The price of Vietnamese hair in the UK is always a good price to meet the financial ability of customers.

Vietnamese Hair Price in the United Kingdom?

Vietnamese hair is known to be a famous hair type among the best quality hair in the world. It is also the first choice for experienced wholesalers who want to maximize their profits. The following article will share with you about the Vietnamese hair price in some countries, especially the United Kingdom.

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The indispensable feature of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese human hair has many outstanding advantages that are highly appreciated by hair wholesalers. And loved by peoples all over the world

Feature of Vietnamese hair

Feature of Vietnamese hair

High quality hair

Although the appearance of Vietnamese hair is thick, it is not rough or frizzy. In contrast, Vietnamese hair is incredibly soft and smooth.

Vietnamese hair is also very durable. Can be easily styled so it is very popular, especially in African countries. If you intend to do a hair business in Africa, then Vietnamese hair is the first choice.

And more specifically, Americans also love Vietnamese hair because there are a large number of people of color like in Africa.

Price based on quality

Reasons why Vietnamese human hair has a better price than other countries:

About the experience: Vietnamese hair is produced by factories with many years of experience. Optimized production process and skilled team. For that reason, the cost is also reduced, making Vietnamese hair cheaper.

Cheap labor costs: Due to the large population of working age, the money to pay for workers is also low.

Logistic: Hair factories are often built near raw material areas. The hair will then be shipped to the buyer instead of through many intermediaries. Chinese hair factories have to import hair from India and have to pay import duties. Meanwhile, Vietnamese human hair is sold at factory price.

The main factors affecting the price of Vietnamese hair

The price of Vietnamese hair will depend on 2 factors: length and quality

Vietnamese Hair Price

The main factors affecting the price of Vietnamese hair

Length of Vietnamese hair

The longer the hair, the more expensive it will be. Because it takes a lot of time to take care of it to that length. Vietnamese hair is mostly taken from women in the highlands. They grow very long hair so they can meet the demand for length.

Desired length hair

Desired length hair

Quality of Vietnamese hair

Hair quality is always the top priority of Vietnamese hair factories. Vietnamese hair can be evaluated in many different ways, but the most convenient way is divided into three basic quality categories based on the same length of hair.

  • Single drawn: The cheapest because about 40% of the hair is the same length.
  • Double drawn: Approximately 75% of hair is the same length (other suppliers may use different amounts of hair).
  • Super double drawn: This is the best, guarantees the most fullness with 80-85% of hair of the same length.

In addition, the price of Vietnamese hair is affected by the origin: virgin hair will be more expensive than Remy’s hair.

Vietnamese Hair Price in United Kingdom

Vietnamese Hair Price in United Kingdom

Vietnamese Hair Price in United Kingdom

Besides the USA and Asia, the wholesale hair distributor business is expanding in European countries, especially the UK. There are many different types of hair so it is difficult to give an average price for Vietnamese hair.

Because it has too many factors to consider and evaluate such as Temporary or Permanent. The length of the hair, the longer the hair, and the more extensions, the price will be different. And also the quality of the hair (Human hair is £200 more expensive than synthetic hair.). In the UK the same hair can be priced differently. Prices may be higher in African countries, based on the initial cost of supplying countries.

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