Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair – Which option should I select?

Vietnam and China have recently emerged as two of the most important hair importers. When you own a hair salon, choosing which wholesale hair supplier to import from is difficult. Which is the superior option? Is it Vietnamese or Chinese hair? This article will provide you with a full comparison of these two hair kinds to assist you in making an informed selection.

The characteristics of Vietnamese Hair vs Chinese hair

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair
Vietnamese hair

Hair features are influenced by a variety of circumstances. The Vietnamese are a people who originated in the north. Their hairstyles are similar to those of Chinese or Japanese people.
Because they share the same genes, this hair type is silky and smooth. In comparison to Chinese hair, the cuticles are smaller. Vietnamese hair isn’t as thick as Chinese hair as a result.
Vietnam is a country with a distinct geographical profile. The country’s long and narrow S form observes fluctuations in weather, language.
Northern Vietnamese women’s hair is fine and smooth. That from the south, on the other hand, looks a lot like Cambodian hair! Isn’t it fascinating?
Furthermore, because of the high quantity of melanin in Vietnamese hair, dying, coloring, or bleaching it is difficult.
Straight black hair extensions or full lace wigs can be made with this hair type. This style is preferred by those who enjoy smooth features.

Chinese hair

Chinese hair
Chinese hair

Each hair type has its own distinct qualities since Chinese hair extensions are a collection of many different hair extensions such as Vietnamese hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions, Cambodian hair extensions, and Indian hair extensions. However, here are some of the most important aspects of Chinese hair extensions that hair sellers should be aware of:
– Chinese hair extensions at reasonable rates and a wide range of brands ideal for all hair vendors with modest to high demand are available.
– Because the hair they import is Remy and Non-Remy hair, the majority of which is acquired through hair loss, Chinese hair extensions are easy to lose, tangle, and ruffle after a short time of usage.
– Hair is chemically treated, and may be dyed a variety of colors.
– China is known for contemporary technology and competent employees with great technical competence, so hair is chemically treated, and can be created in a variety of curly styles.
– Chinese hair extensions have a short lifespan of approximately 3-6 months, and the hair is of poor quality.

The comparison spreadsheet between Chinese and Vietnamese hair

Chinese hair Vietnamese hair
Origins Import from India and Cambodia, rather than 100% pure hair donors. Vietnamese ladies are excellent hair donors.
Characteristics It’s gleaming and bouncy. The hair has been subjected to several chemical processes, and after a short period of use, it becomes tangled and sheds. Natural color, rich texture, and 100% human hair that is free of hazardous chemicals, lice, and shedding.
Price From 7.9 USD/bundle. From 8.6 USD/bundle.

China’s Top 2 Wholesale Hair Distributors

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co., Ltd was founded in 2017 and has quickly established itself as one of China’s leading providers of Men’s Wigs and Hair Wigs.
The provider of Chinese hair extensions is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and is one of the top sellers of the mentioned items.
Guangzhou Fantasy Wig CoLtd is recognized in Trade India’s list of certified merchants who offer outstanding Chinese hair extensions, quality of Woman Wigs and other products. For the highest quality goods and service, buy Men’s Wigs & Hair Wigs in bulk from us.
Positive feedback.

Qingdao Premier Hair Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Premier Hair Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Premier Hair Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Premier Hair Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a well-known supplier of full lace/lace front wigs, lace frontals, skin wefts, hand-tied wefts, machine-made wefts, top closures, and pre-tipped hair extensions in China.
– Their wigs are treated with special hair care technologies to prevent shedding and tangles. Our hair products have a monthly production of 3000 full lace wigs and 4000kgs of machine-made wefts.
– More than 200 human hair wholesalers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada have long-term business connections with this Chinese hair extensions provider.

VietNam’s Top 2 Wholesale Hair Distributors

Cyhair is the largest wholesaler in Vietnam

Cyhair - the largest wholesaler in Vietnam
Cyhair – the largest wholesaler in Vietnam

Cyhair factory is Vietnam’s largest hair producer, supplying wholesale orders to all foreign traders, particularly in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries) and America (Russia, Brazil, Dubai, etc.). Furthermore, in recent years, this hair producer has become well-known on social media and among wholesale clients all over the world. Cyhair Vietnamese Hair Factory is regarded as “loyal vendors” of international consumers because of its low prices, outstanding quality, and guarantee policy.

5S Hair Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam
5S Hair Vietnam

Introduction: A fresh hair business with a wide range of unique and high-end hair products. 5S is aiming to build a name for itself in this industry. It is presently one of Ghana’s most important providers of wholesale hair wholesalers.
Quality: We provide 100% high-quality Vietnamese Hair Extensions in a variety of hair kinds. Raw virgin hair, human hair bulk for braiding, weft hair, curly wavy hair, closure and frontal, and human lace wigs are some of the options available.

In Conclusion

In general, both Vietnamese and Chinese hair vendors provide excellent quality hair extensions items and assist us in becoming more confident and appealing with current hairstyles, according to the personalities and hobbies of each individual. Choose your trusted hair supplier carefully to help your business grow!
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