The Interpretation Of Double Drawn Hair Bone Straight

Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair Bone Straight is one of the most popular hot trend types of Vietnamese human weft hair, particularly among African reselling hair merchants because of its excellent durability and excellent resilience. The hair is made entirely of real hair from Vietnamese individuals and has been treated to make it ultra-smooth. The double quality of bone straight weft hair has 70-80 percentage hair that is the same length as the remainder, with the rest being shorter. The hair is particularly appealing to clients from Nigeria and the surrounding territories. If worn properly, the hair can endure for up to three years without showing any symptoms of wear.

What is Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair Bone Straight?

Bone straight hair color collection
Bone straight hair color collection

Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair Bone Straight

Vietnamese double-drawn hair bone straight is high-quality natural hair that originates from Vietnamese people. The hair is noted for its exceptionally soft and silky texture, which may provide consumers a traditional style without giving them an award. You may pick hair in a variety of lengths ranging from 8″ to 30″ or even longer. Double-drawn hair is one of three quality levels for hair bundles.

70 to 80 percent of the hair in double pulled hair is of the same length. It provides a more natural appearance as well as thicker ends. Shorter strands of hair must be manually removed from the bundle by the craftsmen. Because of the additional procedure, double drawn hair costs more than single drawn hair. It improves hair quality and gives the hair unit a more full, healthy appearance. Double drawn hair is for you if you want it to be considerably thicker and fuller.

The finished goods are called double drawn hair extensions or double drawn hair weft. Hair will be wefted together when hair specialists have completed the drawing procedure. The finished bundles might be pretty different from one another because there are so many various types of hair extensions.

Vietnamese Double Drawn Natural Straight Weft Hair Characteristics

Double Drawn Natural Straight Weft Hair Characteristics

The properties of Vietnamese double-drawn hair bone straight are similar to those of real Vietnamese human hair. Because the hair is sourced from tiny ethnic groups in Vietnam’s mountainous regions, it is unaffected by the sun. This gives this sort of bone straight hair from Vietnam a particularly soft texture, a lustrous sheen, and a smooth hand-drawn appearance. Following collection, the material will be hand processed by highly qualified professionals to guarantee that each bundle is of excellent quality. Around 70-80 percent of the hair in the double grade is of the same length.

It is one of the highest-quality hair replacement systems available. The virgin hair is unprocessed and uncooked. The hairs are meticulously picked and chosen by hand. To achieve a glossy and smooth appearance, all strands are organized in identical lengths. It also closely resembles the natural locks that most of us have. Double drawn virgin hair wholesale can be found in a hair store near you or through online merchants.

Is it true that double-drawn hair bone straight is the best?

When you have thick hair and want to add texture mostly to the top and bottom, the double is the superior option. It always gives the impression of thick, full hair. The double hair is used to emphasize the extension’s depth and fullness. This hair type has equal hair at the top and bottom. The quality of the double drawn hair is superior to that of the single drawn hair. As a result, it’s a long-lasting product. If you don’t wash your hair too often or use too many products, you’ll see less shedding.

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Where To Order Double Drawn Hair Bone straight?

Remy hair is defined as hair that has an undamaged cuticle and is uniformly oriented in one direction. Everyone knows Remy’s hair is silky, natural, and incredibly easy to care for and maintain without tangling or shedding.

You should pick ultra drawn if you desire very thick hair. Choose Double Drawn if you want hair that is neither too thin nor too thick at a fair price. If you’re just starting out in company or don’t have a lot of cash, Single Drawn is the way to go.

Each individual, in my view, has a unique taste and option that is influenced by their personal style and sentiments.

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What is the best way to care for Vietnamese Double Draw Hair Bone Straight?

best way to care for Vietnamese Double Draw Hair Bone Straight

● Shampoos made from natural ingredients are an excellent option. Hair taken from the human scalp does not gather sebum, thus you’ll need to add oil to your hair bundles. As a consequence, when it comes to good hair care treatments, an oil-based formula is required.

● Remember to wash your hair! Vietnamese hair is delicate and requires special attention. Over-pulling and over-washing your hair is not a good idea. Your hair will tangle and shed as a result of this.

● Dry your hair with a towel and then let it air dry. If you don’t want to lose your pricey hair extensions too prematurely, don’t blow dry it too frequently.

● Apply hair serum to your hair on a regular basis. Whenever your hair bundles are 80 percent dry, we recommend using a hair serum. Because hair can absorb nutrients and oil, this is the optimum time to apply serum.

In Conclusion

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