Ivory Coast is a country located in West Africa. In this country, hair extensions play a very important role in women’s lives.

If you are intending to do hair business in the Ivory Coast market but don’t know where to start, today, CYhair will guide you on how to import hair from Vietnam to Ivory Coast and introduce you to the best hair styles popular in this country.


Ivory Coast Hair Market

In this country, women love to talk about hair care. But the majority of women here do not keep their natural curly hair but prefer to make their hair straight smooth or use wigs and hair extensions to beautify.

How To Import Hair From Vietnam
How To Import Hair From Vietnam

There is a story from this country that says “ There are some people who wear natural curly hair and do not wear wigs to work. They didn’t get to work just for that reason.

Therefore, wigs play a very important role for women in the Ivory coast country.

How To Import Hair From Vietnam

Why is Vietnamese Virgin Hair Always In The Spotlight?

Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Suitable For Ivory Coast Tastes

Firstly, the first color we want to introduce is black bone straight. Because people here like nature and simplicity, so natural color is the best choice.

Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair
Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

So, why is bone straight the best option?

  • It is never out-of-fashion, becoming a dream of girls and women. It lightly treated hair, put through a steam process.
  • All hair strands achieve a straight and shiny look. Bone straight hair can be straightened by tools.
  • It retains the straight texture strongly, therefore bone straight hair is not easy to curl into curly, wavy or pixie hair.
SDD Bone Straight Hair
SDD Bone Straight Hair

How To Buy Hair From Vietnam – How To Import Hair From Vietnam To Ivory Coast

Last but not least, some customer asks us for How to order hair from Cyhair Vietnamese Hair Vendors ? We’ll tell you about that now:

  • Firstly, You can visit on our website www.cyhair.vn or other social networks and go through all our products. Moreover, With a strong sales team, contact them at any time. We will support to your order fastly.
  • Secondly, select the hair you need to purchase, then we will send you our picture & video for your reference. In Particular, we can make a call, so we will show our showroom
  • Thirdly, once you send us your requirements about hair, we will make quotation for you.

How to buy hair from Vietnam ?

The Reasons Why You Choose Cyhair – Vietnam Real Hair Factory

In order to facilitate payments, we are currently using the following payment methods: Bank transfer ,Western Union , Visa , Crypto Currency, Paypal.

Buy Hair From Vietnam
Buy Hair From Vietnam

For the shipping process, we use express services like DHL, UPS, FEDEX,… to ship orders rapidly to your address. we will take 7-10 days to produce your order and it takes 5-7 days to deliver it.

shipping hair process

And that’s all CYhair wants to share with you, we hope this information will be useful for your business journey in the near future.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We are always ready to assist you 24/7.

Contact us:

+ Whatsapp: +84387751243

+ Email: leeanh@cyhair.vn

+ Factory address: Bac Ninh City, an hour’s drive from Hanoi Capital

+ Office: 59 Cong Hoa, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.


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