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Are you in the market for hair extensions that are the best anywhere offered at competitive prices, with no minimum order required? Look no further than CYhair, the #1 natural human hair factory in Vietnam. Using premium natural hair, we create the best quality hair extensions you can buy. Ranking as a “Super Supplier” on Alibaba, we offer the most extensive line of tape-in, tip-in and nano ring hair extensions in Vietnam.


Tape-in hair extensions

CYhair’s tape-in extensions use Vietnamese hair, creating a full-volumed, ultra-luxurious look. Using medical-quality adhesives, the pre-taped wefts, measuring 1.5 inches across, are easy to apply. With these packs of 20 wefts, you can easily create 10 bounds (also called hair sandwiches). Since these extensions are all natural and require no chemicals, they are a very popular option for creating a look that will not damage your own hair.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tip-in hair extensions

Our tip-in hair extensions are a less permanent option for those who would like to try out extensions before they opt for the more long-lasting versions. Good for at least several weeks, tip-in extensions made in our Vietnam hair factory feature adhesives which bind the hair to your own.

Tip-in hair extensions

Nano-ring hair extensions

Nano-ring extensions — which use fewer individual strands of hair than either tape-in or tip-in extensions — effortlessly blend into one’s natural mane. Ninety percent smaller than micro rings, nano rings are extremely discreet, with tiny wires and rings fitted into the tip of the hair weft. making for the most comfortable option for volumizing hair as well.

Nano-ring hair extensions

Differences between types of hair extensions – TAPE IN TIP IN AND NANO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS

Differences between types of hair extensions

  • Pros and cons of tape-in hair extensions

CYhair’s tape-in hair extensions, featuring natural virgin Vietnamese hair, are truly invisible when worn with most hairstyles. The difference is the truly undetectable tape that provides a much more natural appearance than stitched-tape extensions, which have visible stitch marks, and traditional tape extensions, in which a weft of hair is pressed together, forming an unnatural-looking mat. Tape-in hair extensions are not only semi-permanent, but the least expensive and safest type of extension to use as well. Made to last at least from six to twelve weeks, depending on how well you take care of your hair, tape-in extensions are a great option for those willing to take good care of their tresses.

Normal tape in hair extensions
Normal tape in hair extensions

Tape-in extensions also add a great deal of volume quickly, while the tape is normally hidden from view when the hair is worn down. In addition, these extensions contain such a large volume of hair that the application procedure is much faster, which is important for clients who are pressed for time. However, some areas of the head, especially atop the ears, are not especially appropriate for tape-ins, applying hair extensions strand by strand is usually the preferred method here. For those with fine hair or who have experienced problems with hair breakage, tape-in extensions are also the best option.

Another advantage of tape-in extensions is that they are the most comfortable to wear while sleeping, since they lay flat against the scalp.

  • Pros and cons of tip-ins and nano extensions

CYhair’s tip-in hair extensions are the way to go for those who want to experiment with different colors, or who just aren’t quite ready to decide on more permanent, tape-in extensions, although they can last up to nine months, if care is taken. Another advantage of this method is that your hair will move more naturally, since the weft is round, unlike flat, tape-in extensions; they are also best for those who like to wear their hair in updos, including high ponytails, because they are less visible than tape-ins. Tip-ins use microbeads to keep the strands in place; no glue, heat or chemicals are used with these extensions, which makes them popular with those who want to keep things natural. In addition, each section may be reused — which is impossible with tape-in extensions.


Another advantage of tip-ins is that they provide a more customizable look, allowing you to add just a few small highlights, making for a more natural appearance overall. It takes between one to two hours to apply tip extensions.

One caveat with tip-in extensions, however, is that they aren’t ideal for fine hair, since the beads will add weight, pulling on your own hair and even sometimes causing it to break or fall out. Another drawback is that they’re less comfortable to wear while sleeping, especially since they tend to be very tight against the scalp the first few days after application.

Nano ring extensions are the least visible of any type of hair extension, since they use such extremely small rings. Also employing tiny wires to secure the extension to the client’s natural hair, this method is optimal for those who want to be sure that their extensions are not easily seen while wearing updos.

Important tips for all hair extensions: Tape In Tip In and Nano ring Hair Extensions

Important tips for all hair extensions

How best to wash and style your hair differs between the types of extensions as well. For those wearing tape-ins, it is extremely important to avoid all hair products using oils and other moisturizers above the location of the extension, since these will break down the glue holding them together

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CYhair’s Products: Tape In Tip In and Nano ring Hair Extensions

In addition, just as with all shampoos, it is important to apply shampoo to only the roots of your hair, avoiding where the extensions have been joined to it And likewise, never add conditioner to your scalp – a rule that applies across the board, whether or not you have extensions. Conditioners only weigh down the hair – and destroy the glue used in tape-in extensions.

Twice daily brushing, in the morning and before bed, is vital for all those with hair extensions, since they are very prone to tangling. Use a soft brush with nubby bristles and start from the bottom, brushing gently. In addition, detangling products are a must for all extension types, even after daily conditioning of the hair beneath the extensions. Just be sure to apply the detangling product below the extensions as well, and again use a wide wet brush and work from the bottom up.

Hair extensions are extremely popular hair types in Europe and America. If you are looking for hair extensions for your business or salon, then do not hesitate to contact us, we will bring you the best quality products on the market with attractive offers in this month. We always put quality and customer satisfaction first.

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