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With today’s high demand for beauty, hair extensions are one of the best-selling products in the world to bring complete beauty. The hair market is growing more and more widely with advanced technologies, but have you ever wondered how the process of producing hair from raw materials into high-end hair products is like? To answer your questions, we will introduce you the production process of high quality Vietnamese hair products by Cyhair.

I. Production Process

1. Hair Sourcing

This is the first and most important step in the production process. Hair will be carefully collected from Vietnamese young girls aged 18-30 mainly in the high mountains or rural areas of Vietnam. Their hair is very smooth, strong and rich in keratin, most of the girls in these areas do not use chemicals to bleach their hair, instead they use natural ingredients to wash their hair. hair like pomelo, locust, …. Thanks to this, the hair is always naturally shiny.

Cyhair’s hair is very diverse in quality, length, and style, so it will definitely meet all the needs of customers in terms of quality and demand.

The Production Process Of Vietnamese Hair Extensions

2. Sorting

Hair after being collected from the women will be tied into bundles. so that the hair bundle at this time will have hairs of different lengths. When they arrive at the hair factory, workers will begin to sort the hair according to the exact length, which helps to make the hair even and beautiful in the finished product to meet the needs of the customer.

3. Pulling Out Hair

To ensure that there are no short hairs in the bundle, workers will take out the fibers to remove unqualified short hairs to help the bundle set the desired length. Then the hair will be professionally trained workers to arrange the first and last part in one direction to produce a high-class remy hair product.

4. Sewing Hair Weft

This is an important step to create a weft bundle. The hair will be sewn by skilled workers, our weft line’s length is 1-2m. The workers must be proficient with the sewing machine for a long time to produce a perfect product. In order to produce more and more high quality weft bundles, we are always learning new sewing technologies for constant development.

5. Washing

Before going to the next step, workers wash their hair by soaking their hair in shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt and oil from the hair. This whole process is done by the staff gently by hand to ensure that the hair is not broken. The process of washing hair will be repeated until the hair is really clean before continuing with another step.

6. Drying Hair

Hair after being washed will be dried with natural sunlight instead of using a dryer to dry the hair because this easily makes the hair dry and frizzy, not keeping the natural shine of the hair. Exposing your hair to the sun and wind may take a long time in the manufacturing process, but this will help preserve the quality and not cause damage to the hair.

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7. Bleaching and Dyeing

Depending on the needs of the customer, workers will remove the old hair color and dye other hair colors with high-quality dyes to avoid damage to the hair.

8. Straighten Hair

To create bone straight hair products, we usually spend 45 minutes straightening our hair with a dedicated straightener. After that, we will moisturize the hair with moisturizing oil to keep it smooth. This is an important step to create a shiny bone straight hair product.

9. Making Curly and Wavy

To create curly, wavy products, workers will style and steam hair according to customers’ requirements using modern machines to make curling easier and more effective.

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II. Checking Process

1. Brushing

After the production steps have been completed, we will comb the hair again to check the quality of the hair and remove the unsatisfactory hairs. This hair brushing step will be done before weighing and measuring your hair, so you can rest assured that the weight and length of your hair is guaranteed to be as per your requirements before shipment.

2. Length Checking

Hair will be tested for length according to your order.

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3. Weight Checking

After checking the length of the hair, the workers will weigh the hair to make sure it matches the requirements of your order. After you have completed the above steps, we will start shipping and proceed with your delivery.


In Conclusion

Vietnam Hair Factory – CYhair is always equipped with advanced production machines and technology along with skilled workers who are trained and updated their knowledge regularly. If you are looking for a reputable hair supplier, CYhair will be the first choice. CYhair always provides every value from product to service to make you satisfied.

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