The four methods for maintaining Bone Straight Hair are as follows. Chemicals, hair straighteners, etc.


Maintain Bone Straight Hair: 4 Things You Must Know

You purchase large amounts of straight hair from distributors and resell it to customers. You, on the other hand, have no idea how to straighten your hair. Or how to care for straight hair, which causes hair loss and tangles. Cyhair will suggest useful ways to keep your hair straight in this article.

What are the characteristics of straightened hair?

We will provide some basic information so that we can easily assist customers. Before you begin, learn about hair straightening and how to care for bone straight hair.

Before learning how to maintain bone straight hair, there are a few things you should know.

Heat and chemicals are used to shape the bundles of hair in order to straighten it. After a while, you may need to wash your hair. This is the time to learn about straight hair shampooing.

Three variations of straightened hair exist:

Single Drawn: About 30 to 40 percent of the hair strands in this one are the same length. Shorter ones are thrown in with the leftovers. As a result, the top of a single drawn bundle appears to be very thick while the ends are noticeably thin.

Comparing prices for single drawn bundles to those for double drawn or super double drawn, single drawn is the least expensive. Customers on a tight budget, like students, are typically the target market for wigs made from single-drawn bundles.

Double Drawn: 60 to 70 percent of the hair strands on this type are typically the same length. In other words, the top and middle are full and thick, but the bottom is thinner. Additionally, it costs more than the one that is single-drawn. However, super double drawn is used to create a flawlessly straightened hair extension.

Super Double Drawn: The thickest hair is this. The percentage of uniformly sized hair strands is between 80 and 90 percent. when you’re wearing a bone straight super double drawn. Its density gives you the impression that you have natural hair.

The most opulent hair for straight hair is this. This costs more than the other two options combined. Typically purchased by upper-class or middle-class women, as well as high-end hair salons.

Weight: Additionally, the single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn range in length from 8 to 30 inches. Each bundle weighs 100 grams.

To distinguish single, super double drawn, double. Holding the bundle of hair in your hands, you pulse it from top to bottom. Only 30–40% of the top of the hair should be applied if you feel that the bottom is significantly missing. That has only one draw. when the thickness of the bottom is less than that of the top. It’s a duplicate.

Finally, it is a super double if the thickness is nearly constant from the head, body, to tip.

Three variations of straightened hair exist

Three variations of straightened hair exist

Four things to remember if you want to keep your hair bone straight.

You can maintain bone straight hair in several ways, which I will detail in this section.

Using the proper tools, you can keep your hair bone straight

You can get one of the following three things ready to keep your hair bone straight:

  • Hair straightener
  • Wax stick
  • Hot comb (Hot flat iron)

Step 1: After thoroughly washing your hair extension, you first remove the debris and residue from your system. This is a crucial point to keep in mind when caring for hair that is bone straight. Next, blow-dry the hair on low heat naturally or with a diffuser. Gently brush the fabric to get rid of any tangles or knots.

Step 2: Spray fabric with a shielding pattern.

Step 3: Section off your hair extensions. You secure the remaining hair clips while leaving a hairpiece out. Be sure to straighten the other components.

Step 4: Hold a section of hair and spray it with a protective spray. Place the segment on top of the comb and then the comb on top of the section. You gently lower the machine while also operating the comb. Till the ends of your hair, keep doing that. Reverse your straightener over the object.

Step 5: Continue in the same manner with additional hair parts until all of the hair strands have been straightened. You might get big or small hair parts depending on the size of your designer.

Using the proper tools

Using the proper tools

Using a tail comb properly to preserve bone straight hair

If you don’t know how to take care of bone straight hair, the hair may become tangled. You frequently wake up or let your hair blow in the wind. Although brushing hair is necessary, let’s do it properly. If you have long hair with a lot of knots, let’s peel first.

After that, the hair’s top is peppered. A hair expert recalls consistently nourishing his hair before brushing it. Keratin and cocoa oil components can be found in hair extension nutrition.

The most important step in maintaining bone straight hair is cleaning

Why is it important to know how to wash hair that is bone straight? Because real human hair was used to make it. Real human hair has some of these qualities:

  • Human hair may be tangled, dry, or shed.
  • Due to airborne dust, particularly in humid environments, human hair can become greasy and dirty.


In order to maintain bone straight hair, washing the hair and applying a conditioner are necessary steps. And don’t be concerned if your bone straight hair tangles. Despite the fact that Vietnamese herbs and nutrition are used, Vietnamese hair.

Many things can impact the hair while it is in transit. Long shipping times, which cause lack of moisture from being rough-handled by the carrier, can result in crooked hair. Knowing how to care for your hair is essential for keeping it beautiful and bone straight.

The most important step in maintaining bone straight hair is cleaning

The most important step in maintaining bone straight hair is cleaning

Use hair care products and oils to keep your hair straight

Lack of protein in hair extensions causes frost in the summer and early fall. Actually, the best times of year to take extra protein therapy are in the summer and fall. The excessive moisture in the air could result in weak, “mushy” strands. As a result, you should carefully monitor your protein treatments and hair.

Protein treatments may cause dry, brittle hair during the winter, which can result in hair breakage. Whether you want to strain your hair, the summer and the early fall can be avoided. Keratin, protein, collagen, and other ingredients are found in hair spray. If you don’t have enough time to complete many separate steps, this is very practical for you.

Is it still hard to keep your hair bone straight?

It’s not difficult to keep hair bone straight. Because of the aforementioned characteristics, the hair is stress-free. But keep in mind to maintain it frequently to preserve the texture. By carefully washing your hair extension every day and keeping it away from high temperatures. regular use of olive oil, keratin, hair serum, and similar products.


You can maintain the best bone straight hair by keeping in mind the four points mentioned above. View some additional Cyhair tutorials for assistance with your hair.

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