The Vietnamese hair wigs factory is well-known for providing high-quality wigs at wholesale prices to customers all over the world. 

The top Vietnamese hair wigs factory for importing hair items

The Vietnamese hair wigs factory is well-known for providing high-quality wigs at wholesale prices to customers all over the world. Cyhair will help you locate a reputable Vietnamese hair wig factory for your enterprise.

Summary of the Vietnamese hair wigs factory

Many wholesale hair suppliers throughout the world recently preferred and selected “Vietnamese hair wigs factory” as their hair supplier. Vietnamese hair salon products are intriguing for a variety of reasons. This is due to the fact that many wholesale hair providers from various continents, including Africa, Europe, and Asia, choose Vietnamese hair due to its very high quality.

Additionally, buying hair goods from a Vietnamese hair manufacturer might offer several benefits to wholesale hair suppliers from other nations. Additionally, the Vietnamese hair wig manufacturer has a wealth of expertise in the hair business.

Summary of the Vietnamese hair wigs factory

Summary of the Vietnamese hair wigs factory

The Vietnamese hair wig factory’s major distribution

  • Vietnamese hair is currently in great abundance, especially in Dien Bien, Lai Chau, and Son La. Especially from the Thai ethnic group, who have a propensity for growing out their hair to an exceptionally long length and bundling it into a big patch on the head.
  • When compared to other hair kinds on the worldwide market, the link between money spent and quantity of income is still the most affordable despite growing living standards and currency devaluation.

The world’s largest importers from the Vietnamese hair wig factory

Vietnam was the seventh-largest exporter of false hair in the world in 2020, according to the OEC, exporting hair worth $47 million. Fake hair was in fact the 357th most often delivered commodity from Vietnam that year.

The United States ($24.7 million), Russia ($5.26 million), South Korea ($4.52 million), Japan ($2.2 million), and Czechia ($1.54 million) are the top five countries where Vietnamese hair companies export fake hair.

The United States, Russia, and China were the Vietnamese hair factory’s three fastest-growing trading partners between 2019 and 2020.

Why you should use a Vietnamese factory to make wigs for your company

Every wholesale hair merchant benefits greatly from Vietnamese hair wig factories. The ideal option for wholesale hair dealers seeking the maximum level of economic efficiency is a Vietnamese hair factory.

Why you should use a Vietnamese factory

Why you should use a Vietnamese factory

Affordable cost

Wigs are relatively reasonably priced when purchased from a Vietnamese hair manufacturer. For wholesale hair suppliers that seek the best value, this is a crucial factor.

Vietnamese hair producers don’t need to import hair from other nations since Vietnam is a region with abundant natural resources. Furthermore, Vietnam has a very rich source of hair. Consequently, there is an unusually consistent supply for Vietnamese hair producers. Causing highly consistent hair supply prices to Vietnamese hair producers rather than changing prices. As a result, the price Vietnamese hair producers offer to wholesale hair merchants is fairly consistent.

Manufacturer offers high-quality hair

Wholesale hair merchants must pay attention to product quality if they want to keep their company. For this reason, wholesale hair retailers should select hair from Vietnamese hair producers.

All Vietnamese ladies with long hair need to do is provide their hair to the country’s hair manufacturers for sale. Additionally, 100% human hair that has not been treated, been gathered from healthy donors, and has been free of eggs and lice is used in the production of Vietnamese raw hair at Vietnamese hair manufacturers. In addition, Vietnamese women’s hair looks incredibly smooth, healthy, and strong naturally due to their healthy lifestyle, food, and hair washing by a herber.

Numerous professionals with years of industry expertise work in the Vietnamese hair industry’s factories. They will assist Vietnamese hair companies in selecting the finest source of hair and rigorously monitor the input and output quality of the hair to ensure that it fulfills the required standards.

Excellent product variety

Offering a broad range of products can greatly improve the number of customers that purchase your goods. To help wholesale hair merchants with that, Vietnamese hair factories bring a wide variety of unusual hair goods.

One positive aspect of Vietnamese hair factories is their diversity, which distributors should take note of. The hair that the Vietnamese hair factory collects is virgin hair made up entirely of human hair, acquired from healthy donors, and has never been treated. As a result, styling hair is simple, and you may even bleach or dye it a variety of colors.

Vietnamese hair factories have produced hair for the hair market for a long time. Vietnamese hair factories can thus supply the precise kinds and colors of hair that wholesale hair vendors want. It’s crucial that the hair has maintained its high quality.

Excellent product variety

Excellent product variety

Compare the production of hair wigs in Vietnam with that of other countries

Why is the Vietnamese hair wigs factory your best option among the numerous prospective Asian rivals? We’ll go into this point below.

  • Regarding sources: As previously said, 100% human hair, primarily from 18 to 25 years old, is the starting point of the Vietnamese hair factory. It is believed that Vietnam’s hair business began many years ago. Chinese businessmen initially traveled to Vietnam in 1992 to conduct negotiations on the production of synthetic hair. On the other hand, hair from Chinese or Indian manufacturers is a bit of a jumble. Then, neither safety nor hygiene are assured.
  • Regarding quality: Hair from the Vietnam hair factory is regarded as the greatest kind with high quality due to a balanced diet and natural hair care regimen. Chinese hair, on the other hand, seems thin and fragile as a result of the greasy food, chilly temperature, and human anatomy. Indian hair is similar, with a rough texture that protects them from the sun’s rays in a hot climate. Cambodian hair is medium soft, extremely light curly, coarse light assembly, medium yarn, and has a consistent tenacity.


That’s all you need to know about a top Vietnamese hair wigs factory. I hope readers will think about it and pick the greatest hair supply to help their business flourish.

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