If you’re in business, Christmas is a year-end holiday and also is a great opportunity to increase sales for your business. At the end of the year, more beauty services or products will be consumed.

Therefore, inventory is always a problem that every business has a headache when thinking about because not all goods can be stored easily, especially hair extension products. So, in order to ensure the best stocking of Christmas stock, CYhair will outline a few things to know when storing inventory hair.




I. Reason You Should Stock Hair Extensions To Prepare For Christmas

Reason You Should Stock Hair Extensions To Prepare For Christmas

As you know, Christmas is a big holiday of the year. In addition, after Christmas, we will welcome the biggest New Year celebration of the year. This is the occasion when everyone will gather together, have a party. This is the way that people reward themselves after working hard. Because of that, the demand for services and products is very high, especially beauty products are very popular.

Especially in the European, American and African markets, women in these countries always choose to buy hair extensions to beautify on major holidays, this is the fastest and most effective way to change their appearance. help them enjoy the best holiday.

Thanks to the increased demand, it is extremely reasonable to store hair extensions to be ready for the holiday season. With rapid consumption, you can fully supply customers with all different needs if you have stock. This is something that every business considers during the year-end holidays.

hair extensions to be ready for the holiday season

II. Issues That You Will Face For Christmas

  1. Lack Of Hair Products

When entering the big holidays, one of the problems that hair businesses often face is the shortage of hair products. If in normal days, you only provide hair like a weekday calendar, this leads to a lack of supply, not meeting the needs of customers during the holidays, especially Christmas.

To avoid falling into this difficult situation, you should stock up on hair extensions 3-4 weeks before the holiday season, so that the stock is always enough to supply all customers.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Hair Supplier

After falling into a situation of lack of goods for Christmas, there were many hair businesses in a hurry to choose a hair supplier. Because of this haste, many hair businesses or salons choose the wrong supplier, leading to bad hair quality, late delivery, and not meeting the needs of customers. This causes many hair businesses to experience loss in revenue and profit during this great holiday.

If you are in a situation where there is a shortage of goods, here are some solutions to help you limit your troubles:

  • Make a quick check through video call
  • Make a sample order if it is still possible
  • Check authenticity of the information provided on website
  1. Misidentification Of Customer Needs

Choosing the wrong hair to sell at Christmas is also a very common mistake. While during normal daily sales, you can sell any hair type. However, for the big holidays, customers often prefer only the most trendy hairstyles. Therefore, you need to carefully study the needs of customers before deciding to store goods for Christmas.

To accurately determine the needs of customers during the holidays, you should consult and research carefully before importing goods. Or more simply, you can contact CYhair, we are ready to support you 24/7, helping you quickly find the right hairstyle for your customers’ wishes for Christmas and New Year.

Misidentification Of Customer Needs

III. Prepare For Stocking Hair Extensions For Christmas

Prepare For Stocking Hair Extensions For Christmas

  1. Looking for quality goods

Regardless of whether the business is large or small, the quality of goods is always an issue that every business owner is particularly interested in. Especially, for hair products in stock, you need to choose reputable hair suppliers with the highest quality products to help your hair not be easily damaged during the end of the year inventory.

Among all types of hair, Vietnamese hair is considered to be the highest quality with reasonable prices. You can find out through hair suppliers from Vietnam, or to save time, you can choose CYhair to be your supplier. We guarantee that CYhair’s hair products are made from carefully selected 100% real human hair.

  1. Plan a timeline for hair order

Preparing resources in advance for Christmas is great, this will help you avoid future risks in terms of quality, source, time, loss… place an order, this will cause you to encounter very terrible things in business.

CYhair’s advice is that you should prepare hair from the middle of October or the beginning of November before the holidays come. When ordering at this time, you will not have to worry about the source, quality, time. You will be ready to deliver to your customers on time and according to their needs.

The normal time it takes for a hair factory to make a bulk order is 20 days.

Delivery time to US UK is about 3-5 days and to African countries (especially Nigeria) is 7-10 days. But sometimes there will be problems that cause delays, the time can be up to 12 days or more.

Let’s say, if you order your hair in mid-October, for example, October 15, it will be delivered by November 5 or later. It takes another 5 days to ship hair to US UK, so resellers should receive hair by mid-November. For delivery to Nigeria, the next day will be later, late November. This is the best time to pick up your hair, as you don’t receive it too early or too late, and have enough time to sort and advertise your hair and reorder the store.

Plan a timeline for hair order

  1. Inventory Strategy

To be able to serve customer needs during the holiday seasons, you need to have a clear inventory strategy to avoid loss of quality and revenue for your business.

IV. Market Demand For Christmas

First, you need to find out what the current market demand is like. At the end of the year, customers will love what hairstyles and colors. For each region and country, the market demand will be different. You can refer to the needs of customers through mini games on social media platforms to find out the needs of the market and choose the right products for business.

If you are still confused about which hair model to choose to sell this holiday season, CYhair will introduce you to hot hair model in Christmas 2022:

  • Bone Straight Hair: This is an extremely popular hairstyle among African women. Besides, African women also love outstanding hair colors for Christmas, so bone straight hair will definitely be great for your customers.

Bone Straight Hair - Mix & ombre color

Bone Straight Hair - Dark color

  • Curly Hair: In addition, curly hair is also a very popular hair model and is also the fastest way to refresh hair for women. The curly hair models that African women always choose are body wave, afro kinky hair, deep curl,…

Weave hair

  • Customer Segment

Besides market needs, you need to clearly define the customer segment that the business is targeting. Identifying the right customers will make it easier for you to find customers and increase sales during the big holiday.

  • Budget

The next thing you need to evaluate is your business’s budget. When importing inventory, you will have to import many different types of hair, so with a reasonable budget, your warehouse will be more diverse, ready to serve all audiences. And because hair is a commodity that needs careful care, so if your budget is low, you should not buy too many products because they are difficult to maintain and easily damaged if not taken care of well.

V. Use Inventory Management Apps

For more efficient and accurate inventory management, you should use inventory management applications. This will make it easier for you to manage the correct hair products.

CYhair recommends a few apps you can use to manage your inventory:

  • Zoho Inventory: Best overall free inventory management software
  • Square: Best for retailers
  • ABC Inventory: Best for manufacturing and repair shops
  • Sortly: Best for on-the-go inventory management for multiple locations
  • Boxstorm: Best for QuickBooks and ecommerce integrations
  • SalesBinder: Best for small international businesses
  • Stockpile: Best for large simple inventories
  • RightControl: Best for service businesses with small inventories

VI. Preserving Hair Quality For Christmas

Keeping your hair source in stock will help you deliver it to your customers in a timely manner. However, in order to get the best product quality, you should learn a way to best preserve your hair.

  • Hair storage room

To ensure that the hair is always kept the best quality, you should prepare a standard storage room:

  • The room should be kept dry and cool. If the room is too humid, this will leave the hair with excess moisture, making it more prone to damage and tangles.
  • In addition, the room should not have direct sunlight, when the light hits the hair, the hair will be drier, easy to fade and quickly damaged, affecting the overall quality of the product.
  • Place them inside a box

Putting hair in a box will help your hair stay in place, avoid contact with any external fields, and reduce the possibility of hair damage.


Christmas is a great time to increase sales for your hair business. Therefore, in order to make the business more convenient, you should prepare the source of hair products carefully to provide to your customers. CYhair hopes that the knowledge we have mentioned above will help you do business effectively during Christmas in particular and major holidays in general.

If you are looking forward to importing goods to prepare for Christmas, do not hesitate to contact CYhair immediately, don’t forget that we are having a super sale up to $25/kg. Order now to receive many attractive offers.


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