6 Ways To Care for Your Hair Extensions


In the United States, studies have found that 68% of women are not happy with their hair. This is often due to the length, thickness, and even style. Luckily, hair extensions can be used to completely transform your natural hair.

However, many women don’t know how to care for their hair extensions. By learning more about hair extension care, your extensions will look natural and beautiful for much longer.

Do you want to learn more about caring for Vietnam human hair extensions? Keep reading for the top six tips for caring for your extensions and to find Vietnam hair factory extensions for sale.

1. Wash Your Hair Extensions Correctly

Wash Your hair Extensions Correctly

One of the most important parts of caring for your human hair extensions is learning how to wash them correctly.

Because these hair extensions are made from real hair, they can be treated very similarly to your natural hair. However, there are a few things that you should consider when washing your extensions.

First, make sure you invest in high-quality shampoos and conditioners when you wash your hair extensions. This way, your hair extension bonds will remain secure and will keep your extensions in great condition.

It is best to avoid hair products that include sulfates or alcohol, as this can strip the hair of its natural oils and can even result in matted extensions.

When washing your hair, make sure you focus your shampoo on the roots of your hair and extensions to avoid buildup. You should also use warm water when washing your hair and extensions, not hot.

2. Brush Them Carefully

Brush Hair Extensions Carefully

It is important that you brush your human hair extensions regularly to prevent tangled or matted hair. However, you must learn how to brush your extensions properly and carefully.

If you brush your hair too harshly, your extensions can come loose and you may start losing some of your natural hair.

To protect your hair, you must invest in a high-quality brush.

You should also brush your hair starting at the ends of your hair and working your way up. This way, you will not rip out any hair while brushing through knots and it will cause less strain on your hair extensions.

3. Remove Them While You Sleep

Remove Them While You Sleep

Whether you use tape in hair extensions or clip-on hair extensions, you must remove them before you go to sleep. Sleeping with hair extensions may cause them to get tangled and can even damage the clips in clip-in extensions.

It is especially important that you never sleep with wet extensions. If your hair extensions are not thoroughly dried, it can lead to serious tangles and matted roots in your extensions.

Your hair is also much weaker when it is wet, so sleeping with wet hair and extensions can pull at your scalp and stretch your hair.

If you must sleep in your hair extensions, there are a few ways that you can avoid tangling them. For example, you can tie them back into a loose ponytail with a soft scrunchie to keep your hair in one place while you sleep.

You can even put your hair in a loose french braid to protect your extensions and prevent unnecessary damage while you sleep.

4. Apply Deep Conditioning Treatments

Apply Deep Conditioning Treatments For Hair Extensions
Similar to your natural hair, it is important that you schedule regular deep conditioning treatments for your hair and extensions. Often, hair that doesn’t have enough natural oils will begin to look oily and greasy.

Unfortunately, hair extensions do not receive any of your hair’s natural oil. This is because they are only bonded to your root.

To keep your extensions looking hydrated, smooth, and shiny, you can do a deep conditioning treatment once a week. There are many different products that you can choose from, but you must be careful to not apply the conditioner to the root of your extensions.

This can cause your hair extension to slip and fall out.

Some of the most popular natural deep conditioning treatments include coconut oil, argan oil, and even aloe vera. You can also buy many different hair masks at the store for your weekly deep condition.

5. Minimize Heat Damage

Minimize Heat Damage

Because Vietnamese extensions are made with real human hair, you need to protect them from heat damage. If you overuse heat on your extensions, whether they are tape in or clip in, they can become brittle and prone to breakage.

This can even lead to split ends and will permanently damage your extensions, so you will have to buy new extensions.

However, there are still ways that you can protect your hair extensions from heat damage. First, you must always use a heat protectant when you use styling tools. There are many heat protectant sprays you can purchase that will provide a protective barrier to heat on your hair.

You can also consider trying heatless hairstyles. There are many ways that you can get curly or wavy hair without having to use a styling tool.

If you still want to use styling tools, you can lessen the heat damage on your extensions by turning down the temperature on your heated tools. This way, you can still get your desired hairstyle without burning or drying out your extensions.

6. Store Them Properly

Store Them Properly
Finally, you need to learn how to store your extensions properly to keep them in the best shape possible. Often, people will take out their extensions while they sleep and will toss them on their bathroom counter.

Leaving your extensions out like this can cause them to get tangled and dirty.

Instead, you can store your extensions in a dry box, like an empty shoebox. To keep the extensions from getting tangled together, you can wrap them around each other and secure them with a scrunchie to keep them together.

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Taking care of your hair extensions is necessary to keep them in good shape for longer. By following these tips, your Vietnam hair factory hair extensions will look beautiful and natural!

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