Where can you find the Vietnam hair factory in Lagos?

As you can not find any Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, you just only contact us for importing information. Therefore, through this post, Cyhair will show how to deliver Vietnamese human hair from Vietnam to Lagos. Let’s have a quick discussion and see how to find suitable Vietnam hair vendors.

Some reasons why there are no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

As you know, there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos you can find. However, what are the reasons for this situation? There is some information you should know:

● First of all, whereas Nigeria is not a raw material-producing country, Vietnam has a plenty of hair sources. This has been proven through many articles about Vietnamese young girl hair. That hair is always nourished carefully by donors which is negative with alcohol or any drugs. Vietnamese human hair is especially renowned for its quality of standards due to its thickness which rare countries around the world could have.

Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos
Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos

● Secondly, developing a hair factory in Vietnam will save a lot of money which has been known because of several reasons. Such as a favorable geographic situation, so you do not have to pay more tax due to the third party. Moreover, Vietnam has a perfect manufacturing system that can directly import bundles of hair from around the world. Unlike China hair factories, they have to import wigs from India and take some tax responsibility.

On other hand, wholesale hair dealers in Lagos may find a lot of information on Vietnam hair manufacturers and place orders for their goods over the internet. However, the problem is that there are huge numbers of Vietnam hair vendors on the internet. Therefore, wholesale hair merchants in Lagos are unsure which Vietnam hair factory to pick from when importing wigs.

Lace Wigs for Nigerian Customers
Lace Wigs for Nigerian Customers

How to import Vietnam human hair from Vietnam to Lagos?

You can choose Cyhair for your vendor

How To Import Hair From Vietnam To Nigeria / Lagos

The most difficult thing is you can not find any Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. In case you do not have any information about Vietnam human hair vendors. Understanding this problem you are facing, Cyhair is here to solve your worry.

We have a lot of hair samples in the showroom. From that, wholesale hair dealers from Lagos may view and feel the interest in hair products from the Vietnam hair factory. As a result, Cyhair is the ideal option for Lagos wholesale hair dealers. But the question is how the wholesale hair dealers in Lagos can contact us for importing information? Here are some online contacts that you may refer to:

Vietnamese Hair Wigs Vendors
Vietnamese Hair Wigs Vendors

● Hair Factory: at Dong Bich Village, Dong Tho, Yen Phong, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
● Main office: at 59 Cong Hoa, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
● Phone numbers: +84 387751243
● Email: Wholesale@cyhair.vn

Steps for people who want to run Vietnam hair business but can not find any Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

There will be several benefits from working with Cyhair, including professional assistance, payment for shipment, and so on… There are a few things you can do to collaborate with us more efficiently.

Step 1: The first thing is you must be familiar with our goods and samples. Please decide the type of hair you want to acquire before purchasing hair products from Cyhair. Make sure that you read the product descriptions carefully for each of our products. As well as our hair knowledge blog, for more information.

Cyhair hair review
Cyhair hair review

Step 2: Once you’ve decided on a product to purchase from us, get in touch with our sales team for the finest advice. If you wish to view the items in person, our sales team can email you some suitable images and videos. Or you may visit our store directly for a more authentic experience.

Step 3: Our sales staff will assist you in placing an order after you are pleased with a product from Cyhair. To make a payment, check with our sales staff to see if your receipt is still valid. In order for them to begin producing and shipping your buy to you, you must also snap a screenshot of your transfer. You may refer to some options of transfer we have through: https://cyhair.vn/payment-information/

Shipping fee reference in Cyhair

Step 4: We will take a video or phone the customer to confirm the quality before sending, and then we will ship.

One more important thing, for Nigeria or Lagos, we also have some agents in Vietnam. So, you can contact them directly to understand clearly about our shipping process: Onyeka Bonyaface, Sunday Christian, and Gabriel.

In conclusion

Although there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, Cyhair will always support you with our products. If you are in need, please contact us to have more samples and how to ship wigs to Lagos.

+ Whatsapp: +84387751243

+ Email: leeanh@cyhair.vn

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