Ivory Coast Virgin Hair Extensions – What to do to Care for Your Hair Extensions?

We supply our consumers in Ivory Coast with high-quality human hair extensions. Cyhair Virgin Hair Extensions is a company that produces and exports a wide selection of high-quality hair extensions and wigs. Remy Indian Temple Bulk Hair, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Remy Clip in Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs, Lace Closures, Wavy Human Hair Extensions, & Lace Frontals. These human hair extensions and wigs are made from high-quality hair that is responsibly procured through temple auctions in which we take part.

An outline of Ivory Coast Virgin Hair Extensions

Ivory Coast Virgin Hair Extensions
Ivory Coast Virgin Hair Extensions

The current scenario of wholesale hair distributors in Ivory Coast – wholesale hair distributors from Africa – can only be described as “high demand, low supply.” This condition is exemplified by three major points:
● Hair in Ivory Coast is generally of two sorts, with a limited and untrained supply. The former is imported hair, while the latter is made in the United States. Hair from the area is thought to be dry and unsuitable for hair extensions. Because African women’s hair is short, shedding, and coarse, this is easy to comprehend.
● Even when Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ivory Coast were able to supply considerable amounts, hairstylists have been unable to completely use hair extensions. If the hair extensions are painted or bleached, there’s a considerable chance they won’t survive and will deteriorate due to low quality.
● Local hair is highly pricey due to its limited productivity, which is a big drawback for Ivory Coast Virgin Hair Extensions.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Hair Extensions from Ivory Coast Virgin Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions of Fantastic Quality:
● Many wholesale hair merchants in Ivory Coast offer a Scoring System that allows you to assess the condition of imported hair extensions, and clients may choose the best outcome for your business.
● Because they are resellers, they control all quality according to set requirements from the beginning.
There are a range of options:
● Wholesale Ivory Coast hair Traders have a large assortment of things and can give you with almost any type of hair extensions.
● To accommodate each patient’s budget, they separate their things into many levels.


● Hair wholesalers are unable to develop their own businesses since they rely on offshore manufacture. In rare situations, businesses might not have been delivering the product to you in stock.
● In Ivory Coast, almost all wholesale hair dealers do not have their own hair factory. As a result, all hair extensions are imported to Ivory Coast and ordered for locals, resulting in a much higher price owing to international shipping and delivery costs. Because hair extensions are imported from overseas wholesale hair dealers, they are considered resale providers in the Ivory Coast market.

What to do to Care for Your Hair Extensions

Bedtime over it is not really a great thing

Bedtime over it is not really a great thing

You should remove clip-in hair extensions before obtaining your beauty sleep, just like you should remove your makeup before going to bed. Leaving them in your hair might lead them to become tangled and harm your clips. Remove your clip-ins from the top to the bottom. This will prevent tangles from forming throughout the removal procedure.
Whether you have embroidered extensions, you must leave them in at night. Wear a sleeping hat or silk scarf to keep your hair from becoming tangled and frizzy while you sleep.

Permanent Human Hair Extensions: How to Clean Them

Permanent Human Hair Extensions

Handle it as though they were your natural tresses. You can brush your extensions in the shower with your natural hair if they are stitched, microlinked, or stapled in. However, be gentle so as not to loosen your extensions. They won’t last as long if you’re too harsh with them.
Use a shampoo that would be clean of sulfates. Shampoos include sulfates, which are cleansing detergents that cause them to froth. Sulfates are effective cleaning chemicals. They can, however, dry out your hair’s natural oils, which protect it. Your body produces new oils on a regular basis for your natural hair, but your extensions do not receive this supply, so you must be careful not to dry them out.
Make use of conditioners. A protective cuticle layer covers each strand of hair. The cuticle layer not only protects the hair strand, but it also reflects sunlight, giving your hair a lustrous sheen. The cuticle layer breaks down during the day, leaving your hair lifeless and lackluster. Conditioners restore the body and shine of your hair by releasing positively charged particles that cling to the negatively charged areas of your hair and mend the cuticle layers.

Keep them accurately

If you have clip-in hair extensions, it’s critical that you preserve them properly to avoid tangling. Try keeping them in a shoe box that isn’t full. Put your extensions in a ponytail while storing them so the clips don’t grab the rest of your extensions. Wrap each weft around the previous one before fastening it with a delicate hair tie.

In conclusion

Cyhair Factory focuses on offering high-quality wholesale hair extension products at a competitive price. It’s as simple as that! We hope that we’ve provided you with all of the information you need to make the best decision for you. Email us at leeanh@cyhair.vn to inform us anything about your hair extension difficulties.

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