Human hair wigs that are properly washed assist your hair stay cleaner and appear better. To keep your wig clean and smooth, follow this step-by-step approach.

How To Wash A Human Hair Wig Correctly?

Washing your human hair wig is a necessity. Knowing how to wash will help your hair last longer, be cleaner, and smoother. Every time you wash your hair, the quality of the wig will be shortened. Using fewer styling products means you don’t need to wash your hair as often and helps prolong the life of your hair.

How to wash your human hair wig correctly?

  • Preparation is required for the following items:
  • Human wig care set – includes shampoo, conditioner and wig comb.
  • A pot
  • Water tap
  • Clean towel
  • Suction wig clip
  • Polystyrene styling head or wig holder

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Detangle hair

To begin, untangle the wig using your fingers, a regular comb, or a comb. Wire wig brushes should be avoided as they can cause damage to the wig.

Cleanse your wig with shampoo.

After the wig is no longer tangled, dissolve the wig shampoo solution in a bucket of warm water using your hands.

Then, place the wig in the bucket and massage the shampoo into it and the wig cap. Allow the wig to soak in water for a few minutes. Using the same techniques, you can soak and wash the wig in the sink.

Remove shampoo from your human hair wig.

To maintain the curls running in the same direction, gently rinse the shampoo out of your wig under the tap. Run your fingers through the hair strands to allow the solution to drain, ensuring that the water reaches all regions of the wig.

To avoid water interference, keep a towel under your wig after you’ve washed it. Then, to avoid getting your wig wet, place it on top of the towel half and carefully wipe it away with a towel.

Condition your human hair wig

Before beginning the conditioning process, make sure the bucket is filled with clean, warm water. After you’ve added all of the conditioner to the bowl, stir it with your hands until it’s totally dissolved. The wig is then placed in the bucket and the conditioner is rubbed into the wig’s tail. After that, soak the wig for a few minutes.

Condition your human hair wig

Condition your human hair wig

Rinse the conditioner off

Drop the wig under the tap, just like you did with the shampoo, and let the water wash away any remaining conditioner. The solution will be rinsed off by the water, so you won’t have to fiddle with the wig too much.

Dry your human hair wig

After washing, pat the wig dry with a towel until the hair is no longer wet and runny. Then, using a wig holder or a styrofoam head, gently brush your wig to eliminate all knots with a comb. Allow to air dry before style with the coolest setting on styling tools to obtain the desired appearance. To avoid damaging the wig, make sure it’s out of direct sunlight.

It’s considerably easier to dry your wig using a suction wig holder and polystyrene styling tip, or a wig holder. It keeps the wig in place and encourages the hair to return to its original style after it dries.

Dry your human hair wig

Dry your human hair wig

How often should your wig be washed?

The number of times you wash your wig in a given time period is determined by how frequently you wear it and the season. In hotter temperatures, you may need to wash more frequently, whereas in cooler weather, you may need to wash less. We recommend washing the wig after 7-10 wears in general.

The number of times you wash your wig

The number of times you wash your wig

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