Cameroon is currently one of the potential hair markets with an increasing number of buyers. That is why more and more hair traders in Cameroon are participating in this market. Given the heat in the hair market, finding a reputable hair supplier is not easy.

So in this blog post today, CYhair would like to introduce you to how to choose a reputable hair supplier and the process of importing hair from Vietnam to Cameroon.

1. An Overview of the Hair Market in Cameroon

Nowadays, with the strongly developing beauty industry, hair extensions are growing stronger and stronger, bringing great demand to most women all around the world, especially in Cameroon.

Some salons and sellers are really into importing hair from China because of its cheap prices and abundant supply. However, China is a controversial supplier. Some suppliers mix the hair with synthetic fibers.

Unlike some companies in China, most factories in Vietnam only use human hair to produce better quality.


2. Why choose hair from Vietnam and how to import hair from Vietnam to Cameroon ?

2.1. Why choose hair from Vietnam? How to Import Hair From Vietnam To Cameroon ?

Vietnamese Hair Review – Top 4 Advice on Launching a Successful Hair Business

Vietnamese Hair Review
Vietnamese Hair Review
  • Firstly, Vietnamese hair products are always collected from young girls aged 18-30 in mountainous or rural areas of Vietnam. Girls’ hair contains a large amount of keratin at this age, so the hair is extremely strong and shiny.
  • The second reason, the lifestyle of the girls in these regions, most of the girls have a diet full of vitamins and minerals, lots of green vegetables, so their bodies have a lot of nutrients to grow healthy hair
Origin Vietnamese Hair
Origin Vietnamese Hair
  • In Vietnam, women rarely use harmful chemicals, they prefer natural ingredients to wash and condition their hair such as grapefruit essential oil, aloe vera, locust, etc.
  • Finally, Vietnam offers many hairstyles that Cameroon girls love such as Red Wine Bone Straight, Orange Bone Straight, Natural Bone Straight, and curly hair styles.

3. How to check for scammers? Is CYhair factory legit ?

3.1. How to check for scammers?

How can I check legit hair manufacturers in Vietnam ?

• Prepare a list of questions and send it to your hair vendor. If they have a large knowledge if they are the real vendor, they can easily answer your question. If he gives you little information or a simple answer like yes or no, you should be careful with a supplier like this

• Price is too low: Real factories often have reasonable price list. Scammers just want to get as much of your money as possible. They offer low prices, extremely high promotions and any hair model promises to be able to produce for you,..

• Activity on social media: If it’s already a real hair factory, the number of products produced per day is likely to be high. They will have a daily status for you to check

3.2 Is CYhair factory legit ?

And the special way is to check their tax code. Currently in Vietnam, there are many hair vendors that are just individuals. And of course they’re cheaper, but there’s a problem, you don’t know where to find them. CYhair’s tax code issued by the Vietnamese government is: 0401894040

Vietnam Hair Company
Vietnam Hair Company

As you can see, if we were scammers, Cyhair Vietnamese Hair Company wouldn’t have created such a solid platform and made public information and photos of real people available on it. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on the latest hair production and export news.

• The most important evidence

The invoices and feedback of a Cameroonian customer who paid for and received hair from Cyhair.

• Furthermore, you can make a video call to verify the salesperson and the company.

How To Import Hair From Vietnam

Cyhair Hair Review – #1 Vietnamese Human Hair Factory – The Best Choice For Natural Hair Wholesale

4. How to buy hair from Vietnam factory

Step 1: Make a list of orders and confirm the invoice

How To Import Hair From Vietnam To Cameroon
How To Import Hair From Vietnam To Cameroon

The first thing you need to do is refer to the hair characteristics that you want to buy from the supplier you have chosen such as color, quality, length, etc.

After sending the order list to the seller, they will make a quote for you. What you need to do is double-check that the information in the invoice is correct. Then confirm and make the final decision.

Step 2: Select Payment Method and Pay

CYhair Payment - Cameroon
CYhair Payment – Cameroon

You need to choose a payment method that is right for you, with low transfer costs, such as: Western Union, Bank Transfers, Visa, Paypal

You can then pay online or you can search for a nearby bank to make the payment.

Step 3: Show Proof of Payment and track your order’s production

To ensure that you have successfully paid, send proof of payment to the factory and the factory will process the order for you.

Step 4: Shipping and receiving goods

To deliver goods to Cameroon, factories often use DHL or UPS delivery services. It takes about 3-7 days to receive the item. Usually, the staff will provide a tracking code that will track where your order has been delivered.

To facilitate the hair business, you need to thoroughly research the market and hair suppliers as well as check the suppliers you work with to see if they are reputable or not. , you can choose Cyhair as your hair supplier, we are always ready to assist you

Cyhair hair review
Cyhair hair review

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