Brazil is one of the fast growing hair markets, thanks to the increasing demand for hair in this market, the Brazilian hair industry holds a high share in this market.

Therefore, importing hair is an extremely important thing when starting a hair business in this market. In today’s article, CYhair will guide you how to import Vietnamese hair to Brazil without paying tax.


  1. Brazilian Hair’s Market

Human hair is a widely sought after product in the retail, wholesale and international trade markets. Brazil mainly buys hair from India, the world’s largest exporter of this product.


  1. Best Selling Hair In Brazilian Hair Market

Brazilian hair market favors Indian hair types, in particular, Indian Natural Wavy is one of the best-selling hair types in the Brazilian market.

So what is Indian Natural Wavy hair?

This virgin texture is soft with beautiful natural body wave. Waves varies from Medium body wave to straight (loose wave) . It can be worn in its natural wavy texture, curled or flat ironed for a straighter look.

  1. How To Import Hair From Vietnam To Brazil

There are many ways to import hair from Vietnam to Brazil, however, in order to reduce tax fees for large orders to increase business efficiency, CYhair will assist you in creating C/O documents.

So what is C/O?

Official-quota export is the commercial activity in which traders of both sides sign contracts according to international practices such as Incoterms, make transactions via banks, have insurance and inspection terms, and deliver through international and main border gates

Order hair from vietnam to brazil


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Requirements for creating C/O documents

  • For customer:
  • You need to be a company, it means you need to have CNPJ code which is your company’s tax number to prove you’re company.
  • You should have experience in importing hair before.
  • You need to find a reliable supplier to purchase for best quality hair
  • For hair supplier:
  • Suppliers must prove to the customs office about the origin of the product, the transparency of the product, the purchase invoice, the list of raw materials, production process, ship bill, sales contract, documents related to financial statements and corporate income tax.

And that’s all that CYhair wants to share with you about how to import hair from Vietnam to Brazil, helping you increase profits in your business. To be able to create a C/O document, you can contact CYhair, we are always happy to support you 24/7

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