The current hair market is very active with many types of hair from many different countries. This will make business owners or salon owners hesitant to choose between hair types for an effective business. Each hair type has different strengths and weaknesses, you can rely on them to make a wise choice.

Understanding that, in today’s article, CYhair will show the difference between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair – the two most popular Asian hair types on the market today. Hopefully after this article, we can help you find the right hair type.


What is Vietnamese Hair?

Vietnamese hair is a very popular choice amongst Asian women. It’s relatively finer and thinner than Indian hair. This type of hair is great for people that want to wear their hair in very long styles. It’s also a good choice for people that enjoy straight haired styles. Keep reading to learn about this hair type and why it’s so popular.

Vietnamese Hair Review
Vietnamese Hair Review
  • Hair length: Vietnamese hair length is from 8-30 inches to meet all customers’s needs. Depending on your preference and skill level, you can get as long or as short as you want.
  • Texture: Vietnamese hair naturally has a very silky, soft, smooth texture and tangle free. Vietnamese hair is known as natural black straight hair
  • Luster: Vietnamese hair has a natural shine to it that makes it even more beautiful than before. It’s often used to create beautiful hairdos and styles such as ponytails or buns.

Naturally, Vietnamese hair is of high quality because most hair is collected from Vietnamese women in the ideal age range from 18-30 years old in mountainous areas. During this age, the hair contains a lot of keratin and good nutrients, so the hair is always strong and smooth.

What Is Vietnamese Hair?

Cyhair Hair Review

Besides, with a healthy lifestyle, mountainous women often choose to eat healthy fruits, and they do not have the habit of using chemicals to dye or curl their hair. Thanks to these things, Vietnamese hair is never damaged and is always strong from root to tip.

What is Vietnamese Hair?

What is Indian Hair?

Indian hair is a very popular choice among Asians. It’s fine too, but usually, it’s a bit thicker than Vietnamese hair. This hairstyle is very suitable for those who want to keep their hair in a very short or extremely short style. Keep reading about this hairstyle and why it is so popular.

  • Indian Hair – Facts & History
  • Unlike Vietnamese hair, Indian hair is collected from many different sources such as temple hair, hair balls, … not guaranteeing uniform quality. So the hair quality is almost different.
Indian Hair
Indian Hair

Differences Between Vietnamese Hair And Indian Hair

Are you looking for a suitable hair type to start a hair business or open a hair salon? To make your business more effective, you should learn more about hair types with different origins. In particular, you should know the difference between them. If you are still wondering between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair, don’t worry, CYhair will compare the two types of hair to help you make the right decision.



Indian hair is often known to be coarse, thick, creating a feeling of fullness for customers when wearing it. In contrast, Vietnamese hair is famous for its smooth, soft shine, when wearing Vietnamese hair, it will give your hair natural and smooth movements.

Origin Vietnamese Hair and Indian Hair

The next difference is the origin of Indian hair and Vietnamese hair. Indian hair is collected from many different sources such as temples, hairballs, etc. This makes Indian hair heterogeneous in quality, so the price of Indian hair is very cheap in the market today.

Legit Hair Factory in Vietnam
Legit Hair Factory in Vietnam

How can I check legit hair manufacturers in Vietnam ?

Vietnamese hair is collected from 1 source from Vietnam, especially villages in the highlands of Vietnam. Vietnamese hair is always consistent in hair quality, making it more beautiful and shiny.

Touch Feeling

To know the difference between Vietnamese hair and Brazilian hair, you should touch and stroke it. If you use your hands to comb your hair and your fingers easily slide it down, it’s Vietnamese hair. As for Indian hair, it will be difficult for your fingers to run down when you run your hands through it because Indian hair is coarser than Vietnamese hair.


CYhair Vietnamese Hair Vendors
CYhair Vietnamese Hair Vendors

In terms of durability, Vietnamese hair is much more durable than Indian hair. Because it is collected from the hair of highland Vietnamese women, it must always be strong and synchronized. Therefore, with proper care, Vietnamese hair can last for more than 5 years. As for Indian hair, because it comes from many places, the quality is not uniform, leading to low hair strength, lasting only about 1 year.

Pricelist of Vietnamese Hair and Indian Hair

Indian hair has a big advantage that the price is quite fast. Just 6 dollars you can own Indian hair. Vietnamese hair is taller, but in return, the hair quality is excellent.


If you are intending to choose Vietnamese hair for your business or salon, then you should check out the tips for hair care below:

  • To maintain nutrients in your hair, you should avoid using shampoos and moisturizing oils containing chemicals, instead, choose hair products with natural extracts such as olives, aloe vera, grapefruit. ,…
  • Remember to brush your hair regularly, one day you should brush your hair in the morning and before bed, this will help your hair not get tangled.
  • Use pillowcases made of silk or satin to reduce friction with your hair, keeping it smooth.



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