The difference between Vietnamese hair vs other hair – Is Vietnamese hair the best?

Vietnam is proud to be among the top 5 countries which have the best quality hair. Let’s talk about Vietnamese hair and get an in-depth view of it.

Introduction of Vietnamese hair

Origin of Vietnamese hair – Vietnamese hair vs other hair

Vietnamese hair is 100% natural human hair taken directly from Vietnamese. They are at the age from 18 to 30 and live in the mountain areas of Vietnam. This is ideal for women when the amount of keratin in the hair is most abundant.

Therefore, after processing it is still very smooth. It is always produced in the highest quality by professional workers. Therefore it will always come out in the best quality. Vietnamese hair is taken from 1 to 3 donors at a time to ensure that the hair is not messy.

After styling, the hair must be strong and beautiful, the texture is uniform. Women who live in mountain locations do not have access to chemical or curling services. They take care of their hair with natural products so their hair is extremely strong and durable.

Origin of Vietnamese hair

Origin of Vietnamese hair

Feature of Vietnamese hair – why Vietnamese hair is the best

Vietnamese hair has outstanding features that those who pursue quality products and focus on high-end experiences at reasonable prices can not skip.

Length: It is extremely diverse in length. It can reach all standards in length from 8 to 32 inches.

Thickness: Using natural methods to take care of this hair helps nourish the hair and prevents shedding. Although thick, it is not stiff but thin and light. Because of that, it does not cause a heavy head when used.

Black: Its hair color is black which complements not just with Asian or African women but everyone in the world.

Dyeing and bleaching: Thanks to the strong hair base, it may be bleached and colored to any color tone.

Straight: The majority of Vietnamese people have straight hair. Therefore, this hair can be styled without going through a step of straightening.

Smooth and silky: It is long, straight, thick, black color, smooth and silky.

The durability: When compared to competitors such as China (2-3 years), the durability of this hair is superior: 8 to 20 years

Price: The price of Vietnamese hair is very competitive compared to competitors. Indian hair used to be known for its low cost. But in fact, Indian hair is quite expensive now due to it being difficult to obtain pure hair.


Vietnamese hair classification

Depending on the number of donors and hair quality, Vietnamese raw hair is divided into 2 main types: virgin and remy hair.

Virgin hair: This type of hair is cut from only one donor. The hair is guaranteed to be fresh and unprocessed. In other words, it is in good condition and is ideal for bleaching and restyling.

Remy hair: Vietnam remy hair is cut from 2 or more donors. The hair is also intact and never processed before

Vietnamese hair classification

Vietnamese hair classification

The way to take care of Vietnamese hair

This hair can last up to 5 years and even longer with appropriate care. They are actually quite simple and easy.

Vietnamese raw hair and hair extensions that are in stock and not used are easy to take care of. You only need to store them in cool places and best in hair extension boxes or bags.

For hair extensions that are in use: You need to know different hair care routines for different types of hair extensions. Hair sellers or hair salons will show you the hair care required in detail. Below are some cases maybe you need:

You must carefully brush curly wavy hair extensions from tail to root with a wide-toothed comb.

Colored hair extensions require frequent moisturizing and using suitable products. This way will keep the color effect.

Bone straight hair extensions must have gentle hair care and avoid more heat or chemical effects.

The way to take care of Vietnamese hair

The way to take care of Vietnamese hair

We hope this post will help you know more about Vietnamese hair. We believe that you know what makes it become a famous celebrity in the industry competing with others.

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