Vietnamese hair is popular with customers all over the world because it combines the best quality with an affordable price.

Why is Vietnamese hair so expensive

One of the top 5 nations in the world for hair quality is Vietnam, which is proud of this distinction. Vietnam hair is popular with customers all over the world because it combines the best quality with an affordable price. So let’s discuss Vietnamese hair and what makes it a well-known celebrity in a field that is crowded with competitors.

Vietnamese hair is in high demand on the market – Why is Vietnamese hair so expensive

Tens of tons of hair from Vietnam are sold on the market each month, making it a very popular commodity in the wholesale hair market. Because Vietnam hair may bring in large earnings for resellers.

Vietnamese hair is in high demand on the market


Vietnamese hair is in high demand on the market

  • Many individuals adore Vietnam hair extensions, and African hair wearers in particular find them to be ideal. As a result, hair extension merchants in Africa import Vietnam hair extensions. They are worth three to six times as much when they are sold again.
  • Vietnam hair extensions consistently do well on the international market, especially in the European and American markets. However, manufacturers in Vietnam are more focused on exports than those in Africa. As a result, there are less Vietnam hair extensions available in the European and American markets than Indian or Chinese hair. But Vietnamese hair extensions are often out of stock. As a result, Vietnam hair costs more when it is marketed in broad marketplaces to high-end consumers. will be 8–15 times more expensive than the cost of hair bought from a Vietnamese hair manufacturer.
  • And since demand is growing daily, this tendency won’t reverse. Additionally, urbanization tends to lead to a modest decline in the availability of Vietnamese hair.

Vietnamese hair quality categorization

According to the pioneering Vietnamese manufacturers of hair extensions. Vietnam hair may be divided into three categories based on its various fullness, consistency, and applications.

Vietnamese hair’s quality – Why is Vietnamese hair so expensive

The thickness of the wholesale hair extension bundles from top to bottom determines the quality of Vietnam hair. As a result, there are three separate quality classes for Vietnam hair: single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn.

  • Single drawn: has 45–50% of the hair in the same length; the remaining hair is a mixture of shorter hair. It is simple to see that a single hair bundle is fuller at the top and gets thinner as it descends.
  • Double drawn: 60–70% of the strands are the same length, the remaining strands are mixed. Due to its high quality and affordable pricing, this is the most popular grade of Vietnamese hair among customers, especially those from Africa.
  • Super double drawn: Vietnamese hair bundles of the highest quality are those that have 80–90% of the hair in the same length. The hair that is the fullest also costs the most money. Due to its high pricing and emphasis on quality, this sort of Vietnamese hair is particularly appealing to European consumers.
Vietnamese Hair
Vietnamese Hair



Vietnam hair origins are consistent

Vietnamese Virgin hair: is hair that has not been subjected to any sort of chemical processing. Virgin hair in Vietnam is only taken from ONE individual. The excellent level of texture and color homogeneity makes these Vietnamese hair bundles of incomparable quality. The hair of this kind is of the highest caliber in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Remy hair: is taken from two to three donors who have unprocessed hair going in the same direction. This is the most popular type of hair in the world, and it is reasonably priced and of high quality.

Raw Vietnamese Hair
Raw Vietnamese Hair


Vietnamese hair’s technique of processing

Vietnamese hair comes in two varieties: raw hair (bulk hair), which is used for numerous reasons, and hair extensions.

Raw Vietnamese hair: one of the most fundamental forms of hair, often known as bulk hair.

  • The manufacturing procedure is fairly straightforward: after cutting, the Vietnam hair is nicely combed and separated into bundles according to length.
  • The hair will be combined with various lengths in varying quantities, depending on the grade. then were exported after being packaged into 100-gram bundles.
  • Salons in Europe, Africa, and America are the primary markets for this sort of Vietnamese hair. They purchase hair for hair extensions in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair is marketed to the European market both in its most natural black hue and as bleached hair.

Vietnam Hair Extension: Weft hair and tape/tip hair are the two most common varieties of this processed hair.

  • To add thickness and length to the client’s hair, weft hair is hair that has been weaved into a strip and then stitched into the hair. Given that the ladies in this region have extremely short hair, this is the most common form of Vietnam hair in Africa.
  • Hair that has been taped or adhered with adhesive to give it more thickness. The European market, where ladies have long, thin hair, is where this kind of Vietnam hair extension is mostly offered.
  • Additional varieties of Vietnam hair extensions include clip-in and micro link styles.


That is all there is to know regarding Vietnamese hair both in terms of origins and quality. There are several locations where you may get Vietnam hair. But the cost will likely be far more than if you purchased it directly from the factory.

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