Reasons why Vietnam human hair factory is known as the best vendors

People who like hair extensions have been flocking to a Vietnamese hair manufacturer recently. The surface of Vietnamese hair was delightfully astonishing because of many reliable reasons. Technically on this subject, Cyhair will tell you 3 main things that make Vietnam hair factory in favor. Let’s find them more!

The origin of hair makes an important feature

Vietnam hair factory


As everyone knows, Vietnamese hair has a natural color and the thickness of the hair is extremely hard to see. Besides that, there are other characteristics you may get to know deeply about the Vietnam hair factory.

The majority of Vietnamese hair belongs to young girls between the ages of 18-20 years old. They are all volunteers who have been carefully censored, with some features, such as the thickness of the hair. As well as the ability to nourish the hair roots.

In Particular, they had been checked with no stimulant related to smoke or alcohol. As a result, the hair quality is always at its best: strong and attractive.

Vietnamese girls usually care for their hair extremely carefully, so you should not worry about hair procedures.

They often maintain the softness and shine of their hair by washing it with natural components instead of artificial shampoos. Furthermore, these hair types will not be permed, pressed, or styled before being cut to preserve the hair’s purity.

On another point, Cyhair wants to provide some information about our hair’s natural characteristics. Firstly, almost all the donors have naturally black hair color which is known for the typical feature of Vietnamese girl hair. When you buy this kind of hair, you can dye, curl, and style it to the customer’s specifications.

Moreover, this hair type is known for its long-lasting resilience. And it can be styled into a variety of curls and styles.

Some types of Vietnamese hair classification you should know

According to modern hair classification nowadays, we have 2 main types of hair: Virgin hair and Remy hair.

The definition of Virgin hair

Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically changed and is 100 percent authentic human hair. This hair is more expensive than Remy hair; however, it lasts longer which makes it trustworthy. Virgin hair is gathered by obtaining from hair donors, which is known as virgin hair spreading.

This indicates that the hair has never been chemically treated such as no stickiness, hair color, etc. And originates from bald persons with long, healthy hair.

There are no gray hairs or broken ends in Virgin hair since it usually comes from young ladies. The donor must have full-length human hair when choosing virgin hair. It is normally hand-selected from thick, full, to long ponytail when it is collected.

Typical Vietnamese virgin hair


The definition of Remy hair

The structure of Remy hair is similar to that of Virgin hair, but the qualities are different. Remy hair somehow has been made from 2-3 girls’ healthy hair and gathered into the bundles of hair. Hair becomes smoother when all of the hairs develop in the same direction. The majority of Remy hair does not tangle after washing and drying.

Due to the easy input selection, Remy hair usually is not as valuable as Virgin hair. However, some current Vietnam hair factories have modern production technology. So, they are able to make Remy hair look more natural.

Vietnamese remy hair


Professionally skillful Vietnamese workers in the Vietnam human hair factory

Vietnamese laborers are known for their hard effort, talent, and expertise, especially in the hair-made industry. As a result, each hair bundle is diligently produced by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen and is tweaked several times to assure the highest quality.

Furthermore, as the business develops, raw Vietnamese hair producers improve their manufacturing machinery and materials. Therefore, you will not be worried about the quality we are going to distribute.

Suitable and affordable price

As previously said, the raw Vietnamese hair industry is renowned for its diversified and technologically advanced personnel. The advantage of this characteristic is that it lowers the cost of Vietnamese hair. Therefore, it allows you to make more money which helps your business grow and be profitable.

On another point, you can know some reasons why Vietnam hair factory has reasonable prices compared to other countries. You should find some information below:

● First of all, Vietnam hair factories are typically situated near raw material sources. And obviously, Vietnamese human hair is subsequently sent directly to the buyer rather than via a third party. This is the reason why Vietnamese human hair is offered at factory pricing. Unlike Chinese hair factories that must import hair from India and pay import duty.

● Secondly, Vietnamese human hair is usually created by well-established firms that have perfected the manufacturing process. As a result, operating costs are kept to a minimum, making Vietnamese human hair more affordable.

● Thirdly, the average cost of labor is trendily low due to the large population it has. They do not have to spend tons of money on training inexperienced young people.

In conclusion

There are some reasons that make Vietnam hair factory more popular and outstanding. Especially the nature of the black hair feature of Vietnamese young girls. And how they can bring benefits to your country without the expensive price. If you want to know more information about hair extensions, Cyhair is always here to solve your problems.

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