerous beauty supply businesses, like Cyhair Factory, carry clip-in bangs.

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